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Staff News

It's my pleasure to announce that Alicia McCarther's last day in Library Administration will be August 3.  Pleasure, you ask?  Yes!  Alicia and her husband Sean will be moving to the East Coast where Sean has taken a tenure track faculty position at the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ.  Many of you know that Alicia and Sean have been in Bloomington during Sean's tenure as a masters and doctoral student in the Jacobs School of Music.

While we will miss Alicia very much, we wish the McCarther family the very best of luck.  Alicia's future plans include starting their family with their first baby due in October.

Please join me in thanking Alicia and wishing her the best of luck.

In the interim period, please submit room reservations or any questions to me.

Submitted by: Amy Cope, Library Administration, IUB

Library News and Events

Passphrase Expiration Notice
IU will phase in expirations for any passphrase that is more than two years old, beginning on Monday, September 10.  Detailed information on this process can be found in the Knowledge Base (KB) at  This process will apply to all students, faculty, and staff at IU's eight campuses.  Users will begin getting warnings, months in advance of the expiration date.  Users who don't change their passphrases by this date will immediately lose access to CAS-supported resources such as Oncourse, OneStart, ePTO, OTP authentication and PeopleSoft.  Affected users will regain access after completing the passphrase reset, using the Self-Service Passphrase Reset tool ( 

Old passwords and passphrases can jeopardize the security of personal and university data.  Passphrase expirations help protect this data against hacking and misuse.

Passphrase expiration will only be enforced via CAS, IU's Central Authentication System.  Network IDs will not be locked or disable. This means you will still be able to log in to non-CAS services such as workstations, email, and VPN. 


Submitted by: Robert McDonald, Associate Dean for Library Technologies, IUB

The War of 1812 Captured Online Through Lilly Library Collections
During the War of 1812, British troops set fire to the Library of Congress, destroying the collections within.  Two hundred years later, however, a library has now captured the war: Indiana University's Lilly Library has digitized hundreds of manuscripts, books, maps, and prints that illuminate the history of the War of 1812. 

A new website, The War of 1812 in the Collections of the Lilly Library, tells the story of this little-understood war through digitized primary source documents which have been made available for the first time thank to technology and technical services staff at the IU Libraries.  These items range from the official declaration of war to a receipt for canteen straps and include such resources as anti-war pamphlets, a letter describing the burning of Washington, D.C., and a satirical print of James Madison boxing King George III.  Visitors to the site can access high-resolution images of the documents by following the timeline of events, browsing by tag (from Aaron Burr to Zachary Taylor), or searching by keyword.

"There aren't many large digital projects on the War of 1812, especially not originating from the United States," said Lilly Library Director Breon Mitchell.  "This site makes a major contribution by providing not just the story of the war, but also a wealth of original books and documents that draw people into the history of the conflict in the way only primary sources can."

The broadsides, books, and pamphlets in the project include early printings of the Star-Spangled Banner, government publications, sermons, reports, histories, and memoirs.  Manuscript materials include correspondence, log books, legal documents, diaries, speeches, letter copybooks, and orderly books. 

The digital archive precedes a major exhibition of the War of 1812 in the Main Gallery of the Lilly Library that will open September 2012 and run through December.

"Never before has the Lilly Library created an exhibition where every item on display is also digitized online," said Brenda Johnson, Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries.  "In this case, the online archive actually includes more fully digitized items than we can fit into the gallery exhibition.  Our ability to share these documents with a broader audience makes this an especially exciting time to explore this period in American history."

Submitted by: Erika Dowell, Interim Head of Technological Services, Lilly Library, IUB, and Dot Porter, Associate Director for Digital Library Content & Services, Digital Library Program, IUB -- Co-Directors, War of 1812 Project

Thank You to the War of 1812 Project Team!
This project would not have been possible without the cooperation of several units of IUB Libraries.  Staff of the Digital Library Program developed innovative uses of the Omeka Platform, digitized thousands of rare books and manuscripts, conducted usability evaluation of the web site, and planned social media strategy.  Under a short deadline, the Technical Services Department's Cataloging Division encoded the enormous War of 1812 manuscript collection finding aid, provided access points for the more than 3,000 items in that finding aid, created metadata for 200 prints, and cataloged 17 rare maps.  Lilly Library staff selected materials, did troubleshooting on encoding questions, encoded several smaller EAD finding aids, retrospectively converted catalog records for items to be digitized, and digitized materials too rare to travel to the Wells Library. 

We've tried to list everyone by name, below, with the exception of Lilly Library staff.  Nearly every full-time and student employee of the Lilly Library helped at last once with daily pick up and delivery of War of 1812 manuscript materials during the summer of 2011.  Asterisks denote members of the project team.

We feel grateful and privileged to have worked with such a wonderful group of people to make this site.  Its debut this summer, just over a year since we started, is testimony to the expertise and cooperative spirit of the employees of the IU Bloomington Libraries.

Thank you!

Technical Services Department
Jennifer Liss*
Laila Salibi-Cripe*
Colleen Talty
Shelly Couvrette
Heiko Muhr

Digital Library Program
William Cowan*
Julie Hardesty*
Hui Zhang*
Kara Alexander*
Annette Smith*

Lilly Library
Zach Downey
Carly Sentieri
Danielle Emerling
Annie Bolotin
Dorothy Waugh
Phil Evans
Elizabeth Johnson

Reference Services
Chanitra Bishop

Thanks to you all!

Submitted by: Erika Dowell, Interim Head of Technological Services, Lilly Library, IUB, and Dot Porter, Associate Director for Digital Library Content & Services, Digital Library Program, IUB -- Co-Directors, War of 1812 Project
The IU Libraries Film Archive has over 55,000 film reels in its collection.  Many of these films are quickly deteriorating in quality, and the Film Archive has valiantly been working for years to save and digitize these at risk reels.  Recently, 197 of these newly digitized films have been put online and are available to be viewed through digital streaming. 

The bulk of the IU Film Archive collection consists of educational films.  The collection covers a vast array of topics -- from life at I.U. during WWII to an informational film on woodchucks (see picture above) to the history of jet and rocket engines.  The time and money invested into saving these films emphasizes how important film is in documenting and preserving not only the history Indiana University specifically, but the history of American culture. 

Be sure to check out the digitized films for yourself at the IU Film Archives website.


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IU Bloomington

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IU Bloomington

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Ruth Lilly Law Library
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Ruth Lilly Law Library

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