Lost River: Ghost Stream of Southern Indiana (GM-19)
In south-central Indiana many placid streams disappear underground and rise again to become surface streams. Such is Lost River in western Washington County, northern Orange County, and southern Martin County, where it empties into East Fork of White River.

About 3 miles southeast of Orleans, Lost River enters the Mitchell Plain, underlain by cavernous limestones. The water gradually disappears into swallow holes, flows underground, reappears as a huge spring 1 mile south or Orangeville, and flows again as a surface stream. After torrential rains, Lost River flows in its sinuous 21-mile-long dry bed for a few hours and then disappears underground.

Lost River's landscape abounds with sculptured landforms, is dotted with sinkholes, and is underlain by caves. Geologists and spelunkers know the area, but few Hoosiers and tourists know it.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geomorphology

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