Petroleum: Marine or Offshore Drilling (OG-08)
Marine of offshore drilling has become a rapidly expanding part of the petroleum industry. Offshore drilling has found oil and gas reserves on the shelf areas of all five continents and Australia. Offshore drilling techniques evolved fromg drilling in swamps and lakes that began in the 1920s. They now permit drilling in waters of virtually unlimited depth and many miles from shore. For this work the choice of rig and drilling platform depends not only on drilling requirements and water depth but also on weather prospects and seabed conditions. The rigs or platforms are of three general kinds, and all must accommodate drilling crews and a helicopter deck. They are self-contained platforms, drilling tenders, and mobile unites. All mobile rigs are on self-contained hulls that can be towed or moved under their own power to the drilling site. These include submersibles, self-elevating platforms, semi- submersibles, and drill ships.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Oil and Gas

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