Upton Sinclair (1878–1968)

Miscellaneous materials VII :
Articles about Upton Sinclair and his works.

The items listed here are from the library of Upton Sinclair. This collection consists of articles written by Upton Sinclair between the years 1905 and 1929, published in various magazines, newspapers, and journals. Items in this collection are those that are less than 4 pages long; lengthier materials from the Sinclair library have been individually cataloged. Items are listed in chronological order. "Gottesman" numbers refer to entries in: Upton Sinclair : an annotated checklist / by Ronald Gottesman. [Kent, Ohio] : Kent State University Press, c1973.

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PS3537.I85 J92
[Miscellaneous Clippings on Upton Sinclair's The jungle] 1. Dwyer, William M. Book penned around 1900 made your dinner good today. (From Trenton Sunday times. Nov. 15, 1964.) –– 2. Unger, Michael D. N.J. storm centered on Upton Sinclair; author tried for seclusion in Englewood cooperative dwelling." (From Trenton Sunday news. July 5, 1964.)
PS3537.I85 Z41377
Churchill, Winston, 1874–1965. The Chicago scandals : the novel which is making history / by Winston Spencer Churchill. (In P.T.O., edited by T.P. O'Connor. London. v. 1, no. 1–2, June 16 & 23, 1906. p. 25–26, 65–66)
PS3537.I85 Z413772 2 copies
First British Reviews of The Flivver King, by Upton Sinclair. New York : U. Sinclair, [1937] 1 leaf ; 14 x 22 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z413774
Glaspell, Susan, 1876–1948. George Cram Cook : a correction of Upton Sinclair's statement / by Susan Glaspell. (In Haldeman–Julius quarterly. v. 2, no. 3, Apr.–June 1928. p. 46)
PS3537.I85 Z49 2 copies
W., K. Marie Antoinette, by Upton Sinclair. New York : U. Sinclair, [1939] 1 leaf ; 14 X 22 cm. Offprint from New York Times book review, July 30, 1939.
PS3537.I85 Z551
[Reviews of Upton Sinclair's Autobiography. New York : Harcourt, Brace & World, 1962] Fourteen clippings from various newspapers and magazines, many with penciled comments by Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z5561
[End Poverty in California (EPIC) campaign literature] 1934. 1 leaf ; 78 mm. Anti–Sinclair campaign literature in the form of paper currency.
PS3537.I85 Z578
Abbas, Khwaja Ahmad. Authors I have met ... / by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas. (In New book digest. Bombay, India. v. 4, no. 2, Aug. 1939. p. 13–17 : ports.) Account of Sinclair, p. 15–16.
PS3537.I85 Z58
Abram, Sydney S. Upton Sinclair. (In The Fort George lantern : the literary arts magazine of George Washington High School, Fort George Hill, New York City. Oct. 1928. p. 33–38) Signed at end: Sydney S. Abram, '29. Author's inscribed copy to Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z582 2 copies
Adamic, Louis, 1899–1951. Upton Sinclair : a prophet of red dawn / by Louis Adamic. (In The open forum. Los Angeles. v. 4, no. 48, Nov. 26, 1927. p. 1–2)
PS3537.I85 Z58202
Adimari, Ralph. Upton Sinclair, last of the dime novelists / by Ralph Adimari. (In Dime novel roundup. v. 24, no. 6–7, June 15, July 15, 1956. p. 42–44, 51–52 : ill.)
PS3537.I85 Z58203
Aikman, Duncan, 1889– Thinking it over / by Duncan Aikman. (In Daily news. Los Angeles. v. 10, no. 143, Feb. 16, 1933. p. [16], 19) A discussion of "Upton Sinclair presents William Fox." Page 19 wanting.
PS3537.I85 Z58204
American colony in Bermuda is growing. (From New York World. Jan. 11, 1914) Included in the list of recent arrivals are the names of Mr. and Mrs. Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z58206
Americkanische Dichter der Gegenwart. (From Sonderbeilage, Nr. 33 der "Deutsche Kurz–Post." Charlottenburg, 1929. [2] p. : ports.) Portraits and brief biographies of Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis and Theodore Dreiser.
PS3537.I85 Z5821
Arden has a circus : clown rushes from ring and puts Sinclair under arrest. (From New York Times. Aug. 6, 1911) Aftermath of Sinclair's arrest for playing games on Sunday.
PS3537.I85 Z58212 2 copies
Armour, Richard, 1906–1989. Upton Sinclair rips into John Barleycorn ... / by Richard Armour. (In an unidentified Pasadena, Calif. newspaper. Apr. 22, 1956. port.) A review of Sinclair's "The cup of fury."
PS3537.I85 Z58213
Art's bar sinister. (From Rob Wagner's script. Beverly Hills, Calif. v. 4, no. 101, Jan. 17, 1931. p. 2)
PS3537.I85 Z58216
As Sinclair returns with injured wife "Tramp poet" Kemp sails as stowaway. (In New York evening journal. Sept. 30, 1913) Included are portraits of the first and second Mrs. Sinclair, Upton Sinclair and Harry Kemp [etc]. Harry Kemp was named by Sinclair as correspondent in his divorce proceedings against the first Mrs. Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z58218
Astor, Vincent, 1891–1959. Astor writes to Sinclair. (From Appeal to reason. Girard, Kan. Jan. 24, 1914) An answer to Sinclair's letter which had appeared in an earlier issue of The appeal to reason.
PS3537.I85 Z5822
Axson, Stockton, 1867–1935. Floyd Dell's picture of Upton Sinclair is more than "A social protest" says Dr. Stockton Axson / by Dr. Stockton Axson. (From The chronicle. Houston, Texas. Aug. 21, 1927)
PS3537.I85 Z58222
B., A.S. Our doctored daily news. (From The Christian register. Aug. 5, 1920. p. 770) Review of The brass check, by Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z58225
Bar Sinclair's plays. (From New York Sun. Jan. 27, 1909) Concerning Stanford University banning Upton Sinclair's Socialist plays.
PS3537.I85 Z58226
Barr, Margaret. A personal Jesus, by Upton Sinclair. (In The Aryan path. Bangalore, India. July 1955. p. 323) A review.
PS3537.I85 Z58227
Barrows, Edward Morley, 1887–1940. Upton Sinclair, whom you might call an "home incompris," as Floyd Dell interprets him ... / reviewed by Edward M. Barrows. (From The New York Post. Aug. 27, 1927) Review of Dell's "Upton Sinclair."
PS3537.I85 Z58229
Barry, John D. (John Daniel), 1866–1942. Ways of the world : fine harvest / by John D. Barry. (In The San Francisco news. Oct. 19, 1940. p. 14) A review of Sinclair's "World's end."
PS3537.I85 Z5823
Baskin, Alice Haines. Bust of Pasadena author is new work of noted Swedish sculptor ... / by Alice Haines Baskin. (From Pasadena Star–News. July 23, 1926. ill.)
PS3537.I85 Z58233
Bates, H. E. (Herbert Ernest), 1905–1974. Two giants and a giant killer / by H. E. Bates. (In The new clarion. June 25, 1932. p. 62) Reviews of Candid reminiscences, by Upton Sinclair ; Lenin, by J. Maxton ; Frank Harris, by Hugh Kingsmill ; Ten contemporaries, by John Gawsworth.
PS3537.I85 Z58235
Beatty, Bessie, 1886–1947. Offered self for sale, now Sinclair's star : Miss Elizabeth Magie, who will be leading woman. (In San Francisco Bulletin. Jan. 26, 1909. p. [2] : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z58237 2 copies
Beaufort, John. Off Broadway's venturesome enterprise / by John Beaufort. (In The Christian Science monitor. Feb. 11, 1961) Proof copies. A favorable review of Sinclair's play "Cicero."
PS3537.I85 Z5824
Bell, Thomas H. [Letter to the editor] (In The open forum. v. 2, no. 32. p. 3) Castigating Sinclair for his defense of the treatment of political prisoners in Russia.
PS3537.I85 Z58244
Benchley, Robert, 1889–1945. Books and other things / by Robert C. Benchley. (From The New York World. Sept. 8, 1920) Benchley's criticism of Sinclair's "The brass check."
PS3537.I85 Z5825 2 copies
Bennett, Jesse Lee, 1885–1931. Civil liberty in Los Angeles. [Los Angeles : Southern California Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, 1923] [4]p. ; 12mo. Caption title. Offprint "from ... the Baltimore Sun, May 24, 1923."
PS3537.I85 Z58254
Benton, W. C. The progress of labor / by W. C. Benton. Cincinnati, 1992. 1 leaf : ill. ; 36 cm. At bottom of page: "Free advertisement" [for U. Sinclair's "The brass check."]
PS3537.I85 Z582546 2 copies
Bergendahl, Erling. Upton Sinclair — Sacco og Vanzetti / av Erling Bergendahl. (In Arbeiderbladet. Apr. 6, 1929. p. 4 : ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z5825462
Berry, Graham. Upton Sinclair near 78 and he's still crusading ... / by Graham Berry. (In Los Angeles Times. Aug. 26, 1956. p. 1, 6 : ill., port.)
PS3537.I85 Z5825464
Bohn, Wm. E. (William Edward), b. 1877. Sinclair : the writer as a good man. (In The new leader. v. 41, no. 34, Sept. 22, 1958. p. 23 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z58256
[Book reviews] (In The English literary and educational review for continental readers. Leipzig. no. 3, Autumn 1932. p. 10, 16–18, 24) Reviews of Sinclair's The goose–step, American outpost, The wet parade.
PS3537.I85 Z5827
Breit, Harvey, 1913– In and out of books / by Harvey Breit. (In The New York Times book review. Feb. 3, 1957. p. 8 : ill.) Preview of Sinclair's "My life in letters."
PS3537.I85 Z5828
Broun, Heywood, 1888–1939. Books / by Heywood Broun. (From The New York Tribune. May 3, 1920) Takes issue with Sinclair in his attack on the newspaper treatment of his novel "The brass check."
PS3537.I85 Z582801
Broun, Heywood, 1888–1939. Books / by Heywood Broun. (From The New York Tribune. Aug. 27, 1920) A discussion of his attitude toward Sinclair's "The brass check."
PS3537.I85 Z58281
Brown, William Garrott, 1868–1913. Prophetic voices about America / by William Garrott Brown. (From an unidentified periodical [ca. 1907]. p. 372–383) Among the authors and works discussed is The industrial republic, by Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z582812
Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Matthew Joseph), 1931–2008. A grievance against the demon rum ... / by M.J. Bruccoli. (In The Richmond news leader. May 5, 1956. p. 8 : port.) A review of Sinclair's "The cup of fury."
PS3537.I85 Z582813 2 copies
Burgum, Edwin Berry, b. 1894. Lanny Budd marches on ... / by Edwin Berry Burgum. (In The New York Times book review. June 10, 1945. p. 5, 8 : port.) A review of "Dragon Harvest."
PS3537.I85 Z582814
Burton, Jean, 1910– The EPIC beehive of Mr. Upton Sinclair / by Jean Burton. (In New democracy. Sept. 15, 1934. p. 26–28)
PS3537.I85 Z582818
C., G.R. Upton Sinclair, man of the month. (In The peninsulan. v. 2, no. 11, Sept. 1934. p. 7–8, 24) Article signed at end: G.R.C.
PS3537.I85 Z58282
C., S.T. "The wet parade" (In Saturday night. Nov. 14, 1931. p. 14–15) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z58284
The whirlwind of Sinclairism : a challenge to action, a call to arms in defense of California. San Francisco : California League Against Sinclairism, 1934. 1 p. A political advertisement taken from The Argonaut, October 19, 1934.
PS3537.I85 Z5829
Calverton, V. F. (Victor Francis), 1900–1940. Social forces in late American literature / by V. F. Calverton. (From The workers monthly. Chicago. Sept. 1925. p. 509–512) Discusses Sinclair as the pessimist with faith in the reconstruction of value through the rise of his class.
PS3537.I85 Z58294
Camphorated oil. (In Cambridge magazine. Cambridge, [Eng.] v. 8, no. 40, July 12, 1919. p. [1]) Comment on Sinclair's "The profits of religion."
PS3537.I85 Z58298 2 copies
Carew, Harold D. (Harold David), b. 1890. 'Between two worlds' : Upton Sinclair, at zenith of power, pens smashing novel of mad twenties / by Harold D. Carew. (In Pasadena Star–News. Mar. 29, 1941. p. 11 : ill., port.) A review of Sinclair's "Between two worlds."
PS3537.I85 Z583 2 copies
Carew, Harold D. (Harold David), b. 1890. Upton Sinclair as a prohibitionist : the forces that have misrepresented and abused this noted author and reformer are now training their guns on prohibition leaders / Harold D. Carew. (In Zion's herald. Oct. 29, 1930. p. 1386–1387 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z5837
Carnegie, Dale, 1888–1955. Upton Sinclair, the most widely read living author went hungry for years. (In Newcomerstown news and Index. Newcomerstown, Ohio. v. 41, no. 18, Jan. 5, 1939. p. [1], 8) At head of title: Dale Carnegie: five minute biographies.
PS3537.I85 Z584
Carew, Harold D. (Harold David), b. 1890. Upton Sinclair, the prophet : a study in social protest / by Harold D. Carew. (From Pasadena Star–News. Sept. 17, 1927. p. [16]) Review of F. Dell's Upton Sinclair, a study in social protest.
PS3537.I85 Z585
[Cartoon on "The profits of religion"] (From the Kansas City Star. June 24, 1920. 1 p.)
PS3537.I85 Z5854 2 copies
The case of Sinclair. (In The capital times. Madison, Wisc. May 2, 1922. p. 12)
PS3537.I85 Z587
Chapman, Rose Woodallen, 1875–1923. Upton Sinclair's experiment : a unique housekeeping venture originated by the author of "The jungle" and the way it is working out / by Rose Woodallen Chapman. (From Good health. 1907. p. 169–174 : ill., port.) Just as this article went to press there came the news of the destruction by the fire of Helicon Hall.
PS3537.I85 Z588
Cherrington, Ernest Hurst, 1877–1950. Review of The wet parade, by Upton Sinclair, published by Farra & Rinehart ... / by Ernest H. Cherrington. [1931] 2 p. Typed copy.
PS3537.I85 Z5881
Churchill, Douglas W. Upton Sinclair, 60, looks back on his crusades. In The New York Times magazine. Sept. 18, 1938. p. 7, 22 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z5882
[Clipping announcing the forthcoming marriage of Upton Sinclair's first wife] (From Court journal. Paris. June 26, 1913)
PS3537.I85 Z5883
Cohen, Sid Q. Sinclair presents a wailing Fox. (In Call of youth. v. 1, no. 5, May 1933. p. 7 : port.) A review of "Upton Sinclair presents William Fox."
PS3537.I85 Z5884
Awards of Pulitzer prizes and traveling scholarships made by the Trustees of Columbia University on the recommendations of the Advisory Board of the Graduate School of Journalism, May 3, 1943. New York, 1943. 3 p. ; 4to. Among the prizes listed is that of $500 to Upton Sinclair "for a distinguished novel published during the year by an American author" for his novel "Dragon's teeth."
PS3537.I85 Z5885
Come on over, Upton. (In Pacific weekly. Carmel, Calif. v. 4, no. 19. p. 258) An editorial.
PS3537.I85 Z5886
[Comment on Sinclair's article on Edward McDowell in the January number of The American Mercury] (From the New York Times. Jan. 17, 1925. 1 p.)
PS3537.I85 Z5887
Communications. (In the Daily Princetonian. Nov. 19, 1935) A series of four anonymous letters concerning a speech made by Sinclair at the University.
PS3537.I85 Z5888
Communists' report on S.L. all wrong, novelist informed. (From the Deseret News. Salt Lake City, Utah. Dec. 3, 1931)
PS3537.I85 Z58884
Co–op. (In Thutgauer Arbeiterzeitung. v. 26, no. 201, Aug. 1937) An unsigned criticism of the book.
PS3537.I85 Z59
Craig, William Warren, 1883– Upton Sinclair, nonconformer : an admirable biography / by Will Craig. (From The Union voice for the trade union room and home. Melbourne. v. 7, no. 68, Sept. 14, 1929. p. 1 : port.) In part, a review of Floyd Dell's biography of Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z591
Cramer, Madelyn A. Defends Sinclair. (In The Pacific weekly. v.4, no.17, Apr. 27, 1936. p. 238) A letter to the editor.
PS3537.I85 Z592
Creel, George, 1876–1953. Utopia unlimited / by George Creel. (From The Saturday evening post. v. 207, no. 21, Nov. 24, 1954. p. 5–7, 78–80. : ill., ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z593
Cubeiro, D. Petroleo, la Ășltima novela de Upton Sinclair. (From Claridad. Oct. 12, 1927) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z594
"The Cup of Fury" (In National voice. Los Angeles. v. 86, no. 16, Aug. 2, 1956. p. 1, 5 : ill., port.) A review of the book; includes opinions of the book by various readers.
PS3537.I85 Z596
De Casseres, Benjamin, 1873–1945. Letter to the Editor. (From Contempo. Chapel Hill, N.C. v. 1, Nov. 15, 1931)
PS3537.I85 Z6781
Dell, Floyd, 1887–1969. Upton Sinclair. (In Bokstugan : studiecirklarnas tidskrift. arg. 13, nr. 3, Mar. 1929. p. 79–83) A review of Dell's biography of Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z6786
Deutsch, Babette, 1895–1982. A moot point. (In New York Herald–Tribune. Aug. 28, 1927) A review of Floyd Dell's "Upton Sinclair."
PS3537.I85 Z6801
Do Socialists want Socialism? (In The Christian century. Sept. 19, 1934. p. 1167–1169) A discussion of Sinclair's campaign for governor of California.
PS3537.I85 Z68015
Dorsey, John. Upton Sinclair relives his Baltimore childhood / story by John Dorsey ; photos by William L. Klender. (In The Sun magazine section. Baltimore. Oct. 10, 1965. p. 16–18 : ill., ports.) Autographed presentation copy signed: Upton.
PS3537.I85 Z68024 2 copies
"Dragon's teeth" in England. (From The Manchester guardian. July 24, 1942. 1 leaf ; 8 x 20 cm.)
PS3537.I85 Z6803
Drei, die an einem Strang ziehen! (In Die Arbeiter–illustrierte Zeitung aller Länder. Reichenberg. Jahrg. 8, Nr. 21, Juni 1, 1929. p. 1) Full page portraits of Upton Sinclair, Charlie Chaplin and Egon Erwin Kisch.
PS3537.I85 Z6804 2 copies
Dreiser, Theodore, 1871–1945. Upton Sinclair / by Theodore Dreiser. (In The clipper. v.1, no.2, Sept. 1940. p. 3–4)
PS3537.I85 Z6806
Drury, John, 1898– The book that blew up the stockyards : social and industrial reforms were the aftermath of the books' fictionalized revelations / by John Drury. (In The butcher workman. May–June 1961. p. 11–13, 32 : ill., ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z68066 2 copies
Duffus, R. L. (Robert Luther), 1888–1972. A model's commission ... / by R.L. Duffus. (From The reporter. 1961) A review of Sinclair's "Affectionately Eve."
PS3537.I85 Z6807 2 copies
Duffus, R. L. (Robert Luther), 1888–1972. A new novel by Upton Sinclair : in "World's end" the artist triumphs over the pamphleteer ... / by R.L. Duffus. (In The New York Times book review. June 16, 1940. p. 1, 19 : ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z6808 2 copies
Duffus, R. L. (Robert Luther), 1888–1972. The progress of a pamphleteer : Upton Sinclair and his hero Lanny Budd move on to the twilight sleep of Munich ... / by R.L. Duffus. (In The New York Times book review. June 4, 1944. p. 1, 29 : ports.) Review of Sinclair's "Presidential agent." Included in this issue is a full page advertisement for the book [p. 17].
PS3537.I85 Z681
Dunne, Finley Peter, 1867–1936. Mr. Dooley on the food we eat / by F.P. Dunne. (From Collier's. June 23, 1906. p. 15–16) Concerning The jungle.
PS3537.I85 Z6814
Dyer, George F. With kind regards to Mr. Upton Sinclair. (In The conserver. Los Angeles. v. 1, no. 42, Apr. 23, 1931. p. [1]–2) Article signed at end: George F. Dyer.
PS3537.I85 Z6815
Eastman, Max, 1883–1969. Is this the truth about Sacco and Vanzetti? / Max Eastman. (In National review. v. 11, no. 16, Oct. 21, 1961. p. 261–264) Quotes extensively from Sinclair's opinions and evaluates these opinions.
PS3537.I85 Z6816
Echoes from bow bells. (From Bellman. Minneapolis. Apr. 20, 1910) Among other topics discussed, is a comment on Sinclair's article on "Perfect health" in the April number of the Contemporary review.
PS3537.I85 Z68163
The editor's viewpoint. (From Physical culture. New York. July 1910. p. 1–2) Comment on Sinclair's "Fasting for health" in the Cosmopolitan magazine.
PS3537.I85 Z6817 2 copies
Einstein, Albert, 1879–1955. [Introductory statement from Sinclair's Mental radio] [1930] 1 leaf ; 8 x 14 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z6818
Register Democratic now! : so you can vote for Upton Sinclair in the primaries! [Los Angeles : End Poverty League, inc., 1934] [4] p. : port. ; 12mo.
PS3537.I85 Z6819
Epic heads split wide open : Sinclair breaks with Sen. Olson, Packard, Stitt Wilson and other liberal leaders. (In Independent review. Los Angeles. Feb. 25, 1936. p. [1], 3)
PS3537.I85 Z68194
EPIC in California. 5 v. Scrapbooks compiled by Frederick W. Nelson and Lucile C. Nelson. Contents: v. 1–2, The great gubernatorial campaign, 1934. –– v. 3, The Epic movement, Jan.–June 1935. –– v. 4, The Epic movement, June–Dec. 1935. –– v. 5, The Presidential election, 1936.
PS3537.I85 Z682
Evans, I. O. (Idrisyn Oliver), 1894–1977. The art of Upton Sinclair / by I.O. Evans. (From Civil service arts magazine. Winter 1932. p. [114]–115)
PS3537.I85 Z683
Event extraordinary! Sinclair to play violin. (In The open forum. Los Angeles. v. 6, no. 39, Sept. 28, 1929. p. [1]) A news item, in a box on front page.
PS3537.I85 Z68305
Fairchild, Henry Pratt, 1880–1956. Reynard foxed. (In The new republic. Apr. 19, 1933. p. 287–288.) A review of "Upton Sinclair presents William Fox."
PS3537.I85 Z683102
The fasting cure, by Upton Sinclair. London, W. Heinemann, 1911. (From Nature magazine. July 25, 1912) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z6832 2 copies
Favorite novelists of Autralia. [S.l. : s.n., s.d.] 1 leaf ; 9 x 15 cm. Upton Sinclair ranks third among living novelists.
PS3537.I85 Z68325
Feder, Ernst, 1881–1964. Besuch bei Upton Sinclair. " Wenn ic Gouverneur ware ..." / von Dr. Ernst Feder. (From Berliner Tageblatt. Nr. 324, Juli 12, 1930)
PS3537.I85 Z68326
Few 'Brass checks' in the press today. (In The guild reporter. v. 28, no. 7, Mar. 24, 1961. p. 7)
PS3537.I85 Z68327
First truckload of 'Flivver kings' arrives at auto union headquarters. (In The progressive. Detroit. 1937) Picture of books arriving, with caption.
PS3537.I85 Z6833
525 titles in 34 countries. (From The world tomorrow. Nov. 1930. p. 439) A new item commenting upon the great influence of Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z6835
'Flivver king' out October 15. (In United Automobile Worker. Detroit. Sept. 25, 1937. p. 9 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z68354
Fox–filmed, by Upton Sinclair who scores high finance. (In News–week. Feb. 25, 1933. p. 27 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z6836
Garrett, Eileen J. (Eileen Jeanette), 1893–1970. Presidential agent, by Upton Sinclair / reviewed by Eileen J. Garrett. (In Tomorrow. v. 4, no. 1, Sept. 1944. p. 83)
PS3537.I85 Z6837
Glass, Montague, 1877–1934. Abe and Mawruss dig into this Nobel prize problem / by Montague Glass. (From The Los Angeles Examiner. Los Angeles, 1931. 1 p.)
PS3537.I85 Z6838
Goldberg, Isaac, 1887–1938. In the world of books / by Isaac Goldberg. (From The Haldeman–Julius weekly. Girard, Kan. Aug. 20, 1927. 1 p.) Book review of Floyd Dell's "Upton Sinclair."
PS3537.I85 Z6839
Gottesman, Ronald. Segei Eisenstein & Upton Sinclair / Ronald Gottesman. [London : British Film Institute, 1965] 2 leaves ; 4to. 2 leaves Xeroxed from Sight and sound, summer issue, 1965.
PS3537.I85 Z684
Graf Keyserling in Amerika? (In Der Fackelreiter. Hamburg. Nr. 5, Mai 1928. p. 236) Criticizing Sinclair's comments on Keyserling.
PS3537.I85 Z6846
Grierson, Francis, 1848–1927. The symposium on endowment. (In The new age. Aug. 4, 1910. p. 320–321) An answer to Sinclair's plea for the endowment of young writers.
PS3537.I85 Z6853
Gruening, Ernest, 1887–1974. What every newspaperman knows : The brass check, a study of American journalism. (In The nation. v. 3, no. 2872, July 17, 1920. p. 72–73) A review, signed at end: Ernest H. Gruening.
PS3537.I85 Z6855
H.,B. America's prohibition experiment : prohibitionist to the attack, Sinclair's "Wet parade" / (by "B. H.") (In Barrier daily truth. Broken Hill. June 14, 1932)
PS3537.I85 Z686 2 copies
Haldeman–Julius, E. (Emanuel), 1888–1951. The haters of Upton Sinclair / by E. Haldeman–Julius. (In The Haldeman–Julius weekly. Girard, Kan. no. 1659, Sept. 17, 1927. p. 2–4)
PS3537.I85 Z6874
Hansen, Harry, 1884– The first reader : old Upton Sinclair. (From The New York World. July 15, 1927) Includes a review of Floyd Dell's "Upton Sinclair."
PS3537.I85 Z6876
Hansen, Harry, 1884– Upton Sinclair letters tell much about others / by Harry Hanson. (From an unidentified newspaper. 1 p. : port.) A review of "My lifetime in letters."
PS3537.I85 Z688
Harris, Frank, 1855–1931. Lincoln libeled by Upton Sinclair. (From Pearson's magazine. July 1919. P. 395–396) Includes Sinclair's answer to the charge made by Harris.
PS3537.I85 Z691
Hawthorne in solitude and Sinclair in social protest. (From The New York evening sun, The book column. July 28, 1927. 1 p.) Review of Floyd Dell's "Upton Sinclair."
PS3537.I85 Z6923
Heart wife in Bermuda Saturday. (From The New York evening journal. Dec. 31, 1913. 1 p.) Concerning a friend of the Sinclairs.
PS3537.I85 Z6924
Helm, Morris. Three questions for Upton Sinclair. (In Pacific weekly. Apr. 13, 1936. p. 198–199)
PS3537.I85 Z69245
Herreshoff, David. Upton Sinclair's "Jungle" / by David Herreshoff. (In The American Socialist. v. 3, no. 11, Nov. 1956. p. 15–16 : ill.)
PS3537.I85 Z69247
Hicks, Granville, 1901–1982. War makers and peacemakers. (In The new republic. June 24, 1940. p. 863) A review of "World's end" by U. Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z6925 2 copies
Holmes, John Haynes, 1879–1964. I, candidate for governor, and how I got licked / review by Rev. John Haynes Holmes ... [in] "Unity" March 18, 1935. [Pasadena, Calif. : U. Sinclair], 1936. [3] p. ; 8vo. Brochure includes a plea by Sinclair for purchases of the book; and a review of the book from the London "Times" Feb. 21, 1935.
PS3537.I85 Z6926
Holmes, John Haynes, 1879–1964. A modern prophet. (In Unity. July 24, 1933. p. 305)
PS3537.I85 Z6927
Holmes, John Haynes, 1879–1964. A novel of living together, Co–op, by Upton Sinclair. (In Unity. Feb. 1, 1937. p. 215–216) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z69272 2 copies
Holmes, John Haynes, 1879–1964. Through Gentile eyes / by John Haynes Holmes. [New York : U. Sinclair], 1942. [4] p. ; 8vo. From "Opinion," New York, April 1942. A discussion of Sinclair's newly published Dragon's teeth. Includes other opinions of the book.
PS3537.I85 Z6928 2 copies
Hope of world is in youth — Sinclair : author speaks to audience of 2,000 at gym last night. (In The capital times. Madison, Wisc., [s.d.])
PS3537.I85 Z693
How Sinclair knows the smart set. (From The literary digest. May 9, 1908. p. 687–688 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z6934
Humm, Rudolf Jakob, 1985– Upton Sinclair, Co–op : der Weg der amerikanischen Arbeitslosen zur Selbsthilife — Büchergilde Gutenberg. [Zurich, 1936] 1 p. (Der öffentliche Dienst) Signed at end: R.J. Humm. Contains also: Unterredung mit Präsident Roosevelt; aus Co–op von Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z6937
Humm, Rudolf Jakob, 1895– Upton Sinclair und sein neuestes Buch, Co–op / von R.J. Humm. (In Büchergilde Zürich. Heft 7, Juli 1937. p. 102–106 : ill.)
PS3537.I85 Z6938 2 copies
Hurwitz, Maxmillian. As Gentiles see it / by Maxmillian Hurwitz. (From Jewish Tribune. New York. May 28, 1926) Third and last part of Hurwitz' review of Judenhass : eine Anthologie, in which he attacks Sinclair's contribution to that work.
PS3537.I85 Z694
In defense of the "Muck–raker" (From The literary digest. Sept. 19, 1908.)
PS3537.I85 Z6944
Ingenious effects obtained in play. (In Pasadena star–news. Apr. 1925) New item concerning "The pot boiler" by Upton Sinclair, currently playing at the Savoy Theatre.
PS3537.I85 Z6946
International rollo. (In Time magazine. Mar. 24, 1941. p. 90) Book review of Sinclair's Between two worlds.
PS3537.I85 Z6948
An interview with Upton Sinclair, candidate for governor. (In Dune forum. 1934. p. 91–92)
PS3537.I85 Z697
Jail Upton Sinclair, is demand of Oaks : author is carried to mystery cell by chief of police. (From Los Angeles express. Los Angeles. v. 53, no. 44, May 16, 1923. 1 p.) A news report.
PS3537.I85 Z6973
The Bulletin of the Jewish Center, v. 6, no. 7, Nov. 11, 1927. Cleveland : Jewish Center, 1927. [4] p. ; 8vo. Contains (p. [4]) an announcement that "Upton Sinclair will speak at our first forum ... on Does money control life." Article about Sinclair, p. [3].
PS3537.I85 Z6974
Jonson, Jack. Dzhunglu. (In Izvestia. June 30–July 6, 1963. p. 6–7)
PS3537.I85 Z6975 2 copies
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875–1961. The challenge of the Christian enigma : a letter from C.G. Jung to Upton Sinclair. (In New republic. Apr. 27, 1953. p. 18–19) Concerning Sinclair's book "A personal Jesus."
PS3537.I85 Z69754
'Jungle' author greets union. ( In The packinghouse worker. v. 18, no. 9, Oct. 1958. p. 4)
PS3537.I85 Z698
Karsner, David, 1889–1941. Upton Sinclair / by David Karsner. (In Art review. July 1922. p. 10, 24–25) Signed by author at end of article.
PS3537.I85 Z6983
Kimbrough, Hunter. Chief Oaks — you are subpoenaed / by Hunter Kimbrough. (In The call magazine. New York. July 1, 1923. p. [1], section 2) Concerns the arrest of Upton Sinclair, himself and others in Los Angeles.
PS3537.I85 Z6985 2 copies
Kimbrough, Hunter. "Cut out that Constitution stuff" / by Hunter Kimbrough. (From The Haldeman–Julius weekly. Girard, Kan. 1923. 1 p.) Refers to the arrest of Kimbrough, Upton Sinclair and others in Los Angeles.
PS3537.I85 Z69853
Kimbrough, Hunter. Theirs be the guilt, by Upton Sinclair ... / reviewed by Hunter S. Kimbrough. (In The Dixie guide. Gulfport, Miss. v. 36, no. 1, Jan. 1960. p. 2)
PS3537.I85 Z6986
King Coal, by Upton Sinclair. (In The nation. Oct. 11, 1917. p. 403–[405]) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z6988
Kisch, Egon Erwin, 1885–1948. Egon Erwin Kisch gespräch mit Upton Sinclair : er erzählt von John Reed, Sacco und Vanzetti, von Rosa Luxemburg und Karl Liebknecht, von Walther Rathenau, von Chaplin und Fairbanks, von der Farm Jack Londons und von der Prohibition. (In Die neue Bücherschau. Berlin. v. 7, no. 7, Juli 1929. p. 349–353)
PS3537.I85 Z704
Laidler, Harry Wellington, 1884–1970. L.I.D. [League for Industrial Democracy] prepares for fortieth anniversary. (In L.I.D. newsbulletin. v. 9, no. 4, Oct. 1944. p. 1–2 : port.) The League for Industrial Democracy was founded by Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z705 2 copies
Laidler, Harry Wellington, 1884–1970. Upton Sinclair, pioneer and molder of an era / by Dr. Harry W. Laidler. (In The workmen's circle call. Nov. 1958. p. 5–6)
PS3537.I85 Z71
Lapin, Adam. Upton Sinclair — pioneer. (From Frontiers. 1930. p. 9–10 : port.) Signed at end: Adam Lapin.
PS3537.I85 Z713
Lee, Charles, 1913– More about Superbudd ... / by Charles Lee. (In Saturday review. Apr. 18, 1953. p. 23, 41) A review of Sinclair's "The return of Lanny Budd."
PS3537.I85 Z72
Lippmann, Walter, 1889–1974. Upton Sinclair / by Walter Lippman. (From The Saturday review of literature. v. 4, no. 32, Mar. 3, 1928. p. [1–2]) A review of F. Dell's Upton Sinclair : a study in social protest.
PS3537.I85 Z7205
Logan, Robert Restalrig. The brass check. (In The starry cross; formerly Journal of zoöphily. Philadelphia. v. 29, no. 6, June 1920. p. [83]–84) A review, signed at end: R.R.L.
PS3537.I85 Z721
M., D. "Money writes" in South Africa : a review of Upton Sinclair's book on present–day American literature from the "Cape Times", Cape Town, South Africa, in black verse. (From New era. Los Angeles. Dec. 1, 1931)
PS3537.I85 Z7213
MacKendrick, Alexander. King Coal, by Upton Sinclair. (From The public. Nov. 23, 1917. p. 1136) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z7214
McWilliams, Carey. Strange case of Upton Sinclair / by Carey McWilliams. (In Pacific weekly. Feb. 3, 1936. p. 53–55)
PS3537.I85 Z7215 2 copies
Macy, John Albert, 1877–1932. Sinclair revealed and Hawthorne obscured / by John Macy. (In The bookman. Oct. 1927. p. 216–218) In part, a review of "Upton Sinclair : a study in social protest" by Floyd Dell.
PS3537.I85 Z722
Major and minor. (In Musical leader. Chicago. July 18, 1918) Brief comment on Sinclair's "Jungle."
PS3537.I85 Z7225
Martin, Doris N. Sacrifice. (In The daily Athenaeum : the student newspaper of West Virginia University. Morgantown, W.V. v. 68, no. 119, Apr. 21, 1956. p. 2) A review of Sinclair's "The cup of fury." Signed at end: D.N.M. (Full name supplied by U. Sinclair.)
PS3537.I85 Z7228 2 copies
Mason, Bruce Bonner. After two decades : a look back at Upton Sinclair's E.P.I.C. scheme / by Bruce B. Mason. (In Frontier. Aug. 1955. p. 12–13)
PS3537.I85 Z723
Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1880–1956. The goslings, by Upton Sinclair ... / reviewed by H.L. Mencken. (From an unidentified Baltimore newspaper)
PS3537.I85 Z7232
Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1880–1956. On journalism / by H.L. Mencken. (From an unidentified periodical. 138–144 p.) An answer to Sinclair's "The brass check."
PS3537.I85 Z72325 2 copies
" Mental Radio" [London, 1930] 1 leaf ; 14 x 31 cm. Reprint from the London "Times" literary supplement, Thurs., July 3, 1930; in double columns. A review of Upton Sinclair's "Mental radio : does it work and how?"
PS3537.I85 Z7233
Ein merkwürdiger Kampf gegen die Zensur. (From Berliner illustrirte Zeitung. 36 Jahrg., Nr. 35, Aug. 28, 1927. p. [1385]) Full page photograph of Upton Sinclair on a street in Baltimore with placard: Oil! Fig leaf edition.
PS3537.I85 Z7234
The millennium: book review / by Card No. 794514. (From Industrial pioneer. Jan. 1925. p. 32–34)
PS3537.I85 Z7236
Mrs. Sinclair engaged : divorced Wife of novelist to wed man she met in a sanitarium. (From New York Times. June 16, 1931) News item concerning the announcement of the engagement of the first Mrs. Sinclair and Hughbert Halliwell.
PS3537.I85 Z724
Mr. Upton Sinclair and "Money writes" (From Public opinion. Aug. 7, 1931. p. 134.) Includes a brief review of "Money writes" and Sinclair's opinions on the ways of the idle rich.
PS3537.I85 Z725
Molasses & Manassas. (In Time magazine. Dec. 21, 1959) Review of "Theirs be the guilt."
PS3537.I85 Z726
Moley, Raymond, 1886–1975. Looking backward with Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Hoover. (In Today. v. 2, no. 24, Oct. 6, 1934. p. 12–13) Article signed at end: Raymond Moley. Contains also Can Sinclair win? / by Webb Waldron.
PS3537.I85 Z728
Mondadori, Arnoldo. Upton Sinclair. [S.l. : s.n., s.d.] 1 leaf ; 11 x 16 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z733
Morris, Lawrence S. (Lawrence Shackelford), b. 1894. Upton Sinclair : the way of a reformer. (In The new republic. Mar. 7 1928. p. 90–93)
PS3537.I85 Z735 2 copies
Moscow attacks Upton Sinclair : literary critic brands American novelist 'moneygrubbing' Wall Street propagandist. (From Los Angeles Times. Apr. 21, 1949)
PS3537.I85 Z74
Murray, Helen Grace. The man who has kept the faith : Upton Sinclair / Helen Grace Murray. (In Zion's herald. Boston. v. 107, no. 25, June 19, 1929. p. 778 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z742 2 copies
Music, dramatic and allied arts under EPIC. [Los Angeles, 1934] [4] p. ; 8vo. A proposal for aid to creative artists under Sinclair's EPIC plan; endorsed by Sinclair in note at end.
PS3537.I85 Z743
Nesbit, Wilbur D. (Wilbur Dick), 1871–1927. " The muck–rakers." (From The independent. May 24, 1906) Poem, signed W.D. Nesbit.
PS3537.I85 Z7432
New Books / edited by The Gadfly. (From The young worker. Nov. 15, 1906) Review of "The jungle."
PS3537.I85 Z7434 1909
[News item concerning the play "Prince Hagen" which will be played for the first time on any stage at Valencia Theatre] (From The San Francisco Call. Jan. 9, 1909)
PS3537.I85 Z7434 1909a
[News item concerning the play "Prince Hagen", currently being played at the Valencia Theatre] (From The Argonaut. San Francisco. Jan. 16, 1909)
PS3537.I85 Z7434 1909b
[News item concering the production of " Prince Hagen." (From Show world. San Francisco. Jan. 23, 1909)
PS3537.I85 Z745
O'Brien, Frederick. Upton Sinclair : the man and his books / by Frederick O'Brien. (In The daily Carmelite. Carmel, Calif. July 28, 1931)
PS3537.I85 Z747
Olsson, Oscar, 1877–1950. Leo Tolstoj och Upton Sinclair : 100 år och 50 år. (In Bokstungan : studiecirklarnas tidskrift. arg. 12, nr. 8, Oct. 1928. p. [229]–232)
PS3537.I85 Z7473
Once more, book of the month is The jungle. (In Book collecting. San Francisco. v. 5, no. 9, [1934] p. 7) Included is a notice [p. 6] of a bibliography of Upton Sinclair, by Mrs. Stone, Librarian of Felton Memorial Library at Stanford University.
PS3537.I85 Z7496
Other strings to their bows. (In Vanity fair. Oct. 1932. p. 22) Among the portraits of famous people who play the violin, is that of Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z74964 2 copies
Our cover boy. (In Rob Wagner's Script. v. 29, no. 5, May 29, 1943. p. 10–11) Portrait of Upton Sinclair on cover.
PS3537.I85 Z7497 1938
Padmanabhan Tampy, K.P. Upton Sinclair / by K.P. Padmanabhan Tampy. (In Landholders' journal. Oct. 1938. p. [37]–41 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z75
Panorama. Praha, 1928 1 no. illus., ports. An Upton Sinclair number. In pictorial paper wrappers, with portrait of Sinclair on cover.
PS3537.I85 Z752
Paperbacks in review : fiction reprints. (From New York Times book review. Dec. 10, 1961. p. 50) Included in the list is Upton Sinclair's "Dragon's teeth."
PS3537.I85 Z759
Pedeck, Albert Adam. Upton Sinclair. (In Contact : maandblad voor de Nederlandse jeugd. Nov. 15, 1939. p. 417–419 ; port.)
PS3537.I85 Z762
The "Persecution complex." (From The Minneapolis Sunday tribune. July 2, 1922. p. 2) An editorial. In hand of Sinclair in margin: Pretty thin stuff — gossamer.
PS3537.I85 Z7624
Petit, Georges. Upton Sinclair — la cite des Anges. (In Le revue nouvelle. v. 5, no. 50, Sept. 1929. p. 117–118) Review of "They call Me Carpenter."
PS3537.I85 Z7626
Phelps, William Lyon, 1865–1943. As I like it / by William Lyon Phelps. (In an unidentified magazine. Nov. 1924. p. 554–560) Among the authors discussed is Upton Sinclair and his article in The Independent, June 19, 1902, "Language study : some facts."
PS3537.I85 Z763
Photograph of writer benefits the barbers. (From The San Francisco call. Jan. 11, 1909) A press clipping, in which Sinclair's diet and hair are ridiculed.
PS3537.I85 Z764
Poritzky, J. E. (Jakob Elias), 1876–1935. Petroleum, von Upton Sinclair. (In Weltstimmen. Stuttgart. Heft 7, Sept. 1928. p. [247]–251 : ill., port.) A review of Sinclair's Oil!
PS3537.I85 Z766
Poulaille, Henry. Upton Sinclair, a propos du "Pétrole." (From Le Peuple. Paris. Apr. 30, 1928) At head of title: Les grands escrivains du monde.
PS3537.I85 Z768
Prodding the Nobel Prize committee : a symposium. (In Books abroad. 1931. p. 372–376) Concerning the campaign of Sinclair for the Nobel prize.
PS3537.I85 Z769
A prophet of castastrophe : Upton Sinclair and hell fire. (In Readers news. London. v. 3, no. 4, Sept. 1940. p. [37]–38 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z773
Raffé, W. G. (Walter George), b. 1888. Upton Sinclair : his books and plays / by W.G.R. (From The Hindustan review. Calcutta. Oct. 1927. p. 14–18)
PS3537.I85 Z774
Randall, A. E. (Alfred Edward), 1862–1925. The endowment of genius : a rejoiner / by Alfred E. Randall. (In The new age. June 23, 1910. p. 178–179) An answer to Sinclair's plea for "The endowment of genius."
PS3537.I85 Z7744 2 copies
Ratcliffe, S. K. (Samuel Kerkham), 1868–1958. A man with a mission / by S.K. Ratcliffe. (In John O'London's weekly. v. 1, no. 1, 227, Feb. 25, 1944. p. 1–2 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z775
Read, Herbert Edward, Sir, 1893–1968. A man without art. (In The new English weekly. Nov. 1, 1934. p. 57–59) A review of Sinclair's "Mammonart." Signed at end: Herbert Read.
PS3537.I85 Z776
Recent fiction and the critics. (In Current Literature. 1908. p. [569]–570) Review of Sinclair's "The metropolis."
PS3537.I85 Z78
Renaud, Ralph E. Upton Sinclair descants on the stage socialistic. (From The bulletin. San Francisco. v. 107, no. 75, Jan. 2, 1909. p. [1] feature section : ill.)
PS3537.I85 Z781 2 copies
R–R–Revenge! : Brown sends Arden foes to the stone pile. ( From The North American. Philadelphia. Aug. 2, 1911. p. 1, 5 : ill., ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z7815
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858–1919. [Two personal letters to Upton Sinclair, dated Washington, April 11, 1906 and March 15, 1906.] 5 p. Photostat copies (negative) from the Roosevelt manuscripts.
PS3537.I85 Z782
Rosenhouse, Bernard. Interview Sinclair, famed author : gives views on business depression. (In Rough ride. Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles. v. 15, no. 12, Dec. 11, 1930. p. 1, 4)
PS3537.I85 Z785
Rudens, S.P. Love and society. (From East and west magazine. July 21, 1922) Review of Sinclair's The Book of life.
PS3537.I85 Z788
Rygh, George Taylor, 1860–1942. Critique of noteworthy books / Georg Taylor Rygh ; The brass check, A study of American journalism, by Upton Sinclair. (In American Lutheran survey. Sept. 1920. p. 38–39)
PS3537.I85 Z79
S., P.J. Jimmie Higgins. (In The new justice. v. 1, no. 9, June 15, 1919. p. 14) Signed at end: P.J.S. On back cover of periodical is an advertisement for the novel, Jimmie Higgins.
PS3537.I85 Z791
Salpeter, Harry. Mammonart, by Upton Sinclair. (In an unidentified periodical. [1925] p. 236–38) A review.
PS3537.I85 Z792
"Samuel The Seeker." (In The sketch. London. July 6, 1910) A review of the book.
PS3537.I85 Z7922
Sandburg, Carl, 1878–1967. From the notebook of Carl Sandburg. (From The Chicago daily news. Sept. 7, 1927) On verso of this clipping is: Poet and propagandist / by Etta S. Preston.
PS3537.I85 Z79254
Sceptical musings and distrust greet Sinclair's advocary of "Epic" plan. (In Call of youth. New York. v. 1, no. 11, Nov. 1933. p. [1], 7)
PS3537.I85 Z7926
Der Schriftsteller des socialen Kampes : Upton Sinclair. (In Magazin der Bücher. Berlin. 1929–30. p. 4–5 : port.) Unsigned article.
PS3537.I85 Z79264
Senn, Paul. Besuch bei Upton Sincliar : unser reporter Paul Senn suchte auf seiner letztjährigen Amerkareise den berühmten Schriftsteller in seinem Heim in der Nähe von Los Angeles auf. (In Sie und er. 21 März 1947. p. 36 : ill., port.)
PS3537.I85 Z7927
Sharp, R.V. Literature is a field of hard labor / by R.V. Sharp. (In Border cities star. Windsor, Ont. June 10, 1927)
PS3537.I85 Z793
Sinclair, Mary Craig. Beware my dog! : warning from the wife of a friend of mankind. (In The new republic. v. 65, no. 709, July 4, 1928. Back cover)
PS3537.I85 Z794 2 copies
Sinclair, Mary Craig. Is this book obscene? : a few words from Upton Sinclair's wife concerning "Oil." [Long Beach, Calif., 1927] [4] p. ; 8vo.
PS3537.I85 Z7943 2 copies
Sinclair, Mary Craig. Marx and Sinclair. (In The New York Times book review. May 31, 1953) Letter to the editor.
PS3537.I85 Z795 2 copies
A Socialist and Sinclair. (In Pearson's magazine. Nov. 1917. p. [219]–221) An anonymous letter to Sinclair, together with his reply [p. 221].
PS3537.I85 Z82
Sinclair, Upton Beall, 1878–1968, defendant ... The people of the State of New York on the complaint of Frank G. Wilson, against Upton Sinclair and others. Opinion. [New York, 1914] 19ࡁ. 26.8cm. At head cover title: Court of general sessions of the peace, New York County. Brief affirming the judgment against Sinclair and other for picketing the office of John D. Rockefeller in New York, dated 7 July 1914. From the library of Upton Sinclair. In paper cover.
PS3537.I85 Z823
Sinclair, Upton Beall, 1878–1968. [Scrapbook of portraits taken at the wedding of Upton Sinclair and Mary Elizabeth (Hard) Willis, in 1961.] 24 photgraphs. 34 cm. In red plastic covers. A gift from Life Bureau Chief, Richard B Stolley.
PS3537.I85 Z8302
Sinclair Bureau, San Francisco. The Sinclair players : results of opening performances. San Francisco, [ca. 1909] 1 leaf : 34 x 21 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z8304 2 copies
Sinclair attacks schools : big business and politics in control, says Californian. (From Springfield [Mass.] Republican. Apr. 4, 1924) Criticism of "The goslings."
PS3537.I85 Z83044
Sinclair case put up to Birge. (In The Wisconsin state journal. Madison, Wisc. v. 139, no. 32, May 2, 1922. p. [1]) Concerning the question of whether Sinclair would be allowed to speak at the University of Wisconsin.
PS3537.I85 Z8305
Sinclair draws big men's meet : noted Socialist says that profit system fails. (In an unidentified newspaper. Beverly Hills, Calif. Mar. 30, 1933)
PS3537.I85 Z8306
Sinclair dwells on his hope for production for use via Roosevelt. (In The advisor. Dec. 2, 1936. 2 p.) Mimeographed.
PS3537.I85 Z831 2 copies
Sinclair endorsed for Nobel Prize. (In The open forum. Los Angeles. v. 9, no. 3, Jan. 16, 1932. p. 2.)
PS3537.I85 Z8314 2 copies
Sinclair for governor — why? (In The voice of youth. Los Angeles : Young Peoples Socialist League. v. 1, no. 3, Oct. 1930. p. [1]) Mimeographed. Supporting Sinclair for governor.
PS3537.I85 Z832
Sinclair hauled stone and wrote a poem : author of "The jungle" lost three pounds during his workhouse term. (From The New York Tribune. Aug. 3, 1911)
PS3537.I85 Z833
Sinclair hurls defi at Chief of Police. (In Los Angeles evening herald. May 17, 1923. ports.) Concerns Sinclair's attack on Chief of Police Oaks.
PS3537.I85 Z834 2 copies
Sinclair loses suit. (In The open forum. Los Angeles. v. 6, no. 26, June 29, 1929. p. 3) Refers to his loss in his $200,000 libel suit against The Rocky Mountain News.
PS3537.I85 Z8346
Sinclair notified he is 'Republican' nominee [for governor] (In Los Angeles record. Sept. 24, 1930)
PS3537.I85 Z8347
Sinclair out as candidate, Epic goes on. (In The Pasadena post. Feb. 13, 1936. p. 1 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z83472
Sinclair requests hearing. (The capital times. Madison, Wisc. May 2, [1922] p. [1]) Sinclair demands a hearing on the issue raised by being denied the use of the university building.
PS3537.I85 Z83474
Sinclair told to quit? : Farley agent said to be on way here to induce him to withdraw in favor of Haight. (In The Hollywood reporter. v. 23, no. 47, Oct. 30, 1934. p. [1]–2.)
PS3537.I85 Z84
Sinclair's Boston. (In The equitist. Phoenix, Ariz. no. 579–581, Oct. 11–25, 1929. p. 3–4, 4, 3–4)
PS3537.I85 Z8414
Sinclair prototype of Lasalle. (In Pacific weekly. Carmel, Calif. v. 4, no. 9, Mar. 2, 1936. p. 112] A letter to the editor signed: H.K.
PS3537.I85 Z842
Sinclair's son leads anti–war faction : is outgrowth of social science society considered 'too conservative.' (From The Milwaukee news. Apr. 9, 1924)
PS3537.I85 Z8423
Smertenko, Johan Jacob, 1895– Chronicle of the twentienth century : Wide is the gate, by Upton Sinclair. (From Underground reporter. [1943] p. 84) Book review.
PS3537.I85 Z8424
The soapbox art, especially that practiced by Upton Sinclair which has brought down the wrath of the reviewer through "Mammonart." (From The New York telegraph. July 12, 1925. ill.)
PS3537.I85 Z8425
The Jimmie Higgins contest : a competition to discover who is the best worker for Socialism — the best Jimmie Higgins — in the United States will be held by the Socialist Party of America from Sept. 1, 1930 to March 1, 1931. Chicago : Socialist Party of America, [1930] 1 leaf ; 23 x 41 cm. Poster announcing the contest and posting the awards, which range all the way from a trip to "Red Vienna" to various Socialist books.
PS3537.I85 Z84256
State Democratic call presages EPIC fight : Olson's meet to precede Sinclair's. (In Illustrated daily news. Los Angeles. Jan. 14, 1936. p. 3)
PS3537.I85 Z84258
Steffens, Lincoln, 1866–1936. Upton Sinclair's God. (In Pacific weekly. Feb. 17, 1936. p. 84) Review of Sinclair's What God means to me.
PS3537.I85 Z84259 2 copies
Stewart, Kenneth Norman. Upton Sinclair and his EPIC plan for California : crusading author, read out of the Socialist Party as "opportunistic" is making a determined fight for the Democratic nomination for governor — and he may win it / by Kenneth Stewart. (In The literary digest. v. 118, no. 8, Aug. 25, 1934. p. 10 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z8426
Fuller, Meta. [Letter to the editor] (In Time magazine. Mar. 29, 1954. p. 10) Letter from the first wife of Upton Sinclair in which she takes exception to a letter Sinclair wrote to Time on March 8.
PS3537.I85 Z8427
A "study" of journalism. (From The San Francisco call–post. Feb. 25, 1920) Criticism of Sinclair's thesis in "The brass check"; ms. comments by Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z84274
Swados, Harvey. The world of Upton Sinclair / by Harvey Swados. (In The Alantic. v. 208, no. 6, Dec. 1961. p. 96–102)
PS3537.I85 Z84276
Swaffer, Hannen. I've met them all : Upton Sinclair, his books have opened the minds of millions of people : Norman Lindsay, he has fought all his life. (In Weekly illustrated. Feb. 2, 1935. p. 13, 19 : ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z8428
Symes, Lillian, b. 1895. After EPIC in California / by Lillian Symes. (In The nation. Apr. 22, 1936. p. 509–511)
PS3537.I85 Z84284
A teetotaler. (In The imperial magazine. Oct. 1956. p. 15–16) Comment on Sinclair's "The cup of fury."
PS3537.I85 Z84287
Telepathy. (In Time magazine. v. 19, no. 9, Feb. 29, 1932. p. 44) News item in the Science section referring to Sinclair's Mental radio.
PS3537.I85 Z8432
O. Henry in prison : Theatre Mart. (From Rob Wagner's script. Beverly Hills, Calif. Jan. 17, 1931. p. 12–13) Review of the play.
PS3537.I85 Z8433
This EPIC situation. (In Pacific weekly. v. 2, no. 24, June 14, 1935. p. 1) An editorial.
PS3537.I85 Z84333
This month's birthday. (In Foy libra : Foyles Bookshop magazine. no. 219, Sept. 1945. p. iv) Birthday greetings to Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z84336
Thomson, Morgan. The Chicago "Jungle" re–visited : a quiet talk with Upton Sinclair, America's great Socialist writer : Morgan Thomson's American notebook. (In Forward. v. 46, no. 7, Feb. 16, 1952. p. 5–6)
PS3537.I85 Z84337
Thomson, Morgan. The greatest racket of them all : a review by Morgan Thomson of Upton Sinclair's newest "World's end" novel. (In Forward. v. 41, no. 43, Nov. 8, 1947. p. 2 : port.) Review of "A world to win."
PS3537.I85 Z8434
Those misleading headlines. (From The New York press. May 6, 1914) A joke about Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z8436 2 copies
Through a glass darkly. (In Time. Apr. 30, 1956. p. 116, 118) Review of "The cup of fury."
PS3537.I85 Z844
To enforce the Sabbath law : Upton Sinclair, Ardenite, says he will inaugurate a crusade. (Clipping from unidentified newspaper. Aug. 1911)
PS3537.I85 Z8442
The torch of the Upton Sinclair YCC. v. 1, no. 2, Dec. 1, 1932. New York. 7 p. Mimeographed copy of the magazine of the Upton Sinclair Young Circle Club.
PS3537.I85 Z844235
A trap for the feet of genius : drink and men of letters : Upton Sinclair's experiences. (In The tribune. Capetown, South Africa. Sept. 1933. p. 109–111) A review of Sinclair's "Money writes!" and "Candid reminiscences."
PS3537.I85 Z84424 2 copies
A trustful brain truster. (From Rob Wagner's "Script." Beverly Hills, Calif. Mar. 17, 1934. 1 p.) An offprint.
PS3537.I85 Z84426
Twenty–five years ago today : March 4, 1906. (From editorial page of San Francisco Chronicle. Mar. 4, 1931) Referring to The jungle, by U. Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z84427 2 copies
Two letters concerning the novelette, "What Didymus did." 1 p. Mimeographed. The letters are by Albert Einstein and C.G. Jung.
PS3537.I85 Z84428
Two noted members of the Arden colony with types of dwellings erected there. (In The evening telegraph. Philadelphia. Aug. 2, 1911. p. 1 : ill., ports.) Brief article concerning Upton Sinclair and George Brown, together pictures of the men and their homes in Arden.
PS3537.I85 Z8443 2 copies
The undersigned Californians endorse the announced candidacy of Upton Sinclair for the governorship of our state. [S.l. : s.n., 1926] 1 leaf ; 22 x 28 cm. Signers: A. Bruce Anthony, Herman Lissauer, Mark Lee Luther, Rob Wagner, Lewis Browne, Myna Browne, Jim Tully.
PS3537.I85 Z8445 2 copies
The undersigned holders, or former holders of academic positions join in recommending to the Swedish Academy the name of Upton Sinclair as candidate for the award of the Nobel Prize for literature. [S.l. : s.n., 1931] 1 leaf ; 22 x 28 cm. List of signers headed by Harry Elmer Barnes.
PS3537.I85 Z845 2 copies
Uppy Sinclair sings in verse of jail and he is not so worse : writes, with hammer in his hand, of Arden and its martyr band. (From The North American. Philadelphia. no. 318, Aug. 3, 1911. p. 1, 6 : ports.)
PS3537.I85 Z8455
Upton Sinclair. New York, 1927. (From The New York Times. Sept. 4, 1927) An unsigned review of Floyd Dell's "Upton Sinclair."
PS3537.I85 Z8456
Upton Sinclair. (From The new masses. Dec. 22, 1942. p. 16) An editorial.
PS3537.I85 Z846
Upton Sinclair. (Clipping from an unidentified newspaper. May 10, 1961) Commenting upon Sinclair's issuing a memorial edition of "Southern Belle."
PS3537.I85 Z847
Upton Sinclair. (From Writer's digest. Mar. 1930. p. 21) An informal interview with Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z848
Upton Sinclair. Indianapolis, 1927. (From The Indianapolis news. Aug. 20, 1927) Review of Floyd Dell's Biography of Upton Sincliar.
PS3537.I85 Z849
Upton Sinclair. (In T.P.'s and Cassell's weekly. v. 8, no. 203 (new series), Sept. 17, 1927. p. [1]) Photograph of Sinclair, with brief caption relating of the banning of his novel Oil! in Boston.
PS3537.I85 Z85 2 copies
Upton Sinclair and the Los Angeles Times. (From Seattle Union Record. Editorial section. Jan. 8, 1920. p. [10]) An editorial.
PS3537.I85 Z86
Upton Sinclair. (In The liberator. v. 1, no. 10, Dec. 1918. p. 7–8) An uncomplimentary comment on Sinclair as a Socialist.
PS3537.I85 Z863
[Upton Sinclair and the publishers] (In Swit. Lemberg, East Galicia. Nov. 1, 1925. p. 10–11 : port.) Title translated from the Ukrainian.
PS3537.I85 Z867
Upton asks leave to print. (In Public relations. Oct. 1925. p. 22–25) Includes letter from Sinclair about the evil effects of Big business on politics; this article is in answer to Sinclair's letter.
PS3537.I85 Z8672
Upton Sinclair at 80. (In The new republic. v. 139, no. 13, Sept. 29, 1958. p. 6) An editorial.
PS3537.I85 Z8674
Upton Sinclair at San Pedro. (In So this is liberty! New York : American Civil Liberties Union. June, 1924. p. 7–9) Includes Sinclair's account of his arrest in connection with his protest against the treatment of 600 striking longshoremen in Los Angeles.
PS3537.I85 Z868
Upton Sinclair, author of "The jungle." (In The journalist. New York. v. 38, no. 23, Mar. 24, 1906. p. [1]) Large portrait of Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z872
Upton Sinclair, "Co–op." (In Abstinenter Sozialist. Zürich. v. 32, no. 9, Sept. 1937. p. [3]) A brief review of Co–op.
PS3537.I85 Z874
Upton Sinclair, EPIC candidate. (In Vanity fair. Sept. 1934) Large portrait of Sinclair with a brief comment on his candidacy for governor of California.
PS3537.I85 Z88
Upton Sinclair, et. al. refused to pay a fine imposed for breaking the Sunday laws and were given eighteen hours each in the workhouse — they will be released to–day. (From The news. Wilmington, Del. Aug. 2, 1911)
PS3537.I85 Z885
Upton Sinclair favoriet voor post van gouverneur van Californië. (In Vrede : organ van het vredes studie bureau. v. 7, no. 10, Oct. 1934. p. 138–140)
PS3537.I85 Z892 2 copies
Upton Sinclair gives approval for 'Lanny Budd' TV series. (In Daily news–post. [Monrovia, Calif.] Sept. 8, 1961)
PS3537.I85 Z895
Upton Sinclair in jail, wheels rock, writes poem, likes both. (From The tribune. Los Angeles. Aug. 3, 1911)
PS3537.I85 Z897
An Upton Sinclair "Lark" (From Roycroft magazine. 1918. p. 165–167) Discussion of his "Profits of religion."
PS3537.I85 Z899
Upton Sinclair loses $200,000 libel suit. (In Editor & publisher the Fourth Estate. June 22, 1929. p. 12) A news item.
PS3537.I85 Z8994
Upton Sinclair okays series on 'Lanny Budd' (In The desert sun. Palm Springs, Calif. Sept. 13, 1961. p. 6A)
PS3537.I85 Z8996
Upton Sinclair on "How to End Poverty In California." (In The Plymouth bulletin. Oakland, Calif. : Plymouth Congregational Church. v. 3, no. 41, Dec. 17, 1933) Notice of a speech to be delivered by Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z9
Upton Sinclair : millions a year. (In The register. Adelaide, Australia. Oct. 27, 1928) A newspaper clipping.
PS3537.I85 Z92 2 copies
Upton Sinclair, prisoner, vanishes. (From Los Angeles Times. v. 42, May 16, 1923. p. [1]) A news item.
PS3537.I85 Z926
Upton Sinclair, Socialist candidate for governor, is to open campaign at picnic Sunday. (From The new era. Los Angeles. v. 1, no. 8, Sept. 1930. p. 1)
PS3537.I85 Z9261
Upton Sinclair talks at harbor. (In Los Angeles Examiner. May 24, 1923)
PS3537.I85 Z92614 2 copies
Upton Sinclair to wed widow. (In Progress–bulletin. Pomona, Calif. Oct. 11, 1961. p. [1] : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z9264
Upton Sinclair – will his EPIC plan succeed? (In Your astrology magazine. Oct. 1934. p. 3–4, 40)
PS3537.I85 Z927
Upton Sinclair : wise wanderer in the world of worlds. (In The Kapustkan. Chicago. v. 3, no. 1, Apr. 1942. p. 17) An appreciation and analysis of Sinclair's Between two worlds. Mimeographed.
PS3537.I85 Z928
Upton Sinclair's books feature court hearings : statements from author's writings are read before jury in trial of libel case. (From Rocky Mountain news. Denver. [1932] p. 1–2)
PS3537.I85 Z9285 2 copies
Upton Sinclair's chances. (In The new republic. v. 80, no. 1032, Sept. 12, 1934. p. 117) Discussion of Sinclair's chances of being elected governor of California.
PS3537.I85 Z929
Upton Sinclair's joke. (From The Argonaut. [1908] p. 323) An editorial condemning Sinclair's "Metropolis."
PS3537.I85 Z9296
Upton Sinclair's latest. (In The China digest. Nov. 25, 1933. p. 229) Review of Sinclair's "The way out."
PS3537.I85 Z93
Upton Sinclair's wall : Upton Sinclair having cleaned up the Chicago packing houses and precipitated government inspection of meats by his sickening Jungle book, took a little leisure in which to secure a divorce. (In Detroit tribune. Nov. 1, 1913)
PS3537.I85 Z935
V.–T., J. Upton Sinclair for the Nobel prize. (In Books and authors. May 1932. p. 288–290) Article signed at end: J.V.–T.
PS3537.I85 Z9406
Valencia will stage new play. (From the San Francisco call. Jan. 10, 1909. 1 p.) Clipping gives a summary of the play Prince Hagen.
PS3537.I85 Z941
Vallely, Mrs. Jack. Book stuff / by Mrs. Jack Vallely. (In Rob Wagner's script. Beverly Hills, Calif. v. 7, no. 171. p. 20–21 : ill.) A review of Sinclair's American outpost.
PS3537.I85 Z942102
Veterans' Non–Partisan League, Los Angeles. To the veterans of American wars : is Upton Sinclair for Americanism? : or Communism : here's the answer. [Los Angeles, 1930?] [6] p. ; 8vo. Includes poem by Sinclair: The red flag.
PS3537.I85 Z942104 2 copies
Waldron, Webb, b. 1882. Can Sinclair win? : the astonishing sweep of the EPIC plan outrages the souls of my citizens, but election day nears with the result in doubt / by Webb Waldron. (In Today. Oct. 6, 1934. p. 6–7, 20, 22 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z942105
Walker, Maud Davis. Sinclair and his band of mourners make Rockefeller's life miserable. (In Appeal to reason. Girard, Kan. no. 963, Apr. 1914. p. 1–2) Feature article on the picketing of John D. Rockefeller's office in New York City on April 29, 1914.
PS3537.I85 Z942107
Walker, Ryan, 1870–1932. Tame socialists I have known / by Ryan Walker. (A clipping from an unidentified newspaper) A cartoon.
PS3537.I85 Z942109 2 copies
Walther, Gerda. Upton Sinclair 75 Jahre alt. (In Neue Wissenschaft. v. 4, no. 1, Jan. 1954. p. 34–35) Author's inscribed presentation copy to Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z9422
"War" : a manifesto against it : powerful article by Upton Sinclair. (In The banner daily truth. Broken Hill, Australia. v. 1, no. 252, Aug. 24, 1909. p. 2 : port.) A news item concerning the forthcoming appearance of the article by Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z9423
Ware, Harlan. Lanny Budd is back : Upton Sinclair's hero has changed ... / by Harlan Ware. (In Pasadena star–news. Apr. 19, 1953) Review of Sinclair's "The return of Lanny Budd."
PS3537.I85 Z9424
Weir, Hugh, 1884– Upton Sinclair — the man of the hour. (In Human life : the magazine about people. Boston. v. 3, no. 6, Sept. 1906. p. 5–6, 8 : ill., port.)
PS3537.I85 Z943 2 copies
West, Geoffrey, 1900– America's greatest socialist writer / by Geoffrey West. (From The daily herald. London. Aug. 24, 1927. p. 9 : port.) Together with "Sinclair's latest and greatest," by Geoffrey West from the August 26, 1927 issue of the Daily Herald. Refers to Sinclairs's latest novel "Oil."
PS3537.I85 Z9432 2 copies
West, Geoffrey, 1900– Upton Sinclair, the foremost socialist pamphleteer / by Geoffrey West. (From The Millgate monthly. v. 24, no. 285. p. [515]–519 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z944
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866–1946. Mr. Upton Sinclair intervenes. (From The academy. London. Apr. 12, 1913) A letter to the editor, concerning Upton Sinclair. A press clipping.
PS3537.I85 Z9443
The Wet parade in the movies. (In The Congregationalist and herald of Gospel liberty. v. 117, no. 20, May 19, 1932. p. 632) Includes on p. 640–641 a review of Sinclair's American outpost.
PS3537.I85 Z9444
Whitaker, Robert, 1863–1944. Book review [of Upton Sinclair presents William Fox] (In The open forum. v. 10, no. 9, Mar. 4, 1933. p. 3)
PS3537.I85 Z9447
Whipple, Leon, b. 1882. Portrait of a seeker. (In The world tomorrow. Sept. 1927. p. 376) Signed at end: Leon Whipple. Review of Floyd Dell's Upton Sinclair : a study in social protest.
PS3537.I85 Z9448
Whitaker, Robert, 1863–1944. "The people's choice" in California. (In Unity. Nov. 12, 1934. p. 109–112)
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White, Arthur K. (Arthur Kent), 1889– Soul suicide / Arthur K. White, editor. (In The dry legion. Denver, Colo. v. 27, no. 12, Dec. 1961. p. [3]–5 : port.)
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Wilshire, Gaylord, 1861–1927. Upton Sinclair against the one–leg dance. (In Wilshire's magazine. v. 17, no. 8, Aug.–Sept. 1913. p. [1]–2) A "catchy" title for a discussion of Sinclair's socialist principles. Includes a letter from Sinclair dated: Letchworth, England, August 9, defending his principles.
PS3537.I85 Z9478
Upton Sinclair's indictment of the American press. (From Current opinion. May 1920. p. 669–671) At head of title: Assailing the new minotaur. A review of Sinclair's "The brass check." Article unsigned.
PS3537.I85 Z949
Winton, Janet. What does your handwriting tell? / by Janet Winton (graphologist) ; famous author analyzed. (From New York evening graphic. Nov. 23, 1928) Includes facsimile of Sinclair's handwriting and his portrait.
PS3537.I85 Z9493
Women in crepe to picket office of Standard Oil : strike mourners will be stationed at Rockefeller's quarters as protest. (From The New York evening world. Apr. 29, 1914. 1 p.) News item concerning a plan conceived by Sinclair to picket the office of John D. Rockefeller as a protest against the killings in the Colorado mine strikes.
PS3537.I85 Z9498
Wood, Clement, 1888–1950. Behold the kept press "The brass check" / [reviewed by Clement Wood] (From The Call magazine. New York. [1919] p. 10 : port.)
PS3537.I85 Z95 2 copies
Wood, Clement, 1888–1950. Upton Sinclair / by Clement Wood. (In The Call magazine. Mar. 30, 1918. Section two, p. [20] : port.)
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Woodward, William E., 1874–1950. Upton Sinclair. (In The nation. v. 125, no. 3249, Oct. 12, 1927. p. 392–394) A review of Floyd Dell's Upton Sinclair : a study in social protest.
PS3537.I85 Z954
Workers of the world. (In John A. Lee's weekly. Auckland, Australia. v. 3, no. 11, Sept. 16, 1942. p. 3) An editorial.
PS3537.I85 Z97
The young author who has startled the world. (From The London daily mail. June 6, 1906) Cartoon–portrait of Upton Sinclair.