A Flowering of Affection: Victorian Valentine Cards at the Lilly Library

Pictorial valentine

c. 1874, Marcus Ward & Co.
Artist: Kate Greenaway
References: Printed Kate Greenaway 258

One of a series of six cards featuring oval vignettes against floral backgrounds. This card it titled Primrose and violet.

On front:

With all our canvas up,
  Primrose and Violet together,
We sail in an acorn cup,
  We sail in the summer weather.
We talk of nothing but love,
  Ripples ahead are singing,
White wings flash in the air above,
  The rudder ropes are swinging.
"You'll be mine and thine I'll be,
  Always and always, ever and ever,"
Thus we sing in a sweet low key,
  Sailing down lifes rapid river.  
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