Geological Survey Coring Program (GC-07)
For more than 30 years the Indiana Geological Survey has been learning about the natural resources of Indiana by cutting cores of rocks in various parts of the state. A drilling rig is used to obtain solid subsurface samples that are invaluable tools for geologists. It allows recovery and direct examination of long, thin cylinders of rock from potential underground mineral deposits, such as coal, gypsum, limestone and oil shale, and from formations in which oil and gas may be entrapped, metals are emplaced, and water is stored. The rock samples can then by analyzed for quality, and precise thickness measurements can be used to determine reserves. As we continue the search for these underground riches, the Survey coring program will help provide much information needed to find and evaluate the minerals required for Indiana's future needs.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geochemistry/Geophysics

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