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Title: Philobiblon
Producer:Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
Coverage:Medieval Period
Update:1999 Release
Description:Electronic Bibliographies of Medieval Catalan, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish Texts.
Bibliografía Española de Textos Antiguos, Bibliografia de Textos Antics Catalans, Bibliografia de Textos Antigos Galegos e Portugueses.
"With its three bio-bibliographies, PhiloBiblon offers a union catalogue of the primary sources of texts written in, or translated into, the Romance vernacular languages of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages. The broad range of texts includes literary works (both prose and poetry), historical, legal, religious, scientific and medical texts, excluding only strictly notarial documents. While the sources listed are primarily medieval (manuscripts, incunabula, etc., including a large number not described elsewhere), they are accompanied by descriptions of later manuscripts and printed editions (16th-18th centuries) as well. Each bio-bibliography also provides a repertory of secondary sources (e.g., catalogues, modern editions, critical studies). Users' Guides in English, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish are included."
-- User Guide
Notes:Shelves in Secure Area
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