MARS Executive Committee
Monday, June 26, 1995
Marriott -- Denver Room

Members:  Karen Diaz, Denise Bennett, Peggy Seiden, Louis Drummond,
Amy Tracy Wells, Pat Riesenman, Elliot Kanter, Laine Farley, Bernie
Visitors:  Sandra Ballasch, Ann Jensen, Marcella Stark, Cindy Cunningham,
Lori Morse, Nancy Crane, Nancy Bodner, Becki Whitaker

Peggy Seiden called the meeting to order at 9:30.

A.  Announcements

        1.  Karen Diaz will not be at midwinter, need volunteer to do
        the minutes.  Amy volunteered to do so.

        2.  The 20th anniversary of MARS will take place at annual
        next year.  It was suggested that the past chair (Peggy) organize a
        party for Sunday evening.  Peggy is hoping committees will
        volunteer to throw their $50 into the pot for funding.  Peggy
        will check with Cathleen to see how this will work.

        3.  Peggy suggested at the RASD board meeting that chairs, past
        chairs and chair-elects of the various sections get together for 
        lunch before RASD Board first meets.  This will begin taking place 
        on Saturday, 12-2.

B.  Reports of Officers

        1.  RASD Board -- Peggy Seiden

        Panel Study
        Peggy found out that the panel study was in fact a random sample of
        members  (about 12% or 600 people) and asked if those people would
        be willing to participate in a panel, being asked questions from time-
        to-time.  Of those, 169 agreed to do so.
        On the topic of regional conferences, respondents were asked what
        topics they would be interested in having such a session on:
        (yes indicates strong interest, no indicates little or no interest, 
        half indicates that about half of the respondents were interested.)
                Genealogy - no
                New Reference sources (any format) - yes
                Internet resources - yes
                How to use the internet for beginners - no
                How to use the internet advanced - yes
                ILL/Document Delivery - half
                Research Methods - yes
                Research statistics - half
                New products - yes
                How to do book reviews - half
                WWW - yes
                Setting up a home page - yes
                Setting up a gopher site - no
                Writing av/multimedia reviews - no
                Administration and management of reference - yes
                Development and management of ref. collections - yes
                User instruction in using information resources - half
                Info. retrieval techniques in specific subjects - half
                Case study descriptions - no
                Reports of research - no
                Tours of libraries - no
                Meal events with "talk tables" - no
                Panel discussions - no
                Meal with keynote speaker - no

        James Sweetland indicated he could do a quick survey on
        attitudes about the reorganization issue.  Peggy thought we
        could get our questions about basic equipment availability on
        that survey also.

        RASD has advised RASD rep to ALA council (Gayle  _____) to
        vote no on the concepts in the reorganization document, but if
        it is just a matter of voting to accept the document for
        consideration that is OK.  If the document is accepted for
        consideration, then the OSSC (Organization Self Study
        Committee) will disband and a new Structure Revision
        Task Force will be implemented.
        The big debate in RASD was the inappropriateness of dividing
        into 4 societies.  Another concern was what publications would
        continue, how they would be funded, and what publications
        would the members receive?

        The RASD ALA councilor was the only one representing a
        functional division that was opposed to the restructure.

        There has been no talk of this issue going before the whole
        ALA membership.  Council II meets this afternoon.  Nancy
        Bodner agreed to attend and report back what was discussed.

        Concern:  we need to know a clear reason for doing this.  It's a
        lot of effort, is it necessary?  Some things could be done within
        the current setup, for example, having an ALA program

        Question:  Is there an assumption that all four societies would
        be the same size?  Many "specialized" belong to organizations
        such as SLA.  Sense that this reorganization is meant to create
        more competition for attracting such members.

        Question:  How are the centers financed?  Out of a central fund.
        Centers are not divisions, but speak only for the issue they
        exist for.

        Benefit of current number of committees is that it gives greater
        avenues for people to become involved, but this does lead to
        duplication.  ALA could ease the current structure for making
        joint projects possible.

C.  Action Items

        1.  Planning -- Louis Drummond

        Require MARS committees and discussion groups to hold
        meetings during the following times:

                                ANNUAL                  MIDWINTER

COMMITTEES              Sat. 9:30-11:30            Sat. 9:30-11:30
                                Sat. 2-4           Sun. 2-4
                                Sun. 2-4           Mon. 2-4
                                (choose up to 2)   (choose up to 2)

DISCUSSION              Sat. 4:30-5:30          Sun. 9:30-11
GROUPS                  Sun. 4:30-5:30          Sun.  11-12:30
                        (not at the same time)  (same room back to back)

COMMITTEE               Sat. 11:30-12:30                Sat. 11:30-12:30

        This proposal still leaves the option for several committees
        to meet in one large room open.

        Bernie seconded the motion.  MOTION PASSED.

D.  Reports of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Discussion Groups

        1.  Managers in MARS -- Ann Jensen
        About 20 attendees yesterday on the topic of Internet Proficiencies.
        It was a good discussion.
        On Scheduling -- everything seems to be running smoothly

        2.  Products and Services -- Sandra Ballasch
        The committee is largely made up of new members, and needs
        some information on the history of the committee.  Pat Riesenman
        will supply information.  Two ideas were suggested by ExComm:
        Customer Service and Vendor Interfaces.

        3.  Planning -- Louis Drummond

        Planning cycle -- a simple form was devised by planning.  Committee
        chairs will be required to fill it out and leave it at ExComm Monday
        or Tuesday before leaving the conference.  This will go to the 
        Planning Chair (the secretary will forward to this person if they 
        are not at the
        Tuesday meeting).  Planning will update the Goal, Objectives and
        Strategies document based on these reports, inserting information
        on what committees are meeting which objectives.  Since the form
        is not ready for this meeting, Louis will distribute it via
        e-mail and get electronic responses.

        Legislation -- looked at what we need for members.  We do not
        need reporting at conferences, but throughout the year as action
        items arise.  Patty Ianuzzi has agreed to monitor ALAWON and
        send notices to MARS-L as they affect the membership, and when
        action is being requested.  This is still unofficial, so no
        changes are yet needed to the bylaws.  Patty will not be required 
        to attend Ex Comm.

        The committee did a quick run through of the handbook.  A
        subcommittee will be meeting in October to revise it.

        One bylaw change will be required -- the discussion group chairs
        should be elected, not appointed to fit with ALA and RASD
        guidelines.  This will be handled later.

        The scheduling coordinator (Ann) should send out a memo to
        all chairs informing them of the motion which just passed on the
        new meeting times for committees.

        4.  Publications -- A. Wells

        Will be adding the MARS roster to the ALA gopher.  It will include
        names and e-mail addresses only.

        Move to make  MARS-L a moderated discussion list which will be used
        specifically to address section concerns, projects, and
        legislative issues.
        Amy will continue to serve as an editor for what gets posted.  MOTION
        PASSED.  Peggy will take this to RASD Board.

        --- BREAK ---

        5.  Local Systems and Services -- Cindy Cunningham

        Cindy circulated print copies of what the committee home page looks
        like.  The committee is working on a brief article about the
        history of the home page and the issues addressed on it.  The 
        committee still needs to decide how long the home page will last.  
        They are considering removing it next July.  The committee meets 
        again this afternoon and Elliot will report at ExComm on Tuesday.

E  Old Business

        1.  1996 Pre-Conference -- Cindy Cunningham

        The working title of the preconference is:  "Creating a Digital 
        Presence: Designing, Organizing, Executing an Electronic Page."  
        Issues which will be addressed include:  considerations of market, 
        expertise needed, design tips, copyright, electronic implications, 
        evaluative elements, and instructional components.  They plan on 
        2 - 4 speakers, and are now thinking of having one computer 
        projected on a screen, rather than a lab layout.  There would still 
        be an attempt to make the session interactive and engage the audience.

        Question:  Has the committee considered the cost?  New York will
        already be an expensive conference.  It was noted that RASD has
        already approved some funding, and vendor support is being sought.

        Anyone with ideas can contact Cindy.  Also, Laine will be setting
        up a list for those involved in the planning.  Contact her if you'd
        like to be one that list.

        --- Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am. ---