A Flowering of Affection: Victorian Valentine Cards at the Lilly Library

Pictorial valentine

1870's, Marcus Ward & Co.
Artist: Kate Greenaway
References: Printed Kate Greenaway 258

One of a series of six cards featuring oval vignettes against floral backgrounds. This card, Snowdrops, is pictured in its larged mounted edition. The pictorial portion of this card lifts up on paper springs for a 3-dimensional effect.

On front:

A little brown elf
  Sat up in a tree,
And he sang to himself
  "Oh, who will love me?"

A little white maid
  Went through the wood,
She was nothing afraid,
  She was pure and good.

He dropped from the pine,
  He kissed, and caught her,
His sweet Valentine
  Was the woodsman's daughter.

And lovers as true
  As were he and she,
I hope that both you
  And that I may be.

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