Bluffs of Beaver Bend: A Scenic Feature of Martin County (GM-04)
The hills of Martin County provide outstanding scenery. This is especially true about a mile southwest of Shoals, where small meandering Beaver Creek empties into the White River at a sharp bend near the base of towering bluffs of Mansfield sandstone.

Bluffs of Beaver Bend (also "Gomerly's Bluff") were frequented by early Indiana and have attracted local residents, many of whom used the crystal-clear water from nearby Scout Spring, since pioneer days. From this spring at the base of a massive cliff, the bluffs continue northward for more than a mile along the White River.

The ridge is woods, but there are a few promontories about 100 feet above the river. The view to the east is spectacular, the buildings in Shoals standing out in relief against a backdrop of distant hills. The view to the north reveals the tree-lined river adjoining farmed bottomland with high hills beyond.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geomorphology

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