Upton Sinclair (1878–1968)

Miscellaneous materials VIII :
Advertisements for Sinclair's works and other ephemera.

The items listed here are from the library of Upton Sinclair. This collection consists of advertisements for Upton Sinclair's works and other ephemera, including theatre programs and tickets for Sinclair's plays. These items are not those published by Sinclair. Advertising matter published by Sinclair himself can be found in another collection: Miscellaneous uncatalogued materials. Items are listed in call number order.

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PS 3537.I85 Z4
The Baker and Taylor Company, dealers, New York. Order blank for books of Upton Sinclair. At head of list is "The goslings." New York, The Baker and Taylor co. [1924] 1 leaf. 14 x 22 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z412 2 copies
Baker & Taylor Company, dealers, New York. Now ready a new book by Upton Sinclair ..."Mammonart" New York, The Baker & Taylor co. 1925. 1 leaf 14 x 21 cm.
PS 3537.I85 Z4133
Doubleday, Page & Company, New York. [Brochure advertising "The jungle"] [New York] Doubleday, Page & company 1906. [4] p. port. 16mo
PS 3537.I85 Z41334 2 copies
Farrar & Rinehart, inc., publishers, New York. [Prepaid government postal card for orders for "The wet parade."] New York, Farrar & Rinehart [1931]. 1 leaf 8 x 14 cm
PS3537.I85 Z41336
Gale News Service, Washington, D.C. Books by Upton Sinclair. Washington, D.C., Gale News Service [1923]. 1 leaf 14 x 21 cm. Advertising leaflet offering for sale a list of Sinclair's books. At head of list is: The goose-step.
PS3537.I85 Z41338
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, Calif. ...World premiere Thursday evening, March seventeenth of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's The wet parade, a talking picture epic of today with Sid Grauman's new prologue. [Los Angeles, J.F. Huber, 1932]. 23 p. illus., ports. 8vo. Theatre program. On cover: The playgoer, the magazine in the theatre ... In green and yellow printed paper covers; stapled and tied with silk cord.
PS3537.I85 Z4134
Haldeman - Julius Publications, Girard, Kansas. List of books by Upton Sinclair. Girard, Kan., Haldeman-Julius publications [1948]. [4] p. port. Advertising brochure listing 30 titles. Caption title.
PS3537.I85 Z4135
Haldeman-Julius Publications, Girard, Kansas. We have made arrangements to sell the works of Upton Sinclair brought out by other publishers. [Girard, Kan., Haldeman-Julius publications] 1948? 8 p. Caption title.
PS3537.I85 Z41352 2 copies
The Jungle Publishing Company, New York. The books of Upton Sinclair. New York, Jungle Publishing Company [1906]. 8 p. illus., port. 16mo. Publisher's brochure advertising: The jungle; Manassas; The journal of Arthur Stirling; Prince Hagen. King Midas. Printed on yellow paper, with portrait of Sinclair on cover.
PS3537.I85 Z41353
Jungle Publishing Company, New York. About December 15, 1906, the Jungle Publishing Company will publish a novel by Upton Sinclair, entitled, "A captain of industry" ... New York, The Jungle publishing co., 1906. 1 leaf 8 x 12 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z41354 2 copies
Jungle Publishing Company, New York. [Circular letter announcing the publication on February 28 of a paper-back edition of "The jungle" for propaganda purposes; the publication in March of Sinclair's "The industrial republic"; and making a plea for money to support the Helicon Hall Colony]. New York, The Jungle publishing company. [1906] leaf 14 x 22 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z4137
Laurie, T. Werner, ltd., pub., London. Werner Laurie's books. 1947. [London, T. Werner Laurie, ltd., 1947] 15, [1] p. Cover-title. Publisher's brochure listing 14 titles by Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z41381
Los Angeles—Gamut Club Theatre. United Labor Defense Alliance presents ... The American premier of "Singing jailbirds" a drama in 3 acts and 13 scenes, by Upton Sinclair ... [Los Angeles, 1924] 1 leaf 15 X 31 cm. Theatre program.
PS3537.I85 Z41382 2 copies
Maisel, Max N., dealer, New York. Now ready, a new book by Upton Sinclair ... Mammonart ... New York, M.N. Maisel [1925]. 1 leaf 14 x 21 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z41384
[Malik Verlag, Berlin]. [Advertising leaflet, with one side showing a reproduction of the cover of the German edition of Sinclair's "The millennium"; the other side gives a reproduction of the German edition of "Love's pilgrimage"] [Berlin, Malikverlag, 1925]. 1 leaf col. illus. 18 x 25 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z41386
Glendale, Calif.—Masonic Auditorium. The Epic Drama League presents a return engagement, by popular demand, They call Me Carpenter ... Glendale, Calif., [1935]. 1 leaf 11 x 19 cm. An advertisement, printed on green cardboard.
PS3537.I85 Z41396
Regan Publishing Company, Chicago. Books by Upton Sinclair. Chicago, [1923]. 1 leaf 22 x 28 cm. List begins with "The goose-step," and ends with "King Coal."
PS3537.I85 Z495
Winston (John C.) Company, publishers, Philadelphia. [Advertisement for the first publication of Sinclair's novel, Sylvia] Philadelphia, J.C. Winston company [1913]. 1 leaf 22 x 28 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z497 1923
Workers' Party of America, Chicago, Ill. Books by Upton Sinclair. Chicago, Ill., Workers' Party of America [1923]. 1 leaf 14 x 22 cm. Advertising leaflet; list headed by The goose-step.
PS3537.I85 Z559 2 copies
Sinclair, Upton Beall, 1878 -. My lifetime in letters, by Upton Sinclair. Columbia, Mo., University of Missouri press, 1959. [8] p. illus., port. 8vo. Publisher's announcement of the forth-coming publication of the book.
PS3537.I85 Z582547 2 copies
Boni, Albert and Charles, publishers, New York. Boycotted by Los Angeles newspapers! The best-selling novel throughout the world ... Oil! By Upton Sinclair ... New York, A. & C. Boni [1927]. 1 leaf 19x 21 cm. Typed at bottom: Advertisement for this week's Record. Kindly telegraphs your orders to A. and C. Boni.
PS3537.I85 Z582548
Boni, Albert and Charles, publishers, New York. Publicity notes from Albert & Charles Boni ... Dec. 12, 1928. For immediate release. 2 p. Mimeographed. Among the notes is: Boston is excited by "Boston".
PS3537.I85 Z58255
Boni, Albert and Charles, publishers, New York. Schedule of advertising to be placed in newspapers and magazines upon publication of Boston, a novel by Upton Sinclair. New York, A. and C. Boni [1928]. 4 p. illus., ports. fol. "Reproductions of advertisements which will appear in various sizes through August and September in the following newspapers and magazines ..."
PS3537.I85 Z58815 2 copies
Cicero Company, New York. [Offering circular of The Cicero Company, a New York limited partnership to be formed for the purpose of producing Sinclair's play "Cicero."]. New York [1960]. [4] p. 8vo
PS3537.I85 Z6802
Doubleday, Page & Company, New York. The unforgettable book of 1906: The jungle, a novel of Chicago, by Upton Sinclair. New York, Doubleday, Page & company [1906]. 1 leaf 9x 15 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z68165
Southport, Eng.—Educational centre, Sussex Road. The Fellowship Players will present by special permission of the author "Oil!", by Upton Sinclair at the Educational Centre Sussex Road, Southport. Tuesday & Wednesday, March 20 & 21, 1934. Southport, Eng., 1934. 1 leaf 8 x 11 cm. Blue ticket of admission.
PS3537.I85 Z6831 2 copies
Farrar & Rinehart, inc., publishers, New York. The wet parade: his most daring novel [by] Upton Sinclair. New York, Farrar & Rinehart [1921]. 1 leaf. 15 x 23 cm. Red and white advertising placard.
PS3537.I85 Z6843
Minot, N.D.—Grand Theatre. The wonderful story that made Upton Sinclair [!] famous at the Grand tonight. In five parts ... The jungle. [Minot, N.D. 1915]. 1 leaf 14 x 28 cm. With penciled comment by Sinclair: This filled the house. Tuesday evening, Dec. 4, 1915.
PS3537.I85 Z685 2 copies
New York(City)—Grove Street Theatre. Singing jailbirds, by Upton Sinclair. New York, 1928. [4] p. illus. 8vo. Advertising the play by Sinclair to be produced by The New Playwrights Theatre. Printed on yellow paper.
PS3537.I85 Z687
Haldeman-Julius, Emanuel, 1889-1951. One newspaper review of "The cry of justice", by Emanuel Julius. Reprinted from The New York Sunday Call. Gulfport, Miss., U. Sinclair [1921]. [4] p. illus. 4to. This advertising brochure contains other opinions and reviews of "The cry for social justice", ed. by Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z6976 2 copies
Jungle Publishing Company, New York. Circulate "The jungle" ... (Published February 15th, 1906) New York, Jungle publishing co. [1906]. 1 leaf 9 x 16 cm. Contains a letter from Jack London, endorsing the book.
PS3537.I85 Z6976 1906 3 copies
Jungle Publishing Company, New York. The jungle, by Upton Sinclair. New York, The Jungle publishing company [1906]. 1 leaf. 9 x 16 cm. Contains comments on the book; headed by David Graham Phillips.
PS3537.I85 Z6976 1906 a 2 copies
Jungle Publishing Company, New York. The jungle. By Upton Sinclair. New York, The Jungle publishing company [1906]. 4 p. 16mo. Advertising brochure, with several opinions of the book.
PS3537.I85 Z6976 1920
Jungle Publishing Company, New York. The jungle: what English reviews think of it. New York, The Jungle publishing company [1920]. 1 leaf 8 x 15 cm. Twenty-one opinions are given.
PS3537.I85 Z6977
Jungle Publishing Company, Princeton, N.J. [Leaflet advertising "The jungle"] Princeton, N.J. The Jungle publishing co., 1 leaf. 9 X 15 cm. Quotes opinions of several writers concerning the book.
PS3537.I85 Z7207
Los Angeles, Calif.-- Mason Opera House. Gigantic rally for democracy ... March 24, 1941 ... Program ... Two one-act plays ... The second story man, by Upton Sinclair ... The second story man, by Upton Sinclair ... Water, by J. Pinchev ... Los Angeles, Theatre Journal publishing co., 1941. 1 leaf. 13 X 29 cm. Theatre program.
PS3537.I85 Z7221
Malik-Verlag, Berlin. Upton Sinclair. Gesammelte romane. Berlin, Malik-verlag [1925]. [8] p. port. 16mo. Publisher's brochure advertising their publication of Sinclair's collected works; includes opinions on the various volumes.
PS3537.I85 Z7224
De Martelaren van Boston; Roman van. Upton Sinclair. Amsterdam, Ontwikkeling [1929]. l leaf. 30 x 42 cm. Poster advertising the sale of Sinclair's "Boston."
PS3537.I85 Z7438
Norse Studio Club, Hollywood, Calif. ... Membership card, year 1924. No. 48. Hollywood, Calif., 1924. 1 leaf. 6 x 10 cm. Signed by Upton Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z7475
100 o/o. Bruxelles, Imprimerie des Editions Socialistes [1920]. 1 leaf. 61 x 85 cm. Poster advertising the appearance of Sinclair's novel Le drapeau au rouge.
PS3537.I85 Z7636
Hollywood, Calif.--The play Shop. [Theatre program for the presentation of Upton Sinclair's "Oil!" Hollywood, Calif., 1931. 1 leaf. 13 x 25 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z7925
Pasadena, Calif.--Savoy Theater [Program for a presentation of "The pot boiler" by Upton Sinclair] Pasadena, The Mission press, 1917. [4] p. 8vo.
PS3537.I85 Z796
Sinclair, Upton Beall, 1878- [Brochure advertising "Boston"] [New York: A&C Boni, 1928] [4] p. illus. 8vo. Includes: The first review; a letter from John Haynes Holmes.
PS3537.I85 Z8208
Appeal to Reason, Girard, Kan. [Advertisement for "The jungle" by Upton Sinclair] Girard, Kan., Appeal to Reason [1906] 1 leaf. 17 x 28 cm. Sheet folded twice.
PS3537.I85 Z8208 1906
Appeal to reason, Girard, Kan. The jungle [by] Upton Sinclair. Girard, Kan., The Appeal to reason [1906] [6] p. 16mo. Offering the book at a reduced price.
PS3537.I85 Z83 2 copies
Sinclair, Upton Beall, 1878- Upton Sinclair will debate Norman Thomas on "Can production for use be established under capitalism" April 18th at Olympic auditorium. Auspices Socialist party. n.p. n.d. 1 leaf 14 x 22 cm. Handbill advertising speech.
PS3537.I85 Z8429
Hollywood, Calif.--Theatre Mart ... The great drama of Bill Porter, "O. Henry in prison" by Upton Sinclair. Hollywood, Calif. [1925] [4] p. 12 mo. Theatre program.
PS3537.I85 Z843 2 copies
Hollywood, Calif.--Theatre Mart. "O. Henry in prison" by Upton Sinclair. Hollywood, Calif. [1925]. 1 leaf. 28 x 35 cm. Placard advertising three plays, one of them "O. Henry in prison" by U. Sinclair.
PS3537.I85 Z84423
The League for Public Discussion, New York. Announcing: Transcontinental lecture tour (January 1st to March 15, 1925) of Upton Sinclair ... (From The Nation [January] 1925). Proof copy of an advertisement to be published in The Nation.
PS3537.I85 Z89
... Upton Sinclair, 50 Jahre ... Berlin, Malik verlag, 1928. [16] p. Cover title. At head of title: 20. September 1928. In printed paper wrappers. Contains sketches of Sinclair and his works, together with a list of his books published by the Malik verlag.
PS3537.I85 Z9266
Upton Sinclair Will Lecture on "The goose" Y.M.C.A. auditorium, Monday, May 7th, 1923, 8:00 o'clock P.M. You are cordially invited. [Pasadena, Calif., 1923]. 1 leaf. 9 x 17 cm.
PS3537.I85 Z9421002 2 copies
Viking Press, New York ... Presidential agent. New York, 1944. 1 p. Mimeographed press release quoting views of prominent Americans concerning the book.
PS3537.I85 Z94210234 1940 2 copies
Viking Press, New York. the Viking log, an occasional letter from The Viking Press ... No. 83. April 24, 1940. [New York, Viking press, 1940] 1 leaf. 22 x 28 cm. Promoting the sale of Sinclair's "World's end." Mimeographed on blue paper.
PS3537.I85 Z94210234 1943 2 copies
Viking Press, New York. The Viking log, an occasional letter from the Viking press ... N. 127. May 14, 1943. [New York, Viking press, 1943]. 1 leaf 22 x 28 cm. "The Pulitzer Prize campaign for Upton Sinclair's novels: advertising, local and national — special discount offer — display material."
PS3537.I85 Z942103 2 copies
Vote Socialist. Sinclair for Governor. Los Angeles [1930]. 1 leaf 11 x 17 cm. Campaign literature.
PS3537.I85 Z96 2 copies
Years of Crisis: A Review of Wide is the gate, by Upton Sinclair. From the Times Literary Supplement, London, January 22, 1944. [New York, Viking press, 1944]. 1 leaf. 22 x 36 cm. Mimeographed. At head of title: Compliments of the Viking Press.