Faults of Southwestern Indiana (SG-02)
Earthquakes were probably common in southwestern Indiana when several ancient faults that are found in the bedrock were formed, but no modern earthquakes are known to have been associated with them. Even more intense earthquakes in that region have been related to the New Madrid, Missouri, seismic zone, a major area of earthquake activity in the midcontinent region of North America. In 1811-12 three major earthquakes, centered in that area, were among the greatest in recorded history. The recurrence of such earthquakes could have disastrous consequences in Indiana.

Recent mapping by the Indiana Geological Survey has located many of the bedrock faults in southern Indiana and has shown that they have been inactive in recent times. Increased knowledge of these structures will also help in exploring for and developing coal and petroleum that are associated with these faulted rocks.

Our Hoosier State Beneath Us: Structural Geology

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