IUCAT Basics

IUCAT is the online catalog for all Indiana University libraries on all campuses as well as those from extra-systems libraries, such as the Archives of Traditional Music and the Kinsey Institute Library. For the first time since 1997, materials from IUPUI University Library, Herron School of Art Library, and the IUPU Columbus Library are included in the catalog.

The new IUCAT uses the basics of the World Wide Web--graphical interface, links to headings within the catalog and links to outside resources, and the ability to display information quickly.

Kinds of Searches
IUCAT has three basic types of searches: Keyword, Browse, and Exact.

Keyword searches find words in any area of the online catalog record.

Browse searches try to match your search terms with words at the beginning of headings or in titles. Browse searches may be limited by library, but no other operators or search limits can be used. A browse search results in a list of headings whose first words match the search terms entered. The user can select a heading to see a list of materials assigned that heading. The user may scroll backward to headings beginning with A or forward to headings beginning with Z.

Exact searches are a type of browse search that results in a list of headings that exactly match the words entered.