Computers in Geology (GC-03)
Computers are widely used in our society today - in industry, in banks, and even in video arcades. Computers have also become important tools for geologists and other scientists to handle data storage and retrieval and to computer many kinds of measurements. In geology, special computers operate instruments for analyzing rock samples, others plot maps, and some help determine the most promising locations for mineral deposits.

One of the most interesting uses of computers in geologic work deals with seismic exploration for oil. Small manmade earthquakes are produced by compressed air, a small explosion in a drill hole, or by a special vibrating truck. Echoes, or reflections of energy, from underground layers of rock are detected and recorded on magnetic tape. These data can then be transmitted via satellite to a data-processing center in Denver, Houston, or New York. Computations of times required for thousands of these echoes to occur are interpreted by a computer to locate areas where deep rock structures may contain oil or gas.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geochemistry/Geophysics

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