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The codes for the IU Libraries are included on the results screens.
A complete list of the libraries and library codes is located in the drop-down menus of the Keyword Search and the Advanced Search screens.

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B-AAAMC Bloomington Archives of African American Music and Culture
B-ARCHIVES Bloomington Archives and Records Management
B-ATM Bloomington Archives of Traditional Music
B-ALF Bloomington Auxiliary Library Facility
B-BUSSPEA Bloomington Business/SPEA Information Commons
B-CHEM Bloomington Chemistry Library
B-EDUC Bloomington Education Library
B-FINEARTS Bloomington Fine Arts Library
B-GEOLOGY Bloomington Geosciences Library
B-HPER Bloomington HPER Library
B-WELLS Bloomington Herman B. Wells Library
B-CEDIR Bloomington Indiana Institute on Disability
B-KINSEY Bloomington Kinsey Institute Library
B-LAW Bloomington Law Library
B-LIFESCI Bloomington Life Sciences Library
B-LILLY Bloomington Lilly Library
B-MUSIC Bloomington Music Library
B-BCC Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library
B-OPTOMTRY Bloomington Optometry Library
B-SWAIN Bloomington Swain Hall Library
BH-APTLIB Bloomington Residence Halls - Apartment Housing Library
BH-BRISCOE Bloomington Residence Halls - Briscoe Library
BH-COLLINS Bloomington Residence Halls - Collins Library
BH-EIGENMN Bloomington Residence Halls - Eigenmann Library
BH-FOREST Bloomington Residence Halls - Forest Library
BH-FOSTER Bloomington Residence Halls - Foster Library
BH-MCNUTT Bloomington Residence Halls - McNutt Library
BH-READ Bloomington Residence Halls - Read Library
BH-TETER Bloomington Residence Halls - Teter Library
BH-UNIONST Bloomington Residence Halls -Union St Mov Mus More
BH-WILKIE Bloomington Residence Halls - Wilkie Library
BH-WRIGHT Bloomington Residence Halls - Wright Library
COLUMBUS University Library of Columbus (COLUMBUS)
RICHMOND East Library, Richmond
FORTWAYNE Fort Wayne Helmke Library
IL-ALEXAND IU School of Law-Indianapolis Program Egypt (Alexandra)
IL-CAIRO IU School of Law-Indianapolis Program Egypt (Cairo)
I-DENTISTRY Indianapolis Dentistry Library
I-ART Indianapolis Herron Art Library
I-UNIVLIB Indianapolis IUPUI University Library
I-LAW Indianapolis Ruth Lilly Law Library
I-MEDICINE Indianapolis Ruth Lilly Medical Library
KOKOMO Kokomo Library
NORTHWEST Gary Northwest Campus Library
SBENDLRC South Bend Educational Resource Commons
SBEND South Bend Schurz Library
SOUTHEAST New Albany Southeast Campus Library

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