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Title: Swords of Armageddon
Producer:Chukelea Publications
Description:The Swords of Armageddon : U.S. Nuclear Weapons Development since 1945 is an illustrated history of post-World War II design, development, and testing of U.S. nuclear weaponry.
The CD-ROM includes:
  • A technical glossary
  • A Description of weapons physics
  • Postwar technological innovations in fission weapon design
  • A history of American thermonuclear weaponry between 1942 and 1957
  • Individual nuclear warhead histories, including gravity bombs, artillery shells, missile and rocket warheads, anti-submarine weapons, and atomic demolition munitions
  • A history and description of warhead arming and fuzing techniques and equipment, including radar and barometric fuses, manual and automatic inflight insertion equipment, and Permissive Action Links
  • Appendices summarizing the objectives and results of U.S. nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962; warhead specifications; and typical nuclear weapons accidents between 1950 and 1981
  • Notes:For further information, consult Chuck Hansen's Swords of Armageddon
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