Versailles State Park (GM-38)
Versailles State Park, dominated by the rugged cliff-lined valley of Laughery Creek, displays a variety of geologic features among its many attractions. In the park Laughery Creek follows the division between rugged, hilly land to the east and much flatter land to the west. Most of the park is within the rugged area that is underlain by Ordovician rocks formed nearly 500 million years ago. These rocks abound with a variety of invertebrate fossils representing marine life of that long ago era. Slightly younger rocks of Silurian age underlie the flatter areas west of the park, but both units are pockmarked with sinkholes, and near the campgrounds is Bat Cave. These features attest to the power of water to dissolve great quantities of limestone and to further shape the details of our modern landscape beyond the primary sculpture of stream erosion.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Geomorphology

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