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Wishing You a Happy New Year, A Calendar for the New Year, 1883
Louis Prang & Company

Inside this little card is a verse about the four seasons of the year, and a one-page calendar for 1883.


	Wishing You a Happy New Year.
	Sun comes moon comes
	Time slips away.


	A Calendar for the New Year
	Sun sets moon sets
	The year's grown gray.


	Wishing You a Year of Joy and Blessing

	Spring, with her change of sun and shower,
	And streams released from Winter's chain,
	And blooming [?] bud, and opening flower,
	And greenly growing grain.

	And Summer's shade and sunshine warm
	And raninbows o'er her hilltops bowed,
	And voices in her rising storm,
	God speaking from his cloud!

	And Autumn's fruits and clustering sheaves
	And soft, warm days of golden light,
	The glory of her forest leaves
	And harvest moon at night,

	And Winter with her leafless groves [?]
	And prisoned stream and drifting snow,
	The brilliance of her heaven above,
	And of her heart below.

				J.G. Whittier

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