Old Mill at Spring Mill State Park (HI-10)
Limestone has played an important part in construction and commerce in Indiana. In 1817, Bullitt's Mill (later Hamer's Mill) was constructed of locally quarried blocks of the St. Louis Limestone. It is ironic that this stone was used, for the world-famous Hoosier building stone, the Salem Limestone, is in the park and later was quarried there. The restored mill is now the centerpiece of the pioneer village at Spring Mill State Park near Mitchell.

The mill was immediately successful, and soon a thriving village developed and flourished. After construction of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, which bypassed the settlement, the village gradually declined. Abandoned in the 1880's, it became the property of the Lehigh Cement Co., which gave the site to form part of Spring Mill State Park.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Historical

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