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Title: Middle East Abstracts and Index
Producer:Reference Corporation, Aristarchus Knowlege Industries
Coverage:Vol 21E 1998
Description:Middle East Abstracts and Index, a printed product, indexes materials from various disciplines, including anthropology, art, economic development, history, language and religion. It presents the citations, with a subject index, in volumes devoted to areas of the Middle East: A. Near East; B. Israel-Palestine; C. Central Asia-Inner Asia; D. Maghred-Sahel-Horn.
Beginning with volume 20, an additional volume, E, will provide a bibliography on selected topics.
Volume 21E was issued on CD-ROM.
Notes:Sent to Secure Area

All the volumes are issued in printed format, except:
Volume 21E:
Oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

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