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Title: Bya-ra: A Tibetan Research Database
Producer:Rdza-chu bsil-ma Publications
Coverage:varies, with special focus 1981-
Description:Subtitle:A Bibliographic Database for Tibetan-Language Academic Articles Published in the People's Republic of China

"The primary aim of this project was to produce a comprehensive database of Thibetan-language academic articles published in the People's Republic of China (PRC), with a special focus on articles appearing after 1981 when the modern Tibetan-language publishing industry began to flourish. No such bibliography has appeared to date, with the notable exception of the "provisional list" compiled by Per Sorenson in 1991, and a number of limited bibliographies published in the PRC. Most importantly, the Bya-ra project provides Tibetologists and other researchers around the world with a searchable database on CD-ROM by which they can easily familiarize themselves with secondary research by Tibetologists in the PRC.

--Introduction, User Manual

Notes: was compiled by Alexandru Anton-Luca, Lauran R. Hartley and Pasang Thackchhoe, in collaboration with the Himalayan and Inner Asian Resources (NY, NY), The Library of Congress (Washington, DC), and the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University (Bloomington,IN)

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