Cataract Falls (GM-07)
Near the village of Cataract in northern Owen County, Mill Creek, a sluggish stream draining about 250 square miles, suddenly makes two plunges totaling more than 80 feet in two waterfalls and the cascades that precede them. The upper falls has a sheer plunge of 20 feet; the lower falls - about a half a mile downstream - has a fall of some 18 feet. The double falls, upstream a short distance from Cataract Lake, are without equal in size elsewhere in Indiana. Because the locality is not widely known, the scenic beauty of these falls has not been viewed by many Hoosiers.

Cataract Falls appear to have resulted from two preglacial bedrock ridges buried beneath ancient lake sediments of the Illinoian glacial period and later encountered by the downcutting of postglacial Mill Creek.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geomorphology

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