Final Minutes
RASD/MARS Executive Committee
Tuesday, February 7, 1995
Convention Center 108A

Committee Members:      Karen Diaz,  Denise Bennett, Peggy
                        Seiden, Elliot Kantor, Laine Farley,
                        Bernie Pasqualini

Visitors:     Paige Weston, Nancy B. Crane, Becki Whitaker, Pat
              Hawthorne, Cindy Cunningham, Nancy Bodner, Pat
              Riesenman, Janice Simmons-Welburn, Marcella Stark,
              Lise Dyckman

1.  MARS/LITA Liason - Paige Weston
     The Human/Machine Interest Group will cosponsor the
     following programs at Annual 1995:
     - with Artificial Intelligence Interest Group:  Beyond
     - with Telecommunications Interest Group:  Internet, GUI,
     - Other program ideas included:
          Standards for Interface Design
          Usability Testing
          Internet resources with the OPAC
          Supporting remote access
          How to help users select databases
     Paige will post times and places for these forums on MARS-L.

     LAMA and LITA are considering a joint program for 1996
     on planning for new technologies.

2.  Local Systems and Services - Cindy Cunningham
     Committee decided to proceed with their idea of
     recommendations for those putting information on the
     Web.  They will create a bibliography immediately,
     and will find out what else has been done.  They will
     write an article to lead readers to the URL they create
     as a model.  Much of their work and communication will
     be done on the homepage they create.

3.  Subcommittee on Organization - Nancy Crane
     This committee was asked to investigate the merging of
     bylaws of divisions and sections and are recommending not
     to do so.  The committee has not yet been dissolved, but
     hoped to be later in the day.

4.  RASD Publications - Pat Hawthorne
     - The User Access to Services document was approved.  The
     document should go to ALA by March for sale at Annual.
     - The electronic publishing statement is going to the RASD
     - Anything needing the attention of MARS Publications
     should go to Pat before Annual as they will only meet
     - A question arose about standards and guidelines.  Pat
     said one rule of thumb she has heard, is that if it will stand
     for 7 years, it should go before the Standards and Guidelines
     Committee.  If not, it can go to RQ.  Committees themselves
     should determine if what they are working on are standards.

5.  Education and Training - Marcella Stark
     - The electronic resources log is on its way to RASD.  ALA
     will not distribute the forms on disk as requested as this
     would drive up the cost and would create copyright
     problems.  Also, the committee was told not to make the
     forms available via FTP.  It was recommended by MARS
     ExCom that the committee might consider doing so once
     the books sell out.
     - Their next project will likely involve training information
     on Internet searching.  It was suggested they contact CNIDER.
     Their thought is to publish this information in RQ.

6.  1996 Program Planning - Janice Simmons-Welburn
     About 6 members of the committee met and discussed the
     following themes:
          - Staff training on Internet tools
          - Adaptive Technologies from a service perspective
          - Reference Perspectives on Distance Education,
          including remote services, using partnerships to
          meet needs.  There was large support by ExCom
          for this topic

     The theme for the 1996 ALA President's Program is
     Equity on the Information Highway.

7.  RASD Organization - Elliot Kanter
     - The question of whether or not to continue the Council
     of State and Regional groups, was not coming from the
     council itself.  Thus, the committee will conduct a review,
     but will not necessarily look to its dissolution.
     - MARS's turn for review by the division is in 1997.
     Procedures for this should be done at Midwinter 1997 and
     the report done at Annual 1997.
     - A new Planning and Finance Committee was approved.
     - The document from RASD Publications was sent back to
     the committee to resolve some issues of subtlety.
     - There was discussion of making committee descriptions
     available in machine readable format.

8.  RASD Planning and Finance - Peggy Seiden
     -ALA Goals 2000 was discussed.  It will be implied on the
     ballot that the dues increase is to support this.
     -An RASD endowment of $10,000 is being proposed.
     50% of the interest would be RASD income, and 50%
     would go back into the endowment.  This will not be
     a lot of money early on.
     -Cathleen Bourdon mentioned that some sections are
     putting all committee meetings in one large room at the
     same time.  This has saved 70 meeting rooms.  MARS
     should consider for the future.

9.  RASD Board - Peggy Seiden
     -ALA Organizational study is looking at the representation
     of councilors.  There are currently 100 councilors, that are
     at-large.  A proposal would have 40 councilors
     representing types of libraries, and 42 representing
     -There are a growing number of competing meetings.
     Groups should be looking to co-sponsor more and limit
     business meetings.  (MARS has already agreed to have just
     one program.)
     -A self appointed group called Librarians for Change are
     looking at the need for divisions.
     -There is a moratorium on all new awards.
     -A study done by RQ on it's readership indicates that we
     are an aging group, with people who have supervisory
     experience and whose average salary is $40,000.  It also
     indicates that 75% of the readers have belonged to RASD
     for 12 years or less, and that 19% have never attended
     ALA.  Peggy will mail these results to members of ExCom.
     A discussion can take place at annual for what the section
     wants to know about it's members.

10.  Bernie will be working on a reception for the My Favorite
     Martian award and will contact a vendor for sponsorship.

11.  The MARS roster will be put on the ALA Gopher.

     The meeting was adjourned.