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Les Psaumes de David, suivis de Cantiques et de Prieres. Ed. nouvelle. Paris: Marc Aurel frères..., 1840.

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Calendrier de Tous les Saints. [France: s.n., ca. 1815]


Continental Europe
in the Nineteenth Century

Popular culture became an increasingly important factor in nineteenth-century miniature book production, as in book production in general. Increasing attention to the early education of children led to a profusion of miniature children's books, and an ever expanding and more widely reading middle class provided new opportunities for miniature book producers to please their customers. One of the jewels of early nineteenth-century French book production is the entirely engraved Calendrier de tous les Saints, which depicts a saint for each day of the year. Miniature songbooks, along with gift books and annuals expanded the repertoire of miniature book publishers, as did collections of fables and contes. The reprinting of classical and national literature in miniature, and the publication of religious and devotional literature continued, even as new genres were added.

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