Brachiopods: Easy to find fossils
Bryozoa: "Moss animals" of the sea
Callixylon: 375-million-year-old wood
Cephalopods: 500-million-year-old mollusks
Collecting plant fossils in Indiana
Conodonts: Micro fossils of distinction
Corals: Reef builders in ancient and modern seas
Crinoids: Ancient versus modern forms
Crinoids: Living fossils of the sea
Cystoids and blastoids: Primitive stalked marine animals
Dinosaur fossils are not found in Indiana
Eurypterids: Scorpions of the sea
Fossils: Numbers on the pages of time
Ice Age mammals: What catastrophe overtook them?
Indiana's fossil fusulinids
Ostracoderms: The first vertebrates
Sea urchins: The echninoids
Sharks: Monarchs of the ancient seas
Sponges in Indiana rocks
Spoonbill (polydon spathula): Primitive Hoosier fish
The starfish family: Stelleroidea
Trace fossils

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