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Title: Gnomon
Producer:Verlag C. H. Beck
Update:10. Stand Marz 2005
Description:The foundation of this edition of the »Gnomon Bibliographical Database«, as with the earlier editions, is »Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft« (1, 1925, bis 71, 1999).
This collection of data comprises not only all the reviews, but also the »Personalnachrichten« (personal notes) and the obituaries. This collection is augmented by the inclusion of the quarterly bibliographic appendix to »Gnomon« from 1990 onwards. Thus a considerable portion of the scholarly new publications in the areas of Classical Philology, Ancient History, and Archaeology have been taken into account.
The processing of »Gnomon« and its appendix is supplemented with a retrograde and at least in part complete inclusion of a large number of periodicals. The number of entries for various journals is listed in the display of the cumulated thesaurus.
An essential part of this database is made out of the reviews, which lead by the form of their entry to the complete bibliography of the titles themselves.
The »Gnomon Bibliographical Database« is the enterprise of a modestly endowed chair at a very small university; thus it is unable to compete with similar databases supported by large and generous institutions. This database offers, on the other hand, apart from the continuous collection of new bibliographical data, many informations which are not accessible using (e.g.) the »Année Philologique«, the »Database of Classical Bibliography«, or »Dyabola«. Worth mentioning are here the more than 8000 German dissertations (unpublished, or only privately published) and various holdings of the University Libary of Eichstaett University. These entries may be of special interest, as a result of the University's acquisitions policy. These titles may be accessed also via their shelfmarks in accordance with the »Regensburger Systematik« (the Bavarian equivalent of the Library-of-Congress-System). In addition, the processing of some works of reference (LIMC, OCD, RAC, RE, RGG) may be useful, sometimes.
Last but not least the thesaurus of the »Gnomon Bibliographical Database has to be mentioned. This thesaurus allows for sophisticated searches which go far beyond other computerised bibliographies - within, nota bene, the framework of titles which have been included.
Notes:Full title:
Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank. Internationales Informationssystem fur die Klassische Altertumswissenschaft, edited by Jugen Malitz

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