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Search for an Albion. 1963.

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One Day in the Life of a Paper Maker. 1972.

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JLW - GBS : 2 Letters. [1975].


James Weygand & the Indiana Kid

The Private Press of the Indiana Kid was operated by James Lamar Weygand in Nappanee, Indiana. Weygand, a lifelong resident of Nappanee, was born on November 28, 1919. He began work as a printer's apprentice at the Quality Print Shop in Nappanee, where he worked until his retirement in 1969. Weygand died in July of 2003.

Weygand purchased his first printing press, a 3 x 5 Kelsey Excelsior platen handpress, in 1939, and published his first book, Booth Tarkington on Dogs, five years later. He first used the alias "The Indiana Kid" in Winona Holiday: The Story of the Western Association of Writers in 1948, and afterwards called his press The Private Press of the Indiana Kid.

Beginning in 1963, Weygand began printing miniature books, his first being Search for an Albion. Twenty-four miniature books were published under his Maestro Books imprint, all of which are included in this exhibit. In addition to his miniatures, he published almost 50 other books, including larger format editions of his miniature books.

Indiana history and works by Hoosier authors, as well as printing, private presses and pressmarks, have been the focus of many Indiana Kid books. Apart from his role as a printer and publisher, Weygand was also a papermaker. He produced two handmade papers, the IK/Inking Ball Watermark and the Grapes Watermark.

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