Streetfare Journal Poetry Posters

The collection consists of 102 full color interior bus posters featuring poetry and visual art for display on urban bus systems throughout the U.S. The broadsides feature 103 poets and translators, and 41 visual artists. The poetry series was sponsored by TDI (Transportation Displays Incorporated) and grants from the Lannan Foundation (Los Angeles), the National Endowment for the Arts (Washington, D.C.), the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund (New York), (internationally) the Australia Council for the Arts, and other agencies. The broadsides are listed in chronological order (1984 1997).

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No. 1

Inventory List

EARLY SERIES (1984-1986)
[11" X 28" broadsides, 2 color or 3-color printing, on card stock except where noted]
[11" X 28" broadsides, 4 color printing, on card stock]