Final Minutes
RASD/MARS Executive Committee
Monday, February 6, 1995
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Mariott Room 309

Executive Committee Members:  Karen Diaz, Elliot Kanter, Laine
                              Farley, Bernie Pasqualini, Denise
                              Bennett, Louis Drummond,  Amy Tracy
                              Wells,  Ann Jensen, Peggy Seiden

Visitors:      Patricia Ianuzzi, Marcella Stark, Pat Hawthorne,
               Lise Dyckman, Sally Kalin, Janice Simmons-Welburn,
               Nancy Bodner

     Draft flow chart of publication process
     Proposed revisions to Handbook

I  Committee Reports

     A.  User Access to Services Committee- Lise Dyckman
          The committee will decide at the next meeting how
          to proceed.  They hope to work on a bridge between
          1995 and 1996 MARS programs.  Perhaps a discussion
          at Midwinter 1996 on digital libraries from the users
          point of view.

     B.  Program Planning - Sally Kalin
          Topic will concern a new focus for reference in the
          age of the digital library.  A speaker will be asked to
          set the tone: perhaps Dan Atkins or Peter Graham.  A
          panel of self-nominated reference people will respond
          to the speaker.  The committee will ask speakers to
          address issues such as:
               How are reference librarians involved in the
               planning for new digital services?
               What career paths are available?
               What is the librarian's role in the light of
               Personal Management Systems?
               How do we deal with technical issues?
          They are hoping for a debate format

     C.  Managers in MARS - Ann Jensen
          There were about 24 attendees and it was a
          successful forum.

     D.  Management Committee - Janice Simmons-Welburn
          A decision was made not to combine with Managers in
          MARS discussion as the topic at hand is not as current
          as what Managers usually does.  There are no plans yet
          for the immediate future, except to go over their check-
          list.  It was suggested that a sub committee finish that
          off so the rest of the committee can move forward.
            Peggy Seiden has charged  the Planning Committee to
          look at whether Management is still a viable committee.

     E.  Planning Committee - Louis Drummond
          The committee will now review the handbook at annual
          rather than at Midwinter.

          The committee will limit themselves to 3 or less
          objectives in each goal area.  Those will be posted on
          MARS-L and in Messages.  A smaller list should help
          committees make decisions on appropriate projects.
          The list will be guides for committees taking on new
          projects, but will not force committees to change
          projects already begun.
          This year's objectives from the Planning and Goals
               document are:
          From Priority A:  A3, A9, A12
          From Priority B:  B7, B9
          From Priority C:  C4, C7
          From Priority D:  D1
          From Priority E:  E4, E5, E6
          From Priority F:  F4, F7
          From Priority G:  G2, G3

     F.  RASD Planning and Finance - Louis Drummond
          There is no need for MARS to report to RASD at this
          point as the focus is now on finance.  They were
          impressed with the MARS Planning Document.

     G.  Publications - Pat Hawthorne
          - RASD Publications is recommending that the N.O.
          statement on electronic publishing be adopted.
          - RASD Pubs will try to develop one publication
          description form that can be used for both MARS and RASD.
          It may also include a section on electronic publishing.
          - The RASD Pubs committee is developing a flow chart for
          publications and will publish that in RASD Update.
          Peggy asked for this to be included in the MARS
          Handbook also.
          - Committee also plans to review all of the MARS projects
          done as RASD Occasional Papers and will publish the list
          in Messages, MARS-L and then on the ALA Gopher in
          - Ed Erazo is the new RASD Update editor.
          - Pat reviewed the changes needed in the MARS
          Handbook concerning publications.  A discussion on the
          role of the Publications concluded that Pubs should
          post-judge, rather than pre-judge projects of
          committees.  Also, Publications should function more
          as an editorial committee, and the Members-at-Large on
          ExCom could function as peer reviewers for
          committee documents.  Changes made to the Handbook
          will reflect this role.  The changes publications
          proposed to the handbook were accepted and will be sent
          to the secretary.
          - Publications will begin working on a new MARS
               brochure as the current one was done before the logo
          was adopted.  Publications should begin the design and
          content and get quotes on the cost.  It was decided
          not to seek vendor funding for the brochure, as their
          help is more appropriately sought in program related
          matters.  The committee will have a proposal of the
          content ready for review at annual.

2.  RASD Legislation - Patricia Ianuzzi
     It was decided at yesterday's meeting to disband the
     committee and have one person be the liaison to ALA
     for legislative issues.  This person will inform RASD
     Executive Committee of issues.  P. Ianuzzi has been
     asked to fill this role.

     A motion was passed to appoint Patricia as an ad hoc
     liaison to legislation and will move that position to the
     Executive Committee (out of the responsibility of Planning).
     If this works, a vote will be put on the 1996 ballot to
     permanently add this position to the ExCom.  ExCom also
     supported Patricia in a decision to accept the position as
     RASD's liaison this year.

3.  1996 Preconference
     A motion was made and passed for MARS to sponsor a
     half-day workshop on the design of electronic resources.
     Patricia Ianuzzi will chair the group organizing this.  Cindy
     Cunningham and Laine Farley have been asked to assist.
     The budget will be @ $5,000 and a room will be requested
     for 40 attendees.  A suggestion was made to have one
     morning and one afternoon session.

The meeting was adjourned.