Saturday, January 20th, 1996
Conference Center - Plaza D

Present: Members: Denise Beaubien Bennett, E. Paige Weston, Elliot Kanter,
Nancy Bodner, Pat Reisenman, Amy Tracy Wells.
Visitors: Lori Morse, Ann Jensen, Sandra Ballasch, Pamela C. Sieving, Laurie
Preston, Marcella Stark, Debbie Bezanson, Mary Mintz, Sean Emmett Crumley,
Cindy Cunningham, Janice Simmons-Welburn, Bernie Pasqualini.

Handouts: MARS Agenda
Draft Minutes from Annual were distributed to those who did not have a
copy. Draft Minutes were approved.

Meeting called to order at 2:05 by Denise Beaubien Bennett.

1. General Business:
Denise Beaubien Bennett: MARS Handbook has been approved and is
available. Page 48 contains a revision for MARS Discussion and Report
form. This form is to be filled out _during_ conference and returned to
aid in evaluating the MARS Goals and Objectives and future committee
plans. Each Annual the Handbook will be evaluated by the Planning

2. Reports of Officers:

Scheduling Coordinator: Ann Jensen: RASD is pleased with the scheduling
plan. She would like to hear from the Chairs. Question of whether ALA
could impose scheduling, for example whereby MARS meets in the mornings,
LITA in the early the afternoon and ACRL later in the afternoon to reduce
scheduling conflicts. Positive feedback was heard concerning plannings
meetings ocurring at the same time form MARS in the same room to
facilitate participation.

MARS Historian: Denise Beaubien Bennett for Pat Riesenman: Discussion of
what activities should commemorate the MARS 20th Anniversary in 1997.

Messages from MARS Editor: Amy Tracy Wells: MARS-L has 271 subscribers.
MARS-L information is available via Baileys and Kovacs' list. Question of
whether MARS-L should move to ALA's site since it would be the first test
listserv to run. Decided MARS-L should move to ALA's site. ALA WWW site
is at ALA-PLAN and LITA-L are being monitored and messages
forwarded as appropriate.

3. Reports of Committees and Discussion Groups:

Awards: Members-At-Large:Elliot Kanter: no report
                         Laine Farley: not present.
                         Nancy Bodner: No nominations received at
Education, Training and Support: Marcella Stark: Guidelines have been
published in RQ. Question of looking at WWW Guidelines and integrating
them into Preconfernce materials.

Local Systems and Services: Laurie Preston: will report tomorrow.

Management: Janice Simmons-Welburn: not present. Mary Mintz: Publications
does not have any pending publications. Checklist for the Introduction of
Electronic Information Resources to Users pending before RASD
Publications. Motion approved to approve publication in RQ.

1996 Nomination: Denise Beaubien Bennett for Louis Drummond: no
nominations for Vice-Chair/ Chair- Elect of MARS. It is a three year
committment and the deadline is the first week in March. A description of
the position is available in the Handbook.

1996 Preconference: Cindy Cunningham: Creating a Digital Library
Presence: Designing, Organizing and Executing an Electronic Page is the
Conference title. It features examining the graphics, management and
organization of WWW resource development. The Preconference is scheduled
for Friday, July 5th, 1996 from 2:00 - 5:30. Speakers are being lined up.
Discussion followed concerning other speakers. Discussion of links from
ALA WWW site to Preconference material.

Products and Services: Sandra Ballasch: Guidelines for a Database Search
Guide is being reevaluated/updated. There is a need to address full-text
and Internet Databases. They are also working on two other documents.

1996 Program: Denise Beaubien Bennett for Janice Simmons-Welburn: MARS
Program entitled Reference Services to Meet Distance Needs. Focus on how
reference librarians are meeting distance patron needs. Working on

1997 Program: Paige Weston: Issue is Staff training in multibranch
libraries. Also suggestion that MARS address the Access to Electronic
Information, Services, and Networks: an Interpretation of the Library
Bill of Rights. LITA believes that all but the first page should be
dispensed with. It is RASD Board docuemnet #25. Document will be
discussed on Monday. Discussion of Terms of Office. Specifically, a Vice
Chair can be elected at a discussion group meeting by general

Public Libraries: Lori Morse: Open discussion topic at Annual 1996 is
entitled Hindsight is 20/20: Things You Haven't Thought about , Public
Access to the Net. Included will be a discussion of censorship issues.
They are working to update the Internet Glossary for Annual 1997.

Hot Topics: Sean Emmett Crunley and Deborah Bezanson: Topic for tomorrow
is Who's Afraid of Government Documents. Question was asked whether
speakers can be invited to attend discussion groups. Speakers are not
permitted. They are interested in hosting a presentation on Java.

Managers in MARS: Will be meeting tomorrow.

4. Reports of Section Representatives:

RASD Planning and Finance: Denise Beaubien Bennett: RASD may implement
MARS planning schedule.

RASD Organization: Bernie Pasqualini to report on Monday.

5. Old Business:

a) Concurrent Meetings: Intend to continue concurrent meetings at

b) MARS 20th Anniversary Plans: Plan to celebrate 20th anniversary in
1997. 10th anniversary was celebrated in 1987 during a Program. During
which past Chairs were recognized. Mars (chocolate) was asked to donate
candy - turned down. Pat Reisenman is attempting to put all Minutes
together for MARS. LITA hosted an SF speaker at their anniversary
celebration and booked a party room. While the SF speaker was well
attended, the party room was not. Bernie Pasqualini suggested making a
financial request to RASD, recognizing previous Chairs during celebration
and producing a witten item on MARS accomplishments. Discussion of
palling larger event in 2001 to celebrate 25th anniversary with SF
speaker, program and reception area.

c) Support for RASD National Conference or Regional Institute: Issues
include cost of Institutes ($170.00-$200.00/attendee); potential success
(MARS organized Institutes in the past were not successful); and format
(letures or workshops). The discussion met with a lukewarm response.

d) MARS Legislative Watch: Patty Iannuzzi has resigned. RASD has decided
no legislative liaison is needed. Call for a volunteer to monitor federal

e) MARS Brochure: Has been printed and will be ready for Annual.

f) ALA Reorganization: Council meets on Tuesday.

6) New Business:

a) RASD Name Change: RASD believes that as a Division, RASD is popularly
understood to be less than an Association and, hence, is concidering a
name change.
Current choices are:
     (ARIS) Association for Reference and Information Services
     (ARLIS) Association for Library Reference and Information  Services
additionally discussed:
     (ARISL) Association for Reference and Information Services in
     (RLISA) Reference and Library Information Services Association
     (ARALC) Association for Reference and Access to Library   Collection

Choices were narrowed to first two.
b) Copyright Statement: ALA is seeking to retain copyright on
committee-produced work. Statement to be added to committee form.
Suggestion that this issue should be addressed at the publication level.
Concensus that greater clarification is needed.

c) RASD Dues Increaes:
                 Currently:              Proposal:
     Student:       $15.00                $20.00
     Personal:      $35.00                $45.00
     Organization:  $35.00                $50.00

Feeling was that the increase would probably be approved.

d) Move MARS-L: Decision to move MARS-L to the ALA site.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30.

MARS ExComm / Saturday, part 1 / Midwinter 1996 /