Bear Creek Canyon and Portland Arch (GM-02)
Near Fountain in northwestern Fountain County, a little-known but very scenic area is the site of one of Indiana's natural arches. Arches are rare, but a few have developed by unusual stream erosion along joints in crossbedded facies. Portland Arch is an example. The area abounds with plantlife, and several unusual species of flora and fauna are found there.

Bear Creek, flowing to the northwest to join the Wabash River, has cut a deep canyon into a massive Pennsylvanian sandstone, and a series of sharp curves, flood plains, talus slops, and precipitous 90-foot-high cliffs have been formed. Near the downstream end of the canyon a small tributary has cut a tunnel 8 feet high through a narrow backbone ridge of bedrock. This arch-like opening is known as Portland Arch. The area is a dedicated nature preserve under the ownership and management of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geomorphology

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