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Master Papermakers: Dard Hunter and Harrison Elliott, by Robert Massmann. New Britain, Conn.: REM Miniatures, 1980.

A gallery of books from modern & contemporary presses...


Modern and Contemporary Presses

Robert C. Bradbury states in Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books that "The renaissance of miniature book publishing and collecting began in 1960 when Achille J. St. Onge published the first issue of the Miniature Book Collector." While some might question so specific a beginning of a trend, the general import is undoubtable. Bradbury further documents and enumerates what is beyond question the most important development in the field of miniature books in the second half of the twentieth century. The significance of small presses, fine presses, and the producers of artists' books has grown to the point that it is the most important feature of miniature book publishing at the beginning of the twenty-first century. While commercial miniatures are still in production throughout the world, carefully designed small press books, often printed from hand-set type, but also from photographically produced plates or computer graphics programs, are the center of attention. These are often hand bound by the publishers, and in some cases are printed on paper also made by the same craftspeople. This approach to miniature books views them as uniquely crafted artifacts to be read and enjoyed for their texts, and for the skills which went into their production.

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