MARS Executive Committee
Friday, June 23, 1995
MCC E253c

Members:  Denise Bennett, Peggy Seiden, Louis Drummond, Bernie
Pasqualini, Laine Farley, Elliot Kanter, Karen Diaz, Sally Kalin
Visitors:  Laurie Preston, Marcella Stark, Janice Simmons-Welburn, Amy
Tracy Wells, Pat Hawthorne, Carol Tobin, Nancy Bodner, Lori Morse, Becki
Whitaker, Pat Riesenman, Stephen Dew, Doris Ann Sweet, Kathleen Kluegel,
Linda Friend, Patricia Ianuzzi, Pamela C. Sieving

        Goals, Strategies, Objectives -- 1996
        MARS Program Flyer

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 by Denise Bennett.

A.  Draft minutes from midwinter were distributed to those who did not
have copies.  Corrections were made by Louis Drummond.  Others were
encouraged to give Karen any other corrections by the end of this conference.

B.  Announcements

        1.  Election Results --
                Mary Somerville is the new ALA President Elect
                Kathleen Kluegel is President Elect of RASD
                Becki Whitaker is Secretary of  RASD
                Paige Weston is Chair Elect of MARS
                Nancy Bodner is MARS Member-at-Large

        2.  The MARS program was announced and flyers available for
        those present to take to committee meetings and distribute.

C.  Reports of Officers

        1.  RASD Board -- P. Seiden
        As a follow up from midwinter, Peggy wanted to know if anyone
        wished to have any information asked of the MARS membership.
        It was noted that one problem with the survey is that not everyone
        fills it out.
        Question -- Can there be a follow up survey for non-participants?
        Ask them if there is one thing that would cause them to become
        a participant.
        Demographics -- doesn't some of this already exist in the RASD
        database?  Peggy will check with Cathleen.
        Suggestion for 5 year interval data.
        Suggestion to ask very basic technology questions... Do you have
        a computer on your desk?  What workstations are available for
        your public?, etc.

        Reorganization of ALA

        A proposal has been put forth to reorganize ALA.  Anyone wanting a
        copy of the proposal can pick it up at the RASD table in the ALA 
        (Document #44).  The outline is as follows:
        All members belong to one of four societies:
        Association-Wide Centers pursue interests of more than one type of
        workplace:  (These carry no additional dues)
                Intellectual Freedom
                Education for Library and Info Services
                International Relations
                Library Advocates  (trustees, friends, etc.)
                Reference/Info Services
                Organization/Preservation of Information
                Leadership & Management
        Association-Wide Services (to assist the Centers)
                Public Information
                Library Personnel
                Headquarters Library
                Literacy and Underserved
                Conference Services
                Chapter Relations/Member Services
        Special Interest Groups/Member Interest Groups
        There was discussion in the meeting of the pros and cons of this
        reorganization.  The time frame for attempting to implement this
        was not known.  Question:  Will input be gathered from member-
        ship?  An open meeting on the topic will take place here (Monday at
        4:30 in MCC E262).  Also, it was assumed that the members would
        have to vote on its implementation.  The new dues under this
        structure would be similar to belonging to two divisions now.
        Some concern was expressed about how quickly this is proceeding.
        Peggy will report more info on Monday.

        2.  Messages from MARS Editor -- A. Wells

        The next deadline for Messages is July 7.  There are currently 261
        members of MARS-L.  There is more information available on the
        ALA gopher.  An ALA Web site has also just gone up.  Amy is
        working with Rob Carlson at ALA to move MARS-L onto the
        ALA site.
        Comment:  MARS-L is not listed on the ALA list of listservs.
        Discussion on the nature of MARS-L, that it is in fact only for
        distribution at this point and is not a discussion list.  Some
        discussion took place on what sort of info should go onto the
        gopher and what should go to MARS-L.  Committee chairs should
        ask their members and bring back any feedback.

        3.  Scheduling Coordinator

        Ann was not at the meeting but Denise reminded chairs to fill out
        the schedule forms and send them to Ann.
        A new proposal to try to hold several meetings in one large room
        at midwinter was discussed.  If committees are willing to try this,
        they should notify Ann when sending in their schedule.
        A suggestion was made to not schedule Discussion Groups during
        ExComm meetings.

        4.  MARS Historian -- Pat Riesenman

        Her sabbatical was approved, and she will begin pulling information
        together this fall.

        5.  Secretary -- Karen Diaz

        There is no revised handbook yet.  It should be available by next

        6.  Past Chair -- Louis Drummond

        No report

        7.  Chair -- Peggy Seiden

        No report

D.  Reports of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Discussion Groups

        1.  Awards/Members at Large

        The certificates are ready and announcements will be made at
        Sunday's business meeting before the program.

        2.  Education, Training and Support -- Marcella Stark

        The training guidelines have been submitted to all of the appropriate
        committees.  They are also pleased with the publication of the
        assessment log.  They are currently working on an article on
        evaluating search engines on the Internet (Webcrawler type engines).
        Will be defining the next project at this conference.

        3.  Planning -- Louis Drummond

        Distributed the 1996 Goals, Strategies and Objectives.  The
        planning committee now meets every midwinter with chair-
        elect to create priorities.  This document is to help committee
        chairs designing new projects.  What was handed out is the
        complete list, but only the most current list will go to the RASD

        The Handbook will now be done every year at annual -- rather
        than what is stated in the current handbook (which states every-
        other year at midwinter).

        A suggestion was made to keep track of what objectives are being
        met annually, to know which ones may need more attention in
        the future.  Another suggestion was made to insert committee
        activities into the Goals document.  There is the need to validate
        that MARS is in fact moving in the direction of what is being
        planned.  Planning will discuss how to do this at their next meeting
        and report to ExComm on Monday.

        4.  Products and Services -- Sandra B

        They will be deciding at this conference what the next project will

        5.  Management -- Janice Simmons-Welburn

        The committee will report later in the conference.  Planning was
        supposed to look at the charge of this committee, but as it is a new
        group of committee members, it was decided to wait on this issue
        until committee can meet.

        6.  Program Planning 1996 -- Janice Simmons-Welburn

        The topic will be Distance Education/Learning.  The committee
        will be fine tuning the topic and format at this conference.

        7.  Public Libraries -- Nancy Bodner

        The glossary has been updated from 29 to 55 entries.  An open
        discussion forum will be held here:  "Internet Superhighway:
        Avoiding Road Kill Now that You're Connected."  This will be
        held on Saturday, 9:30-11:30.

        Question:  Is anyone on the committee monitoring the listserv
        on Public Libraries and the Internet?  (Yes, Lori Morse is)

        --- BREAK ---

        8.  Publications -- Pat Hawthorne

        Both publications discussed at midwinter are now in print and
        available in the ALA store.  A new brochure should be available
        in the RASD booth.

        Both Management and Local Systems and Services are currently
        working on publications.

        The electronic publishing statement will go before the RASD Board
        at this conference.

        There are now style manuals available for RASD publications.  The
        new chair of Publications, Stephen Dew can be contacted for a copy.

        9.  Hot Topics
        The Lyman Ross was not present, but Denise announced that the
        discussion will take place Monday 9:30-11 at the Palmer House.  The
        topic is "Virtual Collections or Virtual Mess?"

        10.  Managers in MARS -- Doris Ann Sweet

        The discussion will take place Sunday 4:30 - 5:30 in the McCormick
        Center E253B.  The topic is Internet Competency.

E.  Reports of Section Representatives

        1.  Legislation -- Patty Ianuzzi
        She is still vague about her  position with RASD but will be attending
        the legislative update and report on Monday.  MARS still needs to
        decide how to handle all the issues that have been coming up.  This
        needs to be discussed at Planning.

        2.  Organization -- Elliot Kanter

        No new business.

        3.  Planning and Finance -- Louis Drummond

        No new business.

        4.  Publications -- Pat Hawthorne

        The committee is working on how to handle proceedings from
        programs, preconferences, etc.  Ed Erazo is the new RASD Update

        5.  Standards and Guidelines -- Kathleen Kluegel

        Any committee considering looking at a Standard or Guideline should
        consult this committee early and often.  Material needs to go to them
        4-5 weeks before any conference you want an item discussed at.

        [A revisit to the topic of the Program was made.  Sally Kalin
        encouraged those in the room to help with getting questions
        going at the beginning of q and a period.]

        [A motion was passed to extend appreciation and acknowledgment
        to Jane Kleiner for her good work with RASD Update.  Bernie
        moved and Sally seconded the motion.  Passed.  Peggy will send
        a letter on behalf of MARS.  Pat suggested the same be done for
        Lea Wade and her work on Messages.]

F.  Information and Orientation for New Chairs -- Denise Bennett

        If any new chair does not have a handbook, they can pick one
        up from the RASD table in the office.
        Schedules for committee meetings should be sent to Ann Jensen,
        not directly to ALA.
        Have committee members check the roster for accurate information
        and return corrections to Denise before leaving the conference.
        Chairs need to report back to ExComm at either the Monday or
        Tuesday ExComm meetings.
        Any publication ideas should be discussed with MARS Publications
        Committee ASAP.
        Outgoing chairs should pass on files of projects to incoming chairs
        and the MARS Historian.

G.  Other announcements

        1.  ExComm meets again Monday 9:30 - 11 at the Marriott -- Denver
        and Tuesday 9:30-12:30 in the McCormick Center Room 139.

        2.  Kathleen Kluegel announced that this is the last MARS ExComm
        she will be attending and thanked everyone for there support and
        help over the years.  She was thanked in kind.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:20.