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Hermann und Dorothea, von W. von Goethe. Leipzig: Schmidt & GŁnther, [ca. 1908]

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Constitucion de la Confederacion Regional Obrera Mexicana 1920-1921. Mexico: [s.n.], 1924.


Twentieth Century Western Europe

Miniature book production in Western Europe (and Spanish language miniatures in the Americas) began the twentieth century with a greater emphasis on commercial publishers exploiting the full range of technologies developed in the previous century. Curios, souvenirs, and miniature reprints of literary works appeared, along with books aimed at children, and those printed to showcase the technical capabilities of their publishers. As in the United States and elsewhere, as the century progressed, the importance and dominance of small presses and book artists became more and more evident, although some commercial firms such as Germany's Pelikan produced large numbers of miniature books in the second half of the century.

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Oceanica Classis de Insulis Inventis, [Christopher Columbus].
[Zuilichem: The Catharijne Press], 1991.

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