Anderson Falls (GM-01)
Meandering Fall Fork of Clifty Creek, 2miles south of Hartsville in eastern Bartholomew County, offers a scenic combination of falling water, deep ravines and woods. The falls receives its name from David Anderson, who operated a gristmill there in the 1800's. Anderson Falls, more than 100 feet wide and dropping 15 feet, is the largest of several falls in that vicinity.

Water tumbles over a massive ledge formed by the lower part of the Geneva Dolomite. Beneath this ledge lies the Waldron Shale, which contains abundant and well-preserved fossils and is soft and easily eroded. As the shale wears away, block of dolomite fall, and the falls gradually migrates upstream.

Anderson Falls was purchased by the Nature Conservancy in 1977. The Conservancy gave the 44-acre plot to the Bartholomew County Park Board in 1981. A parking lot, an overlook about the falls, and an asphalt path along the creek have been added. The area is being developed as a nature preserve.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geomorphology

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