Salem Limestone - Milling (DS-03)
The Salem Limestone is particularly useful building material because it is relatively soft and easily worked (compared with other limestone), does not split easily along bedding or grain, and contains few flaws. These features allow large blocks to be removed intact from the ground and to be cut or shaped in any direction.

In several large stone mills in Monroe and Lawrence Counties, large blocks of stone are first sliced with gangsaws into sizes that can be used. These slabs are further cut with diamond saws to exacting specifications, planed into intricate shapes, or broken into predetermined sizes for ashlar construction (squared stone masonry units). Some stone may be turned, much as if it were wood, on lathes that shape columns of balusters, and other stone in the hands of a skilled artisan is carved into scrolls, medallions, capitals and other figures of extreme beauty.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Dimension Stone

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