The Trenton Field: Energy for the past - and future? (OG-15)
More than 105 million barrels of oil and 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas were produced from the Trenton Field of east-central Indiana during the 25-year boom that began in 1886 at Eaton in Delaware County. The Indiana Geological Survey estimates that several hundred millions of barrels of oil may have been left behind when the field was abandoned. So the Trenton Field is potentially Indianas largest oil resource. The Indiana Geological Survey is now making the first known systematic and detailed study of the Trenton Field. Because of the increasing price of oil, this information is being used by the oil industry in its renewed interest in this old field. More than 100 permits to drill Trenton wells were issued in 1980. Detailed study and new drilling using modern technology will give Indianas large energy resource a second chance.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Oil and Gas

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