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Lilly Library announces publication of Lilly Texana

Image of softcover copy, Lilly Texana

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March 10, 2010

Based entirely upon the Lilly Library's collections, a new work joins the ranks of bibliographical and historical publications that document the long, complicated history of Mexico-Texas relations before 1849. Lilly Texana: One Hundred Eighty Broadsides and Other Ephemera Relating to Texas, Printed and Published in Mexico before 1849 in the Lilly Library of Indiana University, by Everett C. Wilkie, Jr., describes a significant body of materials in the Lilly Library's collections pertaining to Texas history that until now has been generally unrecognized or not reported to exist in the copy described. Most of the included items are not found in Thomas Streeter's seminal Bibliography of Texas, the primary work in this area, or in other sources. Several entries represent the discovery of another copy of an item that Streeter believed to exist in only a single example.

In his preface, Wilkie notes: "Although an arbitrary sampling, the numerous documents listed herein demonstrate that Texas was a constant concern of Mexican authorities and the populace, even though the entire region tended to be treated from colonial times with benign neglect, a problem that even Mexican authors lamented. I was personally excited, for example to find a 28 May 1836 broadside announcing that the citizens of San Luis Potosí had opened a subscription to support the Mexican army in Texas and a similar 2 August 1842 broadside from Zacatecas, both previously unidentified items. Such deeply personal reactions on the part of the Mexican populace are rarely encountered in print." Included, for example, are several previously unrecognized imprints by Samuel Bangs, Texas's first printer; rare documents relating to the Texas Santa Fe Expedition; dozens of decrees and laws relating to the Texas Revolution; and publications documenting the Mexican-American War, whereby Mexico lost all hope of possessing Texas.

The works described in Lilly Texana are part of the Bernardo Mendel broadside collection, which contains approximately 15,000 single-sheet items, pamphlets and ephemera, many of which are laws, other official pronouncements, or proclamations. Lilly Texana provides full bibliographic descriptions and historical context for each of the 180 works included and five indexes covering names, subjects, titles, publication, and bibliographic cross-references. The book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the history of Mexico-Texas relations, descriptive bibliography, the American Southwest, or the history of printing. Many of the items described are believed to be unique and demonstrate the often incredible depth of the Lilly's unexplored collections.

Wilkie, an independent scholar, received his PhD and ML from the University of South Carolina. He is the co-author of The French Image of America: A Chronological and Subject Bibliography of French Books Printed before 1816 Relating to the British North American Colonies and the United States and has published numerous articles and other writings in the field of Americana bibliography and history. In the early 1980s, he was the Lilly Library's reference librarian, during which time he developed his interest in the Mendel Collection.

The 110 pages of text include seven illustrations in addition to 96 full page color plates; all entries are completely illustrated in high resolution color images on two DVDs that accompany the book. Designed by Bradley Hutchinson of Digital Letterpress in Austin, Texas, the book is available either in soft cover or case bound. The press run was 350 copies. Soft cover copies are available for $40.00 each; case bound copies are $75.00 each. Discounts are given for orders of multiple copies. To order, please contact the Library:, phone 812-855-2452, or fax 812-855-3143.

The Lilly Library is Indiana University's library for rare books and special collections and one of the eighteen libraries of the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries. It houses more than 400,000 books, 130,000 pieces of sheet music, and approximately 7 million manuscripts.

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