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The X mss., 1928-1961, (principally 1959-1961), consist of the office files of X: A Quarterly Review, edited by David John Wright and Patrick Swift and published by Barrie and Rockliff, London, England, vol. I, no. 1, November 1959 to vol. II, no. 2, August 1961, inclusive.

They have been arranged in three sections: [1] Editorial make-ups and proofs; [2] Correspondence; [3] Writings, being manuscripts of articles and poems submitted for publication.

  • [1] the editorial make-ups and proofs are arranged in the order of the volumes and numbers of the magazine. Their contents are as follows:
    • Vol. I, no. 1, November 1959.
      • [a] Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents
      • [b] Dummy containing uncorrected proofs. Dated October 1959. Contains Contents, Anthony Cronin's "The Notion of Commitment," and 3 pages of George Barker's "Circular from America." 2 copies. One copy lacks cover. Editorial make-up of vol. II, no. 1 has cover of vol. I, no. 1 and also contains at back Contents of vol. I, no. 1 and 4 pages of Cronin's "The Notion of Commitment" from this dummy
      • [c] Page proof of pp. 25-27, 29-30, 32-38, 40-50
      • [d] Galley proof of unused material, galleys 2-5
    • Vol. I, no. 2, March 1960. Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents, and illustrations appearing between p. 136-137 of number as published.
    • Vol. I, no. 3, June 1960.
      • [a] Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents, illustration facing p. 201 of number as published
      • [b] Galley proofs, pp. 202, 210-212
    • Vol. I, no. 4, October 1960.
      • [a] Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents and all but last paragraph of "On the Margin" printed p. 324-328 of number
      • [b] Galley proofs of Ezra Pound's "Verse in a Sword: Unpublished Letters of Ezra Pound;" Noel Stodk's "The Serious Artist," Robert Nye's "Going to the Dogs," Charles Marowitz's "New Wave in a Dead Sea" (incomplete); "A Letter From Evelyn Waugh;" and part of Martin Gerard's "Molloy Becomes Unnamable." Printed as pp. 258-265, 297-298, 278, 270-end of first paragraph on p. 275, lower half of p. 277, p. 3l4 and upper part of p. 3l5, 8 galleys. Holograph note attached: "These galleys contain letters from Pound that were not published in the magazine owing to Mrs. Pound's objection. Also a letter from Evelyn Waugh (not published). Galley proof of George Barker's "Addendum to an Appeal," 1 galley (not published)
      • [c] Page proofs of pp.253-308. Lacks illustrations appearing betwee p. 280-281 and 288-289 of number as published
      • [d] Proof, p. 308-314, O. V. de L. Milosz's "The Hymn of Understanding."
    • Vol. II, no. 1, March 1961. Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents. At back contains dummy containing uncorrected proofs of front cover, contents and 4 pages of Anthony Cronin's "Notions of Commitment" from vol. I, no. 1.
    • Vol. II, no. 2, August 1961.
      • [a] Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents, and "Art and Morality: Prefatory Note." J. C. Ashby's "The Reduced Nanny" and "In the Twilight of Her Time," appear in typed instead of printed copies
      • [b] Page proof. 2 copies. p. 86-163 and p. 86-165
    • Vol. II, no. 3, July 1962.
      • [a] Editorial make-up. Lacks cover, advertising, contents. Jean Genet, "The Secret of Rembrandt" was deleted from the printed issue. Howard Griffin, "Delphi," was omitted from the make-up. Contains page proof of pages 173, 245, 247, 248; and a printed set of pictures
      • [b] Corrected galley proof. Seymour-Smith's "He Came to Visit Me," Jean Genet, "The Secret of Rembrandt" deleted from the printed issue; lacks William Clarke's "Four Poems" Martin Green's "Coming up for Air," Howard Griffin's "Delphi," and Patrick Kavanagh's "The Cattle Fair."
  • [2] The correspondence, 1957-1963, consists in the main of letters to the editors of X, David John Wright and Patrick Swift from contributors, translators and would-be contributors, and letters from Wright to Swift in regard to X. The letters from contributors and translators relate principally to their contributions to X, their writings, translation of articles, and comments on X and on other writers.
    • Correspondents represented in the collection include Dannie Abse, Craigie Aitchison, John C. Ashby, Frank Auerbach, George Barker, Barrie and Rockliff, publishers, Marjorie Battock, Sir Isaiah Berlin, Mrs. Lilian Bomberg, Yves Bonnefoy, Patrick Bowles, James Brockway, J. S. Bussy, William Clarke, Jenny Joseph Coles, William Cookson, Anthony Cronin, Vera Daumal-Page, John Davenport, George Duthuit, Alexander Eliot, Andrew Forge, Charles Wrey Gardiner, David Gascoyne, Diego Giacometti, Denis Goacher, Nigel Gosling, Ken Gransden, Robert Graves, Helga Greene, Christopher Murray Grieve, Michael Grieve, Geoffrey Grigson, Donald Hall, Michael Hastings, Aidan Higgins, Brian Higgins, Derek Hill, Mary Hutchinson, Elizabeth Jennings, Maria Jolas, Patrick Joseph Gregory Kavanagh, Monique Lange, John Lehmann, Karl Leschke, Helen Lessore, Pierre Leyris, Claire McAllister, John McGahern, Charles Marowitz, Philip Martin, Andre Masson, Michael Leverson Meyer, Robert Nye, Ezra Loomis Pound, Gabriel Pustel, Henry Rago, George Reavey, Marie (Nordlinger) Riefstahl, W.R. Rodgers, John Russell, Michel Saint-Denis, Charles Hubert Sisson, Albert Skira, Florence Margaret Smith, Stephen Spender, Quentin Stevenson, Noel Stock, Patrick Swift, Richard Wadleigh, Nevile Arthur Douglas Wallis, John Walter, Vernon Phillips Watkins, W. P. Watt, Evelyn Waugh, Dobson Wayland, Cicely Veronica Wedgwood, John Weightman, Huw Wheldon, Oscar Williams, and David John Wright.
  • [3] Writings. The manuscripts of articles and poems submitted for publication, 1928-1960, (principally 1959- 1960).

Collection size: 334 items

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