Vincent Starrett (1886-1974)

[Vincent Starrett : miscellaneous materials]

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PS3537.T18 B58
Starrett, Vincent. 1886-1974. From 'Books alive'... Chicago: Chicago Tribune, 1944. 1 sheet ([1] p.); 14 cm. Excerpt from Starrett's March 19th, 1944 'Books alive' column.
PS3537.T18 C28
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Chicago. Chicago: Morris Bookshop, 1924. [4] p.; 27 cm. A brochure inviting the public to attend the opening of the Morris Book Shop in its new home at 208 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, June 18-19, 1924.
PS3537.T18 E88
Et cetera: a collector's scrapbook. Chicago: P. Covici, 1924. [4] p.; 31 cm. Publisher's brochure announcing publication of this work, edited by Vincent Starrett.
PS3537.T18 G5
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Gleams and flashes. Chicago: Ben Abramson's heirs and assigns, 1956. 1 sheet ([1] p.); 19 cm. Publisher's advertisement, with a ms. note by Starrett that reads: "One of E. B. Hill's hoaxes - no such book was printed."
PS3537. T18 M98
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. A mystery tale dedicated to lunatics… New York: E.P. Dutton, [1931]. A review of the book 'The spectacles of Mr. Cagliostro' by Harry Stephen Keeler. (Publication date taken from publication date of the book.) Issued by Publicity Dept., E. P. Dutton & Co.
PS3537.T18 S12
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Scheherezade to Shanahan. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1929. 1 sheet ([1] p.); 16 X 51 cm. Reproduction of an article from the Dutton Weekly Books news.
PS3537.T18 W3
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. When Chicago burned. Chicago: Valentine-Newman, [1946]. p. [3]; 23 cm. In the publisher's brochure advertising the publication of Paul Angle's The great Chicago fire.
PS3537.T18 Z265
Grimes, John. House ghosts. Chicago: R. O. Ballou, 1924. [8] p.; 15 cm. Publisher's advertising brochure. Contains an excerpt from the introduction by Vincent Starrett.
PS3537.T18 Z273
Hill, Edwin Bliss. The fellowship of books. [Yselta, TX: E. B. Hill, 1934]. [4] p.; 19 cm. With a note by Vincent Starrett. Issued to commemorate E. B. Hill's fiftieth anniversary as a printer.
PS3537.T18 Z52
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Books of the golden age. Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1958. [4] p. (with envelope); 16 p. An announcement of the Caxton Club meeting, Thursday, November 18, 1958.
PS3537.T18 Z521
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Fragments from my autobiography. Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1952. [4] p.; 12 X 16 cm. An announcement of the Caxton Club meeting, November 22, 1952.
PS3537.T18 Z523
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Vincent Starrett on the mystery story. Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1948. [4] p. (with envelope); 16 cm. An announcement of a Caxton Club meeting, January 24, 1948.
PS3537.T18 Z525
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. My obsession: a lecture on the imperishable detective, Sherlock Holmes. Chicago: The Caxton Press, 1942. [2] p.; 14 p. An announcement of a meeting at the Cliff Dwellers, October 16, 1942.
PS3537.T18 Z526
Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Chicago literary lions. Chicago: The Caxton Press, 1957. 1 sheet ([1] p.); 22 X 8 cm. A postcard announcing a meeting at the Cliff Dwellers with a speech by Vincent Starrett, May 24, 1957. With note on verso by Starrett: No incurable bibliophile can be expected to appear before his Maker with clean hands.