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The Etcht Miniature Monthly Magazine. Sierra Madre, Cal.: Bernhardt Wall, Jan.-Dec. 1948

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Lute & Lyre and Other Musical Instruments of the 6th Century A.D., by Miriam Owen Irwin. Cincinnati, Ohio: Mosaic Press, c1977.

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Mrs. Peckham's Carouse: One Act Play, by George Ade. Evanston: The Schori Press, 1978.

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Master Papermakers: Dard Hunter and Harrison Elliott, by Robert Massmann. New Britain, Conn.: REM Miniatures, 1980.

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Russian Fairy Tales … photography by Thomas Raheb, artwork and design by Barbara J. Raheb. Tarzana, Calif.: Pennyweight Press, 1982.

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Masks, by Carol Cunningham. [Mill Valley, California]: Sunflower Press, c1983.

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Canticle of the Sun, by St. Francis of Assisi [translation, Rev. Joseph L. Curran]. Sudbury, Mass.: Kurbel Books, 1984


A Gallery of Books from
Modern and Contemporary Presses

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Solomon's Song of Songs, calligraphy by Michael Sull,
design, binding, executed and published by Jan Sobota
Dallas: Jan Sobota, 1991.

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The Stars, Ray Bradbury. Santa Ana, California: Gold Stein Press, 1993.

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Gardens, fairies and lore, by Sandra Grace. [San Diego, Calif.]:
Twin Heart Press, c1993.

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Matryoshka: Russian Nesting Dolls, by Maryline Poole Adams,
Volume I-V
. Berkeley, California: Poole Press, c1993.

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Lee's Priceless Formulas: Excerpts from Dr. N.T. Oliver's
1895 Book of Valuable Formulas
. Bisbee, Arizona: Pequeño Press, c1995.

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Aphorisms and sayings : collected chiefly in Monroe and Owen Counties, Indiana.
Bloomington : Graphic Design Press, 1996.

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Six Degrees of Separation. [Bloomington, Ind.]: The Brown Trout Press, 1998.

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