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Digital Library Brown Bag: January 23

Please join us this coming Wednesday, January 23 for a digital library brown bag presentation by Michelle Dalmau.  The presentation will be held at the Herman B Wells Library, room 043, from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. 

Stories from the Digital Humanities & Libraries THATCamp
Michelle Dalmau, Digital Projects & Usability Librarian
Digital Collections Services, IU Bloomington Libraries

On November 2, 2012, colleagues from Indiana University, New York University, Temple University, Ohio State University, University of Houston, the Digital Library Federation, and THATCamp hosted a Digital Humanities & Libraries THATCamp as a pre-conference to a Digital Library Federation Forum held in Denver, Colorado with just over seventy participants.   The organizers were largely inspired by the fact that academic libraries - their staff, content, and services - have a long history of supporting digital humanities (DH) initiatives.  Often these initiatives are concerned with digital representation of content, discovery, preservation, and analysis - activities that are essential to a library's mission.  We felt that the DH and Libraries THATCamp would provide a venue to further explore on-going conversations about strategic partnerships and services in which libraries are uniquely situated to offer to the digital humanities arena, moving away from a support model to a truly collaborative framework in which librarians foster and contribute to DH as experts and scholars in their own right.

The outcome of these vibrant discussions resulted in what we, as organizers, hope would equip us with ways - through anecdotes, new collaborations and partnerships, and shining examples - to better define and promote our unique roles as information professionals.  We are particularly interested in: revisiting or establishing relevant services to foster digital research; securing administrative and organizational support; and shaping outreach endeavors in ways that will grow the community of scholars, students, and library professionals in sustainable ways.  As an organizer and attendee, I will share several themes and issues that emerged from the THATCamp sessions - themes and issues that we face here at the IUB Libraries as we undergo strategic planning and promoting of new services like the Scholars' Commons.  I am looking forward to spending a chunk of time exploring and discussing the issues before us so please stop by or tune in ready to chat or tweet.

Presentation slides and audio will be available via the Connect Meeting Service (formerly known as "Breeze").  Go to to view and listen to the presentation.  If you are not a registered user for Connect Meeting/Breeze, select the "Enter as a Guest" option. 

You can also follow and contribute to the presentation and discussion on twitter: #dlbbspring2013.

The Digital Library Brown Bag Series is held most Wednesdays this spring semester.  All presentations are in the Herman B Wells Library, room E174, from 12:00pm - 1:00pm unless otherwise noted.  The complete schedule, including abstracts, is available on:

To receive a reminder and an abstract for each presentation, send an email to with the message body: sub dl brownbag-l Your Full Name. 

Submitted by: Michelle Dalmau, Digital Projects & Usability Librarian, Digital Collections Services, IUB

News About the New IUCAT

This week, the Blacklight Training Committee brings a tip on how to search with + and - . 

Searching with + (plus) and - (minus) helps you hone your search to find specific items you need.  They can be used to require (+) or exclude (-) specific terms in simple searches, or to help target and refine results in more advanced searches.

Learn more about why + and - are useful tools for specific searching in the new IUCAT Beta on the IUCAT Beta blog (

Submitted by: Mary Pagliero Popp, on behalf of the Blacklight Training Committee, IUB
Don't forget that Monday, January 21, is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!   The holiday was first observed in 1986, after President Reagan signed the bill making Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a federal holiday in 1983.  Martin Luther King Jr., Day was intended to honor King, Jr. for his leadership and contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.  Since then, it has also become an informal day of service, where citizens are encouraged to volunteer and give back to their community in some way.  Enjoy the holiday!


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