Ecuadorian Imprints

a miscellaneous uncataloged collection

This short title list comprises 58 Ecuadorian imprints consisting of broadsides, periodicals, and pamphlets from the Mendel Collection. The Mendel Collection was acquired between 1961 and 1967 from Bernardo Mendel, whose intention was to establish a research center for the study of Latin American history.

The more significant Ecuadorian imprints have received complete cataloging. Those listed here are less weighty in content, but taken together offer the raw material for a study of many aspects of the period following Independence in Ecuador, and neighboring countries.

All but eleven of the imprints are from Quito. Other Latin American cities represented throughout the list include Guayaquil, Cuenca, Popayan, and Pasto.

The imprint dates range from 1825 to 1849. Each entry in the list gives the following information: title, author (if indicated), imprint, physical description, and bibliographic citation. A quasi-facsimile treatment has been given the title page transcription. Many of the items are official government publications, but no attempt has been made to assign corporate authorship.

The entries are arranged first chronologically, and then alphabetically by title within each year of publication. In addition to the chronological approach, subject headings are provided in Lilly's card catalog for the most significant topics and personal names. Among the individuals mentioned are Juan José Flores, José María Obando, Vicente Ramón Roca, Vicente Rocafuerte, and Antonio José de Sucre. The major topics covered include the politics and government as well as the history of the areas of Ecuador, Nueva Granada, Perú, and Colombia; boundary disputes; administration of justice; commercial policy and industry. Other topics less extensively covered include liberty of the press, public schools, the treatment of measles, and religious tolerance.

Pre-1830 imprints were searched in the bibliography compiled by Alexander Alphonse Marias Stols, Historia de la imprenta en el Ecuador de 1755 a 1830: historia, documentos, inéditos, bibliografía, 1759-1830. Hence, the term Stols at the end of an entry indicates that the piece was cited in this bibliography. The number following Stols is the number of the entry in the bibliography.

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Ecuadorian Imprints