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Louis Prang & Company, Boston

Louis Prang & Company was a respected lithography firm when it entered the holiday card market in 1881. The firm was the first to sponsor an open prize exhibition for Christmas card designs in 1880, with distinguished judges and significant prize money. Prang was know for high quality design and technical excellence. White writes,

"Both for their intrinsic merits and the influence they had upon English taste, it is not easy, even now that their novelty has faded, to speak of them except in superlatives. For, with all due respect to our English makers, it is doubtful if any designs on this side of the Atlantic were better printed; indeed it would be a somewhat difficult task to find a dozen examples published in England that could be set forward as worthy rivals to the best dozen of the Boston cards."

Prang was the first major card producer in the United States. Their innovative marketing and publicity strategies affected the entire industry, in both the U.S. and Britain.

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