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Programs & Services: Reading Room Policies

Lilly Library Request System

The collections of the Lilly Library are available to all with a research need for them. Those wishing to use the Library should create an account in the Lilly Library Request System. By creating an account in the Lilly Library Request System,

Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Using the Lilly Library Request System to request materials

Once you have created an account in the Lilly Library Request System, you may select books, manuscripts, and other materials to use in the Reading Room. You may also make photoduplication requests this way.

Guidelines for use of materials

Reading Room patrons are asked not to bring loose articles of clothing, brief cases, book bags, or other personal property that is non-essential to research into the Reading Room. Lockers are provided to store such items. Books and papers necessary for research may be taken into the Reading Room. Laptop computers are permitted in the Reading Room, though cases and non-essential accessories should be stored in the lockers provided.

The Lilly Library is a closed-stack library and all requested materials are paged by Library staff for use in the Reading Room. Materials must be returned to the Reading Room desk before patrons depart the Reading Room. Materials to be used again in the immediate future may be placed on reserve. Materials are to be returned to the Reading Room desk ten minutes before the Library's closing.

Patrons are responsible for all materials charged to them. Materials may not be transferred from one patron to another.

Only pencils may be used in the Reading Room. No marks on materials may be added or erased. No tracings or rubbings may be made without specific permission. Magnifiers and special light sources are available upon request.

Materials must remain on the Reading Room tables during use. Arms and elbows should be kept off materials. No papers, books, or other objects may be laid on library materials. Note taking must not be done on top of materials. Only one book may be used at a time unless direct textual comparison is necessary. Unopened leaves of books may be cut only by staff members.

Patrons are asked to handle materials with clean hands, turn pages slowly and carefully, and touch only the margins, if possible. Library staff will provide gloves to be worn when handling photographs and other fragile materials. The order and arrangement of manuscripts and unbound materials must be preserved. Apparent irregularities should be called to the attention of the staff. Only one folder of manuscripts should be removed from the box at a time and should be returned to the box before removing another. Patrons found to be careless in handling materials may be denied further access.

Tobacco, food, and beverages are not permitted in the Reading Room.

The use of digital cameras in the Reading Room is permitted only with the permission of the appropriate curator.

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Last updated: 23 January 2016

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