Final Minutes
RASD/MARS Executive Committee
Saturday, February 4, 1995; 2-5:30pm
Wyndham Ballroom C; Philadelphia, PA

Members Present:    Karen Diaz, Elliot Kanter,  Bernie Pasqualini,
                    Ann Jensen, Amy Tracy Wells, Laine Farley,
                    Louis Drummond, Denise Bennett, Peggy Seiden

Visitors Present:   Becki Whitaker, Linda Friend, Patricia
                    Iannuzzi, Carol Tobin, Pamela C. Sieving,
                    Cindy Cunningham, Lyman Ross, Nancy Bodner,
                    Kathleen Kluegel, Marcella Stark


     Goals, Strategies, Objective 1995
     MARS Handbook Revisions
     MARS Roster, Revised Agenda
     Memo from Hulin of RASD Publications
     "Caught in the Web"
     Draft Minutes
     LITA Information and Publications on the Net

I.  General Business

     A.  Introductions

     B.  Report of the Secretary:  Karen Diaz
          No report

     C.  Report of the Vice Chair:  Denise Bennett

- Denise will be working on committee appointments throughout the
Spring.  She is visiting various MARS committees at Midwinter to
drum up interest.  All committee chairs should check with their
current committee members to determine who is interested in
continuing their appointments, and whose appointments are up.

- Denise also sent out the committee interest form via e-mail.  She
needs feedback on all appointment interests by March 1.

-The MARS Logo is now available in Mac format from Denise.

-Janice Simmons-Welburn is chair of the 1996 Program Committee.

-Becki Whitaker is MARS' representative to the RASD nominating

     D.  Report of the Past Chair:  Louis Drummond
          No report.

     E.  Members-at-Large report:  Bernie Pasqualini, Elliot
          Kanter, Laine Farley

- They have received no response for the My Favorite Martian Award,
and welcome all submissions.  Nominations need only be 25 words or

     F.  Scheduling Coordinator report:  Ann Jensen

- Ann thanked everyone for bearing with the process and indicated
that she should be getting the room assignments for Annual soon.
It was indicated that posting the schedule to MARS-L was a good

     G.  Report of Messages editor:  Amy Tracy Wells

- Amy needs ExCom and committee reports by February 8 for the next
issue of RASD Update.  Reports can be sent via e-mail to  [NOTE:  This has been changed to:]

- MARS-L began in October 1994 and now has 246 members.  Amy sent
messages to several listservs to announce it's availability.  It is
now listed on the Bailey list and will soon be on Diane Kovac's
list.  She is checking into making it available on Usenet, and is
also looking to move it from Miami University to the ALA site.

     H.  Reports and Actions of the RASD Board Meetings:  Peggy

- A motion was made to dissolve the Council of State and Regional
Groups as no one is attending them.

- The ALA Organizational Self-Study: there are no plans to get rid
of divisions; careful attention is being given to new units.

- RASD Panel Study:  RASD is conducting a study on computer
literacy.  MARS should have a big say in this study.  The current
version of the user study is not very good.  There will probably be
an ad hoc group assigned to look at it.

- RASD guide to Policies and Procedures:  This is available at the
RASD table and on the ALA gopher.

-ALA Goal 2000: there will be more information available during the
course of the conference.

     I.  Handbook, General Info, Administrative Procedures:  Peggy

- Roster:  All corrections should be sent to Peggy.  Only include
your home address if you want to receive MARS mail at  home.

- Handbook:  This should not yet be sent for printing as several
changes have not yet been made.  There are several changes in
Planning that need to be made.

     J.  Reports from Committee Chairs:

          1. 1995 Nominating:  Carol Tobin
          All nominations are listed in Oct/Dec. 1994 RASD Update:
          For Vice-Chair/Chair elect:  Peggy Morrison and Paige
          Weston; for Member-at-Large: Franklin P. Garett and
          Nancy Bodner

          2.  Planning:  Louis Drummond
          "Goals, Strategies, and Objectives" document was
          distributed.  If any committee is working on something
          not reflected in the handout, let Louis know.  This
          follows the same structure that RASD is using, combining
          what we are doing with what we should be doing.  Planning
          recommends using this document for making committee
          reports, referring to specific objectives that are being
          addressed by the committee.  The July/Sept RASD Update
          addresses some issues.  Concerns include:  Awareness of
          libraries' roles in information sources and services;
          promotion of non-traditional sources in reference;
          building new service points for the future; service
          pattern analysis.

          3.  Awards
          Nothing further

          4.  Education, Training and Support:  Marcella Stark
          They are moving their document away from vendor
          searching to end user searching.  March 1 is the deadline
          for completion.  Their next project will move away from
          online and towards the Internet.  At summer conference
          they will define where to go next.

          5.  Local Systems:  Cindy Cunningham
          At their meeting this morning discussion focused on
          Mosaic.  They would like to publish a home page with
          guidelines for creating homepages.  It would help
          creators evaluate what users are seeing and suggest
          including such information as: the scope, who's created
          it and why, whether or not the information is updated.
          They may possibly submit a publication to RQ that would
          lead readers to the URL.  It was pointed out to the
          committee that this sort of effort would still have to go
          through the Publications Committee.  It was  suggested to
          the committee that this be presented as a model, rather
          than a standard.

          6.  Management:  Janice Simmons-Welburn
          Committee is working on a checklist for introducing new
          products and services into a reference environment.
          They were not able to coordinate a forum on this topic
          for midwinter but were wondering if it could be done
          at annual.  It was suggested they might work with the
          Managers in MARS discussion group.

          7.   Public Libraries:  Nancy Bodner
          The glossary was introduced at Annual and has created a
          lot of response from librarians for help in educating
          public librarians on the Internet.  The committee wants
          to further refine it, adding and deleting some parts.
          There is still a lot of education needed in public
          libraries and this will continue to help.  It was
          suggested that there be a write-up of some anecdotes of
          the response to this glossary written for the pre-annual
          RASD Update.  The glossary appeared in the April/June
          1994 issue of RASD Update.  It was also handed out at the
          June 1993 program.  It was questioned what the final
          product actually was, and whether or not it needed to go
          to Publications.  A charge was also given to the
          Publications Committee to decide what to do with items
          that start as handouts and get revised and formalized.

          8.  User Access to Services:  Lise Dyckman
          No report on future direction.  Committee meets later
          in the conference.

          9.  Hot Topics Discussion Group:  Lyman Ross
          There is now a vice-chair.  The topic for Monday's
          discussion is:  Caught in the Web (see handout).

          10.  Managers in MARS Discussion Group:  Ann Jensen
          Meets Sunday at 4:30.  The topic of discussion is:
          Dancing as Fast as We Can"  It will focus on manage-
          ment of new resources and how to keep staff current.
          The discussion will be written up for MARS-L.

II.  Old Business
     A.  Organizational changes:  Louis Drummond is 1996
     Nominating chair.  The RASD representative is not also
     MARS nominating chair, so a new MARS chair will be named.

     B.  SilverPlatter
     SilverPlatter wants MARS input on their Search Advisor
     product.  Peggy has asked several committee members to go
     and view the product which is and end user interface for CD-
     ROMs and their ERL.  The meeting is at the PALINET at 3401
     Market Street on Sunday at 12:30.

     C.  ALA Gopher
     Not much has come to pass on plans for the ALA gopher.
     Amy has been asked to put some items there for MARS.
     Discussion on whether it should fall to MARS-L was tabled
     until Pat Hawthorne arrived.  LITA has a lot of information
     there.  Perhaps temporary information should go to MARS-L
     and more permanent information to the gopher.  Cathleen
     Bourdon is the contact.

III.  New Business

     A.  Role of RASD Legislative Liaison (Patricia Ianuzzi)

- Jim Rettig is the new chair of this committee.  The question has
arisen as to whether the committee should even exist.  If so, what
is the role in light of the fact that an ALA legislative group
exists and ALA has offices in Washington DC?

- Patty argued that there is a role at the divisional level which
this committee provides.  For instance, many issues today affect
electronic resources and services, e.g.:

          Goals 2000
          Postal Service Kiosks
          NII's Green Paper
               (dealing with Interlibrary Loan.  See February
               Educom Review for Peter Lyman's explanation of the
               implications of this issue.)

- Grassroots has been the buzzword at ALA, and to have grassroots
involvement, education at the divisional level is needed.  Thus,
the role of members of this committee might be to educate
divisional chairs.

- At this point, Patty is an appointee to the committee, and not a
MARS representative, but she could recommend having a MARS rep.
position.  There will be more discussion on this issue at Monday's

     B.  Pre-conferences for 1996
     It was asked if any committees had topics of interest
     for pre-conferences in 1996.  The topic of design of local
     electronic information was raised.  It could be a 1/2 day
     workshop making use of hands-on.  Would require Web
     access.  Using the ALA Internet Room might be a possibility.
     Perhaps it could be a joint MARS/ LITA project.  A motion
     was made to bring the idea forward at Monday's meeting.

IV.  Committee Reports continued

     A.  Publications Committee:  Pat Hawthorne

- Approval of the User Access to Services Committee document as an
RASD Occassional Paper was brought to vote.  A motion to approve
was made by Pasqualini and seconded by Bennett. The document was

- RASD Publications committee is seeking advice on the issue of
publishing information electronically.  A draft statement issued at
ALA in New Orleans (see handout) is not an official guideline but
is being used while the issue is in flux.  No statement has been
issued at the ALA level or by LITA.

- Pat learned that the RASD Occasional Paper series is mostly on a
cost recovery basis.  For example, if 500 copies of a title are
printed, ALA sells about 80% of those on its standing orders.  No
new copies are printed until the remaining 20% are sold, which is
rare.  User Access to Services may wish to consider this with their

- The Local Systems and Services committee document appeared in the
Fall 1994 issue of RQ.

- The logbook designed by the Education and Training Committee is
in the hands of RASD and should be available at Annual.  (This
document was approved by MARS ExCom at Annual 1994.)

     B.  RASD Nominating:  Carol Tobin
     Carol read the nominees as printed in the Oct/Dec 1994
     RASD Update:  Vice-President/President-Elect:  Dana Rooks and
     Kathleen Kluegel; Secretary:  John Budd and Revecca Whitaker;
     Member-at-Large:  Raymond Wright, Nancy Crane, Karen
     Liston, and James Cannon.

Bennett moved to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at
4:50 pm.