IUCAT -- New Look and New Features
New Look! New Features!
We have added several new features we think you will like. They are described below. We have redesigned IUCAT to incorporate information you have given us in surveys, focus groups, and hands-on tests. Keyword and Exact searches, our two most frequently-used searches, can now both be done from the front screen. We have also added a new logo and new buttons.

My Account
Available to IU students, faculty and staff--review a list of materials you have checked out or on hold and renew your materials in real time. Your network ID and password guarantee a secure connection. Reserve materials and materials charged on interlibrary loan must still be renewed in person.

Not sure about your Network ID and password? Check with your local computer center. Be sure to bring a picture ID.

New Library Groupings
You may now search all of the libraries on a single campus in one keyword or exact search. Choose from: All Bloomington Libraries, All IUPUI Libraries, and All South Bend Libraries. You may also search the Bloomington and Indianapolis law libraries or the medical and dental libraries in a single search. You will not be able to search these special groups in a Browse search; select ALL to browse multiple libraries. Call Number searches must still be completed in a single library.

Exact Search is Now More Exact
The Exact search has changed. It now takes you directly to the bibliographic records that exactly match what you have typed. This change allows you to search groups of libraries. The Exact search works especially well for one-word title searches; include the subtitle, if you know it. When using the Exact search for an author, include the person's birth and death dates. A subject Exact search looks for the specific heading you typed, but not for additional subheadings. To see a list of the subdivisions under each subject heading, use a Browse search. When an exact search fails, you will be provided a list of Browse search results to allow you to select the appropriate heading.

Search for Musical Scores and Sound Recordings Separately
If you search for sound recordings or for musical scores and other printed music, check out the new ability to limit a keyword search by these separate formats. To find these limits, go to the Advanced Keyword search screen, type your search terms and scroll down to the Format limit box. Select Musical Scores to limit your search to printed music. Select Sound Recordings to find various types of recordings, both music and non-music.

Have Comments or Questions? Write to us!(libopac@indiana.edu)