Salem Limestone - Carving and Sculpture (DS-02)
The versatile dimension limestone quarried in the Bloomington-Bedford area is unique in many ways. A most important feature is the absence of pronounced bedding or grain that would cause preferential direction of splitting. Because of this, the stone can be cut or carved with extreme delicacy.

Stone carvers are the artists of the stone industry. Using pneumatically powered cutting tools and other hand tools, these skilled artisans create intricate ornamental friezes, bold capitals for columns, and beautiful caryatids with lifelike detail. Throughout North America, statues done in Salem limestone grace important buildings and monuments. One well-known example is the sculpture around the clock over the entrance of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Many fine examples of carved Indiana limestone can be seen in and around public buildings, private homes, and cemeteries in many states of the nation.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Dimension Stone

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