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Inventory arranged alphabetically by title.

ANGELA, by Sumner Arthur Long. With Geraldine Page, Simon Oakland; directed by Jack Ragotzy; scenery and lighting by Robert Randolph; costumes by Jane Greenwood (premier Oct.1969)
Box 1
  • folder l: Elevations plan; Floor plan and lighting plot; Hanging portal section plan; Set design sketch
  • folders 2-3: Prompt script, [162]p.: including production staff list; prop plot and changes list pages; light and electric cues; cuts and revisions pages
  • folder 4: Copy of letter certifying flame proofing of scenery, 30 Sept. 1969; Flame proofing certificate (copy); Copy of prop plot list, [4]p.; Playbill, The Music Box (New York). Oct. 1969
  • Box 8: 10 inch audio tapes: "newest 'Angela' show music"; "new music, show copy"; "new music, spare cuts"; "show copy, old music"; "old music, extra copy"; "show copy"
BRIGHTOWER, by Dore Schary. With Robert Lansing, Geraldine Brooks, Paul McGrath; directed by Mel Weiser; sets by Tom Munn; lighting by John Gleason; costumes by Noel Taylor.
Box 1
  • folder 5: Preliminary ground plan; Ground plan; Elevation plans for hanging section; for left and right walls, beam, CYC and scrim; masking units and masking elevation; backing, platforms, upper center wall and fire place; Light plot
  • folder 6: Copies of miscellaneous scenes from script, [97]p.
  • folder 7: Reading script, [127]p.
  • folders 8-9: Prompt script: including cast list; copy of [2]p. from Act I; cuts; electric and light cues; furniture list; list of hand props; notes on running time of performance and reading of production; set dressing; sketch of desk in production; staff list [127]p.
  • folder 10: Memo on flame proofing of production set; Prop list, including hand props, [6]p.
  • folder 11: Copy of letter from Dore Schary to [production staff] T.D.S. Jan. 26, 1970; Playbill, John Golden Theatre (New York). Jan. 1970 See also oversize: Posters, photographs and props
  • Oversize: Poster, 56cm. x 36cm.
BUS STOP, by William Inge
  • folder l2: Pen sketch of ground plan of stage set; Photograph of sketch of stage set, 8" x 10"
  • folder 13: Prop check sheet, [5]p. (2 copies); Props plot, [2]p.
  • folder 14: Prompt script: including light cues and two-week log of run (on title page). [99]p.
BUTLEY, by Simon James Holliday Gray. With Alan Bates; directed by James Hammerstein; original production by Harold Pinter; designed by Eileen Dis; lighting and costumes by Neil Peter Jampolis [Jan. 1973]
Box 1
  • folder l5: List of production staff, addresses and phone numbers, [2]p.; Production cast list; Rehearsal schedule
  • folder 16: Ground plans; Elevations plan; Ceiling layout; Focus charts, [12]p.
  • folders 17-18: Prompt script with light cues for beginning of both acts: Act I [67]p., Act II [64]p.
  • folder 19: Costume plots; Property plot, [3]p.; Fireproof affidavit
  • folder 20: Eight playbills and programs, New York and Los Angeles, Jan.-Mar. 1973
  • folder 21: Daily log of entire run, [26]p.
  • Oversize: Poster, 56cm. x 36cm.
THE CRUCIBLE, by Arthur Miller. With Arthur Kennedy, E.G. Marshall
Box 1
  • folder 22: Cast list, with addresses and phone numbers, [2]p.; Prompt script with light cues, [111]p.
THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, by Dore Schary. Based on a novel by Morris L. West; with Leo Genn, Sam Levene, Edward Mulhare; setting by Jo Mielziner; directed by Dore Schary.
Box 1
  • folder 23: Layouts for sets of: "Dr. Meyer's house"; the "contessa's patio"; "Nina's house"; "cardinal's study"; Bishop Aurelio's terrace"; Hanging section plan; Pipe and boom layout; Identification labels (5 items)
  • folders 24-25: Reading script: including carpenter's hanging plot; costume plot; electric cues; author's note to designer and director; list of working props; prop changes, total: [135]p.
  • folders 26-27: Prompt script: including cuts and revision; electric cues; notes; production staff; rehearsal schedule; running order of production [174]p.
  • folder 28: Playbills, Mar. 1961 (Philadelphia, New York, Boston)
DO I HEAR A WALTZ? Based on The Time of The Cuckoo by Arthur Laurents; music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; book by Arthur Laurents; with Elizabeth Allen and Sergio Franchi; directed by John Dexter; scenery and costumes by Beni Montresor; lighting by Jules Fisher; orchestration by Ralph Burns. [June 1965]
Box 1
  • folder 29: Lighting and boom elevation; Preliminary light plot
  • folder 30: Light plot; Switchboard layout and focus chart, [25]p.; Track sheet of light cues (3 copies)
  • folder 31: Costume plot, [23]p. (2 copies)
  • folder 32: Reading script, [118]p.
  • folders 33-34: Prompt script, [155]p.: including costume plot; electric hanging plot; list of musical numbers; list production staff; time plot; revisions and cues
  • folder 35: Souvenir program.
DREAM GIRL: A COMEDY, by Elmer Rice.
Box 1
  • folder 36: Prompt script: wardrobe plot; offstage sound effects, including light, electric and sound cues; master prop list; offstage props list; cue sheet for traveler "A"; cue sheet for traveler "C"; electrical cues [139]p.
FACE OF A HERO, by Robert L. Joseph. Based on a novel by Pierre Boulle; with Roy Poole, Frank Conroy, James Donald, Edward Asner, Jack Lemmon, George Grizzard; designed by Ben Edwards. 1959
Box 2
  • folder l: Cross section (blue print); Elevations (blue prints)
  • folder 2: Floor and elevations plan (blue print); Ground plan; Light plot
  • folder 3: Stage set plan, lp. (3 copies); Notes and compilation of letters from Robert L. Joseph to Ben Edwards and Harry Young. 6p.
  • folder 4: Act II, scene 1 [11]p. (2 copies)
  • folder 5-6: Reading script, with cuts and changes. [144]p.
  • folder 7-8: Prompt script I, 168p.: including light and sound cues; prop plots; ground plan; cast list; revisions; cuts.
  • folder 9-10: Prompt script II, [156]p.: including light cues; ground plan; cast list; time log of prologue and acts; revisions
  • folder 11: Audio tape of "night sounds," 15 ips, 1 reel.
THE FLOWERING PEACH, by Clifford Odets. With Menasha Skulnik; Berta Gersten, Janice Rule, Barbara Baxley, Martin Ritt; directed by Clifford Odets; settings by Mordecai Gorelik; lighting by Feder; costumes by Ballou; produced by Robert Whitehead.
Box 2
  • folder l2: Ground plan, 4 sheets; Focus chart, [4]p.; Lighting layout, 2 sheets; Master light cue sheet, [11]p.; Revised switchboard layout (2 copies); Layout of sound effects, [2]p.
  • folder 13: "Boston rewrite" (scenes three and nine); "Washington version"; miscellaneous re-writes [36]p.
  • folder 14: Photographs of scenes from the production: five 8"x10", two 4"x6", one 5"x8"
  • folder 15: Playbill, Belasco Theater (New York), Feb. 1955
  • folder 16: Audio tape, 1 reel.
FREEDOM OF THE CITY, by Brian Friel. With Kate Reid; directed by William Woodman; settings by David Jenkins; lighting by F. Mitchell Dana; costumes by Alicia Finkel.
Box 2
  • folder l7: Ground plans, for Alvin Theatre and Eisenhower Theatre, 2 sheets; Elevations; B-l and B-2, E-l and F-l; B-l, C-l and D-l, 2 sheets; Battlement revision plan
  • folder 18: House and building facade, revised plan; Platform plan
  • folder 19: Hangers 1 and 3, stone wall and rail plan; Hanging sections: sections AA through GG; section on CL for Alvin Theatre; section DD for Goodman Theatre; 3 sheets; Wall, battlement platforms plan
  • folder 20: Light cues (2 copies - 2p., 4p.); List of dimmers (copy); Notes on curtain calls and light cues, [2]p.; Sound cues, lp. (copy)
  • folder 21: Prompt script, [101]p.: including list of props and furniture; list of production staff; notes on scene breaks; notes on props; prop check; blocking; light cues; time sequence of performance
  • folder 22: Playbi11, Kennedy Center (Washington, D.C.) Feb. 1974
  • folder 23: Daily log of entire run [in blue spiral notebook]
HAMLET, by William Shakespeare. With Richard Burton, Hume Cronyn; directed by John Gielgud; designed by Ben Edwards; lighting by Jean Rosenthal; clothes by Jane Greenwood.
Box 2
  • folder 24: Cast list, 5p.; Cue sheet for doors, 1p.; Letter from Jean Rosenthal to Bob Schwaegerle about Boston move of production, 3/16/64. T(carbon) 2p.
  • folder 25: Sketch of stage plan; Stage floor plan for Lunt-Fontaine Theater, [2]p.; Ground plan; Elevation plan
  • folder 26: Notes on electrical information for Lunt-Fontaine Theater, 2p.; List of equipment for Alexander Cohen (producer), [7]p.; Switchboard hookup, corrected copy, [6]p.; Switchboard layout, [31]p.; Light plot, "tormentors"
  • folder 27: Light plot; Life magazine issue with article on this production: April 24, 1964.
  • folder 28: Reading script, [78]p.: including cues; page 17 and page 23 missing from Act I; page 1 missing from Act III; 12 miscellaneous pages
  • folder 29-30: Prompt script, [195]p.: including track sheet; notes on properties; light cues; prop plot; list of dressing room assignments; sketches of stage plan; cues; notes; cast list
  • folder 31: Playbill, Schubert Theatre, Mar. 30, 1964 (New York); Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, Apr. 1964. (New York).
  • folder 32: Audio tapes: a) ghost's top (uncut) on side 1 and closet ghost; b) ghost's voice by Gielgud (cut); c) rehearsal tape and cannon
  • folders 33-34: Audio tapes: a) drums tape; b) recorder, small drum and funeral drum tape; c) rehearsal tape
HEARTBREAK HOUSE, by George Bernard Shaw. With Maurice Evans, Pamela Brown, Sam Levene, Diane Cilento; designed and lighted by Ben Edwards; costumes by Freddy Wittop; directed by Harold Clurman.
Box 2
  • folder 35: Elevations plans, 3 sheets; Elevations and ramp; Ground plan; Section plan; Portal section; Drawing of vine leaves for set
  • folder 36: Memo on estimate of costumes for production; Focus chart and switchboard layout, [16]p.; Light cues, [14]p.; Light plot
Box 3
  • folder 1: Switchboard layout, 6 sheets
  • folder 2-3: Prompt script, [144]p.: including cuts; electric cues; light cues; list of hard props and furniture; Harry Young's notes on switchboard layout and blocking
  • folder 4: Playbill, Billy Rose Theatre (New York). Premier Performance, October 19, 1959
  • Oversize: Photograph of rehearsal, September 1969, Belasco Theater. 52.5cm. x 44.5cm.
ISLE OF CHILDREN, by Robert L. Joseph. With Patty Duke, Noel William, Norma Crane; directed by Jules Dassin; setting and lighting by Howard Bay; costumes by Ann Roth; incidental music by Victor Ziskin.
Box 3
  • folder 5: Technical ground plan; Elevations and details of built furniture
  • folder 6: Switchboard layout, with focus chart, [15]p.; Sound cues; Notes on prop plot
  • folder 7: Reading script, [111]p.: including notes on lighting; performance schedule; typed revisions, [3]p.
  • folder 8: Playbill, Cort Theatre (New York), Mar. 12, 1962
  • folders 9-10: Three 7 in. audio tapes of music by Victor Ziskin: a)"alternate take, safety master no. 1"; b) waltz; c) tape copy.
Box 8
  • Three 10in. audio tapes: a) Hudson safety no. 1, 2653; b) master; c) "M-l"
IVANOV, by Anton Chekhov. With Vivien Leigh, John Gielgud; directed by John Gielgud; scenery and costumes; designed by Rouben-Ter Arutunian; lighting by Ralph Alswang.
Box 3
  • folder 11: Lightplot, [18]p.; Board layout, [16]p.; Focus chart, [6]p.; Lighting cues, [11]p.; Electrical cues, [4]p.
  • folder 12: Lighting layout (2 copies)
  • folder 13: Letter confirming production as fireproof; Prop setting plot, [10]p.
  • folder 14: Photographs of stage set (3); Signed photograph of Ethel Griffies, May 16, 1966. 8 x 10
  • folders 15-16: Reading script, [83]p. (2 copies)
  • folder 17: Prompt script, [100]p.: including light cues; tape cues; properties list; company sign-in sheet; picture call sheet; production list; notes
  • folder 18: Playbill, Schubert Theatre (Boston), Feb. 1966; Schubert Theatre (New York), May 1966; Souvenir program
Box 8
  • Five 10in. audio tapes: master tape; tape of three Chopin ecossaise. 2 reels; show tape cues, tape deck #1, ; owl, tape deck #2
  • Oversize: Poster, 56cm. x 36cm.
LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS. Adapted by Bernard Miles from Henry Fielding's Rape Upon Rape. Lyrics by Lionel Bart; score by Laurie Johnson; with Francis Compton, Harry Locke, Michael King; directed by Alfred Drake; designed by Lloyd Burlingame; costume designer Fred Voelpel; music director Pembroke Davenport; choreographer Rhoda Levine; produced by Douglas Crawford.
Box 3
  • folder l9: Cast list; List of understudies and standbys; Dressing room assignments, Shubert Theater (New Haven); Production staff list; List of musical numbers; Turntable cues; Fly cues; Lighting layout, switchboard and focus, front and rear boards, specials and auxiliaries. [10]p.; Property plot, 6p.; Prop list, pre-set, personal props and additional props, 6p.; Memo to Irving Pasternak and Lloyd Burlingame from Douglas Crawford (producer), Apr. 15, 1960, T(carbon); Estimated production expenditures, 4p.; New Act I running order; Production schedule, 4/4/60; Out-of-town schedule; Stage manager's report [blank form]
  • folder 20: Prompt script, [85]p.: including notes and revisions and personal prop list
MAJOR BARBARA, by George Bernard Shaw. With Charles Laughton, Burgess Meredith, Glynis Johns, Eli Wallach; directed by Charles Laughton; settings and lighting by Donald Oenslager; costumes by Dorothy Jeakins.
Box 3
  • folder 2l: Actors' addresses and telephones, 2p.; Understudies Staff & crew addresses & telephones, 2p.; Production schedule, 9/9/56; Stage dimensions: Boston Opera House (2 copies); Hanging sections, 2 sheets; Property list, 2p.; Light cues, with sketch and notes, 5p.; Light plan (Harry L. Young's copy); Sound and light cues, 12p.; Poem "I am a Soldier"; Letter from Munsell of the Actor's Fund of America to Oscar Oleson, confirming benefit performance. T.L.S., Nov. 19, 1956
  • folders 22-23: Prompt script, Act I, [75]p.: including sound and light cues; cuts
  • folder 24: Prompt script, Act II [43]p.
  • folder 25: Playbill, Morosco Theatre (New York), Nov. 19, 1956; Souvenir program.
MR. AND MRS. NORTH, by Owen Davis. Setting by Jo Mielziner; produced and staged by Alfred de Liagre, Jr.
Box 3
  • folder 26: Reading script, [116]p.: including cast list; notes; photographs of scenes from the production; ground plan of scene design
ONE BY ONE, by Dore Schary. With Donald Madden, Donald Woods, Sharon Laughlin; lighting by Donald Oenslager; costumes by Florence Klotz; directed by Dore Schary.
Box 3
  • folder 27: Drop plan; Lighting plan; Light plot; focus chart; switchboard layout [11]p.; Cinemoid color list; Switchboard hookup; Prop plot, 3p.; Cuts and changes
  • folders 28-29: Prompt script, [102]p.: including prop plot; call sheet; copy of schedule of rehearsals and performances; notes; production staff list
  • folder 30: Letter from Dore Schary to "One by One" Company. Nov. 30, 1964. mimeo., 7p.; Playbill, Belasco Theatre (New York), Nov. 1964
THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE, by Jay Allen. From the novel by Muriel Spark. Set and lighting by Jo Mielziner; directed by Michael Langham; costumes by Jane Greenwood; with Zoe Caldwell.
Box 3
  • folder 3l: Ground plan; Hanging sections plans: ground and hanging plan; revised section plan; upstage right and left wings
  • folder 32: Hanging sections plans: portal and legs plan (2 copies); wings and drop plan
  • folder 33: Elevations and steps plan; Cloister unit plan; Revised show portal plan, no. 10; Mrs. McKay's desk plan
  • folder 34: Light dimmers plot for each scene, 3 sheets; Light plot (2 copies); Sketch of stage ground plan for lighting; Switchboard layout and focus chart, [22]p.; Board hookup, [5]p.; Cue sheet for Master sound tape, [4]p.
  • folders 35-38: Reading script, [115]p. (2 copies)
Box 4
  • folders 1-2: Reading script, [115]p.
  • folders 3-4: Prompt script, [166]p.: including cuts and revisions; production staff and cast list; list of dimensions of Helen Hayes Theater; production schedule; scene breakdown
Box 8
  • Master audio tape, 10 in.
  • Oversize: Poster, 56cm. x 36cm (2 copies); "set dressing for... the artist's studio," Jo Mielziner, 61cm. x 46cm.
SOMETHING ABOUT A SOLDIER, by Ernest Kinoy. Based on a novel by Mark Harris; with Sal Mineo, Ralph Meeker, Kevin McCarthy; directed by Dore Schary; designed by William Pitkin.
Box 4
  • folder 5: Elevations and floor plan, 17 sheets
  • folder 6: Light plot; Focus chart and switchboard layout, [15]p.; Switchboard layout; Running order (2 copies); Identification stickers, 2 items
  • folders 7-8: Prompt script, [160]p., mimeo.: including last cast; costume plot; light cues; notes on props; cues and blocking; scene change cues; sign-in sheet; and letter from Dore Schary "To the Cast and Company of Something About a Soldier, Jan. 4, 1962."
  • folder 9: Tape of "God Save the Queen"
SOUTH PACIFIC. Adapted from Tales of the South Pacific by James A. Michener. Music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein; book by Oscar Hammerstein and Joshua Logan; with Florence Henderson and Giorgio Tozzi; directed by Joe Layton; lighting by Jules Fisher; scenery and costumes by Fred Voelpel; orchestrations by Robert Russell Bennett; musical director Jonathan Anderson.
Box 4
  • folder l0: Cast list, 8 May 1967. 6p.; Chorus members list (2 copies); Production staff list, [3]p. and "crew call," 1p.; Letter giving notice, from Alexander Orfaly. A.L.S.
    12 Aug. 1967
  • folder 11: Ground plan, with handwritten notes, 2 sheets; Details plan
  • folder 12: Stage plan (preliminary); House plan; Section plan for New York State Theater
  • folder 13: Box torm and elevation plan; Switchboard hookup
  • folder 14: Costume list; light and property plots; property list, mimeo., [64]p.
  • folder 15: Prop plot, [11]p.; prop list, [2]p.; Scene breakdown, [8]p.
  • folder 16: South Pacific Libretto, printed, 159p.
  • folders 17-18: Prompt script, mimeo., 112p.
  • folder 19: Playbill, New York State Theater. 1967; Souvenir program
  • folder 20: Two 7 1/2 audio tapes
TOVARICH, a musical comedy. Based on a comedy by Jacques Deval. English adaptation by Robert E. Sherwood; book by David Shaw; music by Lee Pockriss; lyrics by Anne Croswell; with Vivien Leigh, Jean Pierre Aumont, Alexander Scourby; directed by Peter Glenville; designed by Rolf Gerard; costumes by Motley; lighting by John Harvey.
Box 4
  • folder 2l: Address list of Tovarich dancers, singers and principals, 3p.; Company directory, 3p.
  • folder 22: Hanging section plan, 2 sheets
  • folder 23: Light plot for pipes and box torms and "tormentors," 2 sheets; Light cues, 4p.; List of scenes in running order, Jan. 12. (3 copies)
  • folders 24-25: Reading script, with song lyrics, mimeo., 200p.
  • folder 26: Copies of lyrics from You Love Me, 1p. and Opportunity Knocks, 3p.; Copy of Act I, scene 8. 23/1/63. 4p.
  • folders 27-28: Prompt script, [200]p.: including costume and prop plots; hanging sections plan; cast dressing room assignments; running order of scenes; running order of scenes with musical numbers; light cues; addresses of cast; understudies list; set and ground plans for all scenes; lyrics of all songs; costume and prop plots
  • folder 29: Playbill, The Broadway Theatre (New York). Apr. 19, 1963
TWO BY TWO. A musical comedy, based on The Flowering Peach by Clifford Odets. Music by Richard Rodgers; book by Peter Stone; lyrics by Martin Charnin; with Danny Kaye, Harry Goz, Madeline Kahn, Michael Karm, Walter Willison, Tricia O'Neil, Marilyn Cooper, Joan Copeland; scenery by David Hays; costumes by Fred Voelpel; lighting by John Gleason; conceived and directed by Joe Layton.
Box 4
  • folder 30: Actor's Equity Association. "Definition of the Duties and Obligations of a Stage Manager," 7/7/70; Copy of letter from Louis Divilio, Midtown Motor Inn, to Frank Goodman about production staff accommodations, 18 July, 1970; Copy of letter from members of cast to Ellsworth Wright, Actor's Equity Association. Aug. 11, 1970; Copy of letter from Les Schecter to Joe Layton about radio interview. Sept. 1, 1970; Copy of letter from Barbara Schwei to Gerri Redfield, Park Plaza Hotel about production staff accommodations in New Haven. Sept. 1, 1970; Production list for cast, 7/20/70 and 8/5/70; Production schedule, 7/13/70
  • folder 31: Ground plan; Elevations plan, Act I: "ark gangway"; Elevations, Act I: "mountain unit," "fence unit," "lamps 1 and 2," "ledge on mountain unit," "out house and step unit," "ladder"; Elevations plan, Act I: "house unit"; Elevations plan, ACT II
  • folder 32: Blueprint of electric work and alterations of New Amsterdam Theatre roof
  • folder 33: Electric, light, and sound cues; including slides projection plot, copy of light plot (or hanging plot) [36]p. Also, Joe Layton's notes on dress rehearsal, 5p.
  • folder 34: Light plot, 2 sheets; Light plot (3 sheets) and section plans (4 sheets)
  • folder 35: Switchboard layout and focus chart. 8/12/70 (4 copies)
  • folder 36: Slide and projections plot, including description and layout; total: [18]p.; Slides chart, [16]p.
  • folder 37: Electric, light and sound cues; slide projection layout. Photocopy, 75p.
Box 5
  • folder 1: Costume inventory, 2p. (2 copies)
  • folder 2: List of musical numbers; List of orchestra parts; Copies of each song lyric, 31p.; Music and lyrics; with organ and conductor parts; celeste and harp parts; understudy parts; revisions; transposed parts; copies of parts for Harry Young (including memoranda from Richard Rodgers)
  • folder 3: As Far as I'm Concerned (3 copies)
  • folder 4: As Far as I'm Concerned: Organ-conductor (3 copies)
  • folder 5: The Covenant (transposition) (2 copies)
  • folder 6: The Covenant-revised 8/20/70 (2 copies) with memo from Richard Rogers, 12/30/70
  • folder 7: The Covenant-revised 8/20/70, with memo from Richard Rogers to Harry Young, undated
  • folder 8: Death of Me ("cut after New Haven opening")
  • folder 9: Everything That's Gonna Be Has Been (2 copies); Everything Reprise. 10/23/70 (2 copies); The Gitka Song (2 copies) Gitka Reprise 10/1/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 10: The Golden Ram (2 copies)
  • folder 11: The Golden Ram, with memo from Richard Rogers to Harry Young, undated
  • folder 12: Hammer Music (2 copies); Exit Music (2 copies)
  • folder 13: Hey, Girlie: Organ-conductor (2 copies); revised part 8/20/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 14: I Do Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You. Revised 8/14/70
  • folder 15: I Do Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You. 9/10/70
  • folder 16: Don't Know a Day Reprise (2 copies)
  • folder 17: Ninety Again (2 copies)
  • folder 18: Ninety Again-revised 8/7/70, with memo from Richard Rogers to Harry Young, undated
  • folder 19: Ninety Again-revised (2 copies)
  • folders 20-22: An Old Man (2 copies)
  • folder 23: Peach Tree Underscore (2 copies); Mt. Ararat Change (2 copies); Finale Act I 9/26/70 (3 copies); Opening Act II
  • folders 24-25: Poppa Knows Best (2 copies)
  • folder 26: Put Him Away-revised 8/19/70
  • folder 27: Something Doesn't Happen: organ-conductor part (2 copies); revised part 8/7/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 28: Creation Chord, Noah's Entrance (2 copies); Revelation (2 copies)
  • folder 29: Something, Somewhere-revised 8/19/70 (3 copies)
  • folder 30: Something, Somewhere (transposed) (2 copies)
  • folder 31: Two by Two-revised 8/24/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 32: Two by Two (transposed) (2 copies)
  • folder 33: When It Dries-understudy 10/21/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 34: When It Dries-revised 8/20, with memo from Richard Rogers to Harry Young, undated
  • folder 35: When It Dries-revised 8/20/70 (2 copies)
  • folders 36-37: When It Dries 11/2/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 38: Why Me? (2 copies)
  • folder 39: Without My Money ("cut in rehearsal") (2 copies)
  • folder 40: You (2 copies)
  • folders 41-42: You Got to Have a Rudder for the Ark organ-conductor part (2 copies); revised part 8/7/70 (2 copies)
  • folder 43: Recording schedule; Photocopy of song lyrics for When It Dries and You, 8p.
  • folders 44-46: Script-First draft, mimeo., 170p.
  • folders 47-48: Script-Second draft, Act I. photocopy
  • folders 49-50: Script-Third draft, Act I. photocopy
  • folders 51-53: Rehearsal script. 3 Aug. 1970. including copy of production list for cast; revised cast contact sheet; prop list; electric cues. Act I, [92]p.; Act. II, [61]p.
Box 6
  • folders 1-4: Final production script. 10 November 1970. Acts I & II. mimeo., [110]p. (2 copies)
  • folder 5-22: Various revised pages, various dates. Acts I and II. [1263]p.
  • folder 23: "Joe Layton notes from run through Sunday 9/13" [5]p.; "Joe Layton notes from performance 11/5/70." [6]p.
  • folder 24: Daily log of run of production, with notes, Sept. 14-Nov. 24, 1970. [77]p.
  • folder 25: Photograph, staff meeting.
  • folder 26: Playbill, Shubert Theatre, Sept. 1970 (2 copies); Imperial Theatre, Oct. 1970, Nov. 1970 (2 copies), and Jan. 1971.
  • folder 27: The Playgoer, Shubert Theatre, Sept. 14-26; Souvenir program.
  • folder 28: 2 cassette tapes
Box 8
  • Audio tape: "final uneged, master, 15 ips, first cart, tails out"
UNDER THE WEATHER, three one-act plays: A Wen, Orange Soufflé and Out from Under, by Saul Bellow. With Shelley Winters, Harry Towb; lighting by Roger Morgan; sets by Kert Lundell; produced by Ted Brauer; directed by Arthur Storch.
Box 6
  • folder 29: Ground plan, 3 sheets.
  • folder 30: Light plot; Switchboard hookup, 9/22/66. [5]p.
  • folder 31: Reading script: including light cues and notes. mimeograph, [68]p.
  • folder 32: Prompt script, [89]p.: including list of production staff; prop plots; electric and light cues; corrections; cuts; note on comment made by Shelley Winters; blocking notes.
  • folder 33: Copies of two speeches: "A Meteorologist" (before Orange Soufflé) and "A Cop in Winter Costume" (before Out from Under)
  • folder 34: Audio tapes: including voice of Chet Huntley, recorded 10-3. Two 7in. reels
Box 7
  • folder 1-2: Audio tapes: including weather report announcer, "footsteps in snow - shovel - air - footsteps." 3 reels, 5 in. 7 1/2 ips
Box 8
  • Two audio tapes, 10in.: cues - "AWB, wind, horn"; new cues
A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, in two parts (From Under the Sea and A Memory of Two Mondays), by Arthur Miller. With Van Heflin, J. Carroll Naish, Eileen Heckart, Jack Warden; directed by Martin Ritt; designed by Boris Aronson; costumes by Helene Pons; lighting by Leland Watson.
Box 7
  • folder 3: Reading script, Feb. 28, 1955. mimeo., with pencil annotations. [2], 82p.
  • folder 4-6: Prompt script, [171]p.: including cuts and changes; list of production staff; prop plot; switchboard layout; light cue sheet
  • folder 7: Playbill, Coronet Theatre, New York, Oct. 3, 1955; Falmouth Playhouse, Massachusetts, Aug. 29, 1955
  • folder 8: Audio tape: "Rain falling and harbor sounds." 7½ ips
Box 7
  • folder 9: Reading script, mimeo., 72p.
  • folder 10-12: Prompt script, [112]p.: including cuts and changes; [27]p. of revision; handwritten changes by Arthur Miller; costume plot; light cues; list of phrases for Boston censorship; switchboard layout
THE ZULU AND THE ZAYDA, by Howard Da Silva and Felix Leon. Music and lyrics by Harold Rome; with Menasha Skulnik, Ossie Davis, Louis Gossett, Joe Silver; directed by Dore Schary; settings and lighting by William and Jean Eckart; costumes by Frank Thompson; musical supervision and orchestrations by Meyer Kupferman.
Box 7
  • folder l3: Cast list; Ground plan, 12 sheets; Photocopies of 11 set sketches
  • folder 14: Hanging section plan; Focus chart, [18]p.; Switchboard layout; Prop plot, [5]p.
  • folder 15-17: Prompt script, [143]p.: Acts I and II, including dressing room assignments; electric cues; notes on prop plot and setting; production staff list; rehearsal schedule; revisions, 9/29/65.
  • folder 18: Letter from Dore Schary to [production staff], Nov. 9, 1965. mimeo., 13p.; Playbill, Cort Theatre (New York). Jan. 1966

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