MARS Ex Comm
Tuesday, June 27, 1995
McCormick Center 139N

Members:  Louis Drummond, Karen Diaz, Peggy Seiden, Denise Bennett, Laine
Farley, Elliot Kanter
Visitors:  Lori Morse, Marcella Stark, Lise Dyckman, Pat Riesenman, Lyman
Ross, Nancy Bodner, Pat Hawthorne

A.  Action Item
        ETS has revised the 1990/1991 document on guidelines for training
sessions.  Changes included a move away from grid format.  It also
updated facilities (including ADA compliance) and topics.  The
introduction includes new terms.  It has been approved by MARS
Publications committee.
Will go to RASD Standards and Guidelines next.

B.  Committee Reports

        1.  Education, Training and Support -- Marcella Stark
        The committee would like to sponsor a discussion forum at
        midwinter surrounding the assessment log.  This could perhaps
        be done in conjunction with Managers in Mars or Hot Topics.

        The committee is also considering a joint discussion forum
        with ACRL/STS on Internet search engines.  How are they
        constructed?  What are we getting when we search?  Some
        producers of these engines will be exhibiting at midwinter
        --will ask them to join the discussion.  Suggestion was made
        that the committee put together some handouts for the forum.

        Committee is considering going back to a long range project.
        Perhaps the topic of designing web servers.  They will examine
        and decide on proceeding at midwinter.

        2.  RASD Legislation -- Patty Ianuzzi
        Legislative Update

        The Pass-a-Buck campaign supports LSTA (which replaced
        LSCA), Higher Education Act, and School Library Resources
        program.  Postcards are available to send to your represent-
        ative.  It is good if you can include local examples of how
        federal money is impacting locally.

        NEH and NEA are being undercut.

        A legislative report of the ALA Washington Office is

        Fair Use in the Electronic Age is an ALA document that
        states what libraries and library coalitions want.  It is
        council document 20.10

        The Conference on Fair Use is where the above document
        came from.  It included several library coalitions.  An NII Net
        group in LITA is working with the ALA Washington Office to
        educate the grassroots of ALA on this issue.

        The status of the "green paper" has improved somewhat.  Some
        changes have been made to it.

        There are two lawsuits pending concerning electronic records
        of govt. information.  The Clinton administration wants to
        exempt the National Security Archives from the Freedom of
        Information Act.  Bush is trying to keep the electronic records
        from his administration himself.

        ALA has asked for libraries to be included in the Post Office
        Kiosk program, in particular to include Federal Depository

        GPO budget has been cut in half (passed in House, not yet
        in Senate).  The restructuring efforts are looking to privatize
        parts and move some work to the Library of Congress.

        Discussion took place on the growth of Thomas, how it
        competes with and compliments GPO Access and how it
        is being built.  Some of the information surrounding this
        is still sensitive, but it was suggested that a brief article
        in RASD Update would be helpful.  Another suggestion was
        to have a joint discussion at midwinter with GODORT and Hot
        Topics on the issue.

        LSTA -- libraries are hoping for the Senate version to pass.

        The FCC is supporting an NII initiative to connect schools and

        Concerning telecommunications, the Snow-Rockefeller
        Amendment is requesting discounts for K-12, libraries, and
        rural health communities.

        There is a new amendment to the Communications Decency

        3.  Publications -- Pat Hawthorne

        The MARS brochure handed out at the RASD booth was
        quick and dirty.  RASD will redo it.  It needs to contain
        information on MARS-L.

        RASD Publications has approved an new RASD publication
        proposal form.  It would benefit MARS to use that also.  This
        will go into the revised MARS handbook.

        Connie Van Fleet (co editor of RQ) suggested that RASD Update
        might be a quicker way for the LSS committee to publish and
        get feedback on the article about their home page.  LSS will
        need to consider if Update or RQ is most appropriate.

        The committee will be compiling a bibliography of all MARS
        publications and posting on the ALA gopher and in Update
        in time for the 20th anniversary of MARS.

        The electronic publishing statement still needs to go to
        RASD Board.

        A document called ALA Editions and You includes issues
        that affect the divisions.  RASD does self publish, so we may
        not be affected.  The statement calls for any publication to
        make $30,000 in the first year.  Peggy will ask at RASD
        Board if we are affected by this.

        ALA is considering setting up lists for any committee that
        wants one.

        4.  Hot Topics --Lyman Ross

        The topic on Monday was "Virtual Collection or Virtual Mess?"
        About 20 people attended this lively discussion which focused
        on how to integrate electronic materials.  There were several
        library directors present.  There were some questions about
        security.  There were many problems expressed for those
        having to work in a consortia.  Also, contractual problems
        were discussed.

        A suggestion was made for the committee to follow up on
        this topic, perhaps with a vendor take.  Products and Services
        Committee or User Access to Services might possibly team up
        with them.

        5.  Management -- Laine Farley

        Only 2 members of the committee showed up.  Janice will
        do an e-mail follow up.  They discussed follow up of the
        checklist, but have not defined a new project yet.

        6.  1996 Program -- Laine Farley
        The topic and $300 funding were approved.  The working
        title is:  "Distance Education Needs:  Designing and
        Implementing Reference Services."  The topic will include
        addressing traditional reference services, not just library

        Peggy Seiden moved that MARS should look for co-sponsor-
        ship when and where appropriate for the main MARS program.
        This is in keeping with the new ALA spirit of cooperation.
        The motion was seconded.
                MOTION PASSED

        The 1996 program committee will seek cosponsorship with
        ACRL Extended Campus Services (?).  A listserv for the
        program committee will be started.

        7.  User Access to Services -- Lise Dyckman

        Committee discussed issues concerning video, e-mail, and
        remote reference.  Considering a discussion forum at
        annual, perhaps immediately following the MARS Program.

        Another issue of interest to the committee was the decision
        a library make to create it's own interface.  Why would they?
        What would be involved?

        Discussion at Ex Comm then took place on users designing
        their own access to library resources.

        8.  Public Libraries -- Lori Morse

        The open discussion was small but lively.  They are now
        looking at a discussion for next annual, but have not yet
        determined a topic.

D.  Section Representatives

        1.  Organization -- Elliot Kanter
        Did not attend meeting as there was no new business
        being discussed.

        2.  Planning and Finance -- Louis Drummond

        The committee briefly looked at an old planning document.
        The MARS planning document was of great interest to the
        group.  MARS is leading the way in planning.

        3.  Standards and Guidelines -- Peggy Seiden

        They will be dealing with the Education, Training and
        Support document.

        4.  RASD Conference

        An RASD conference is being considered for 1998.  They
        are looking into the possibility of working jointly with
        ALCTS.  Peggy will report back from Board on how plans

E.  1996 Preconference -- Elliot Kanter

        Concern was raised about the timing of the preconference
        as it would be just after the 4th of July.  Perhaps there could
        be a post-conference instead.  Peggy will ask at RASD Board
        if this is ok.  Another possibility would be to make it a pre-
        conference before Midwinter 1997.

F.  Report of ALA Council II meeting -- Nancy Bodner

        The bottom line of the discussion on ALA reorganization is
        that it will be brought to a task force.  Many of the same
        concerns were raised there as were raised in MARS Ex Comm.
        By 1996 additional discussion and information will be
        shared with the membership.  By 1997 a vote could be taken.
        There was feeling that support of ALA 2000 shows that
        membership is in support of some of the current ideals.

        Council accepted document for consideration but did
        not accept the concepts of the document.

        The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.